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Police Raids Over Jolie-Pitt Baby Shower

6/29/2006 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the FBI and Massachusetts authorities raided a Westfield, Mass. home Tuesday night and seized photos of a baby shower held by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

It's a bizarre story that starts in Namibia, where the shower was thrown. James Haven, Jolie's brother, took a number of pictures in Namibia. When he returned to L.A., his camera broke so he took it to Best Buy where the camera was purchased, and asked them to fix it under the warranty. Best Buy sent the camera to Precision Camera and Video Repair in Enfield, Connecticut.

Sources tell TMZ that two employees at Precision, Bill Keyes and Adam Beckwith, discovered the pictures in the digital camera. We're told that Keyes told authorities that Beckwith downloaded the photos.

Keyes mother, Madelon, told TMZ that her 36-year-old son was excited, showed her the pictures and sent an email to someone in California. Sources say the email may have been an attempt to sell the photos. Madelon Keyes told TMZ, "I don't think he would do something like that."

A sergeant from the Westfield Police Department confirmed with TMZ that authorities searched Keyes' home and seized his computer. The sergeant also said a search warrant was executed at Precision Camera and Video Repair and the actual camera that took the pictures was also seized.

The sergeant said neither Keyes nor Beckwith were arrested and that the case is in the hands of the LA County District Attorney. The sergeant says neither man violated Massachusetts law, but California laws are different.

Danielle Friedland of Celebrity Baby Blog tells TMZ that she received an email last week with sample photos attached, "to see what these photos may be worth." One of the of the images was on her blog. After some consideration, however, Danielle removed the images, believing the photos may have been illegally obtained.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney had no comment because the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed.

We could not reach Bill Keyes or Adam Beckwith for comment.

John Malinosky, President of Precision Camera and Video Repair said he was unaware of the search and "We have absolutely no knowledge of this."

TMZ placed a call to Lavely & Singer, Pitt and Jolie's lawyers, but it was not returned.

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A bit much for some baby shower photos don't you think? The FBI? Unbelievable.

3036 days ago



wish the police and FBI would make this much effort towards i dont know... kids on drugs, gang violence or something other than finding missing photos...

so lame

3036 days ago


o ya i forgot to mention..

is this where i tax dollars go?

3036 days ago


We have severe issues w/crime (e.g. terrorists, gangs, child abduction & trafficking, etc) and this is what FBI & other investigators are doing??? Since Brad & Angelina aren't able to make a profit from these photos, all hell breaks loose. Low tolerance for these two, maybe they'll return to Africa where they can continue to give to other countries and ignore the great neediness that Americans could benefit from, considering it's the Americans that gave them their wealth. Shame on the both of you!

3036 days ago


This is a disgustingly disturbing waste of FBI resources. Brother Dear shouldn't have been so careless. Is he picking up the tab for finding his lost treasures?

3036 days ago

tmz is full crap    

I got blasted on this web site for my remarks about their wealth and selling their baby pics to the highest bidder. The highest bidder was an American based publication, however the charity proceeds went to another country (from what I have been told). I still say, explotation of children, for ANY means is a crime. Brad and Angelina are beautiful, celebrity people and yes, a confidence was broken and illegal acts were committed. That also makes you wonder, who at Walmart may be stealing your personal photos and selling them!! HA. Well, our homeland surely needs big time charity donations (i.e., New Orleans!!!) and there are several thousands of children in the Child Welfare system across the US. What about those children? I am sure I will get blasted again - but what the heck. I agree with the rest of you kind folks - the FBI's time and our tax dollars could surely be put to better use (in my opinion).

