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EXCLUSIVE: Cruise/Shields' Births -- New Twist

7/11/2006 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: St. John's Hospital still has not called back, but we may have figured out what is going on here. It seems as if the nurses entered the license number of the doctors who delivered the children. Doctors are registered with the Medical Board, not the Nursing Board. Reps from two other hospitals -- UCLA and St. Joseph's -- told TMZ the box for "License Number" should have the nurse's license, not the doctor's.

A rep from L.A. County Vital Records, the agency where birth certificates are filed, confirmed to TMZ that the "License Number" should be the nurse's, not the doctor's.

The same nurse who signed the birth certificate for Tom Cruise's daughter Suri also signed the birth certificate for Brooke Shields' daughter Grier, but there's an interesting discrepancy.

Suri and Grier's birthcertificates side by side

Both babies were born on April 18 at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. Anne Heffernan is the registered nurse who signed both birth certificates. As TMZ reported Monday, Heffernan, who never saw Suri, signed her birth certificate. A hospital rep says Heffernan is authorized to sign when a doctor is not available.

On the Suri Cruise certificate, Heffernan's license number is G48079. On the Grier Henchy certificate, Heffernan's license number is different -- G068399. TMZ checked with the California Board of Registered Nursing and we were told Heffernan's