3036 days ago


This is ridiclious don't U think? I mean Brad has been my boy since back in the day and who wouldn't get down with the get down for Jolie but this is way over the top man. . . They both have lost everything about them that made them cool in the 1st place. . . They really shouldn't give 2 f***s if someone has the picutures they have already made there money off them didn't they and did a great thing in the process. . .Yea and on the real what's up with our government? I mean it's case close on 9/11 even though everyone knows those buildings didn't just come down from planes among other things but this is what they are spending their time doing 4 us? Wow. . I am at a loss and somebody has to do or say something cause it's only getting worst. . . Make Love not War. . . Everyones Babies are important 2 the world.

3036 days ago


It's not about them being celebrities people. It's about theft. The FBI aren't doing this search just because it's Brangelina. This is about invasion of privacy. It's an actual crime. Yeah it affected a celeb couple but this is the sort of thing that can trickle down right to you and your nobody selves.

Just like these employees took advantage of Angie's brother by stealing his photos to sell, this same thing could happen to you, if someone stole your personal information and then tried to use it for profit. These men were going to use private photos to make money. Just like identity thieves steal people's information and credit card info.

Stop slamming the people cause they're celebs and take a look at the bigger picture.

3036 days ago

tmz is full crap    

God Bless you Tyler.

3036 days ago


Our tax dollars go to finding baby shower photos, come on, get your priorities straight!! I don't care to see them if they were free and mailed to my house, this whole Jolie-Pitt baby thing is so out of hand, I was sick of hearing about it before she had the baby!! Who cares about the pictures?? I do care where my tax dollars are going though!!

3036 days ago

Lance K.    

Some of you clearly have no idea what is in the FBI's scope. They are doing their job. There are tons of things that they do that you all do not know about because you make it a point to stay ignorant.

3036 days ago


u know BRAD, it's one thing when u get pissed off at the paparazzi for hounding your kid at a school, but sicking the fbi on a couple of best buy workers is rather petty. you seem to be becoming angelina's heavy-handed thug -- caring so much about profiting from photos and not being captured in everyday life scenes. if paparazzi and a lack of privacy is not the trade off to fame that u want, or the exorbitant wealth therefrom that is used to parlay yourselves as humanitarians, then go work at best buy and support other peoples' films. i'm further disheartened that your public image is being distorted in so many ways. YOU ARE NOT A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN...

3036 days ago

Lance K.    

No Dona you got blasted for your bitter, foul mouthed statements

I am glad the criminials were caught. They were extra stupid. The FBI did there job like they do in all cases it is just you all do not hear about it because it does not interest you unless it has to do with a celebrity that you like or one that you want to throw mud at.

As far as taxes, I'm sure that Brad & Angelina pay taxes too. Now hopefully some of you who swore up and down that they items were not stolen will at least acknowledged you were blowing smoke out your butt with no basis

3036 days ago


yeah um...Im not sure about you guys but from what I was just the camera. Unless you know of a camera with millions of memory internally...

Why didnt they take the memory card out?

But anyways, yes this is theft...okay fine so the FBI waste or tax dollars on this and other things.

But I do think the only thing that Jolie and Pitt have done wrong is preach how children are dying and starving in third world countries. OK so Jolie doesnt like our government. Isnt that some oxymoron or something I dont know...I dont like example. A teacher doesnt like his students mom so the student will suffer too. You dont like our government so you wont donate over here to the Katrina vicitms, children over here live in poverty too...and are starving! The same thing with PETA gets me see all these people TREAT ANIMALS CORRECTLY...but do you see them down at the STOP BEATING YOUR KIDS AND FEED THEM gala? What comes first to them? Animals or children! There are alot of organizations out there that should be supporting US as americans instead of giving money to organizations that arent helping PEOPLE as a whole.

I see them as two-faced. I see them as trying to get as much recognition for their "work" politically. I bet you one day...Jolie tries to run for president....

3036 days ago

Lance K.    

Rosalie if you are so concerned about people in our country not being helped put your time, efforts and money into helping them. Just came back from a food bank. Wish some of you who whine and complain about others would have been there but of course those who complain about others rarely spend time doing much themselves

Glad this case was solved.

3036 days ago
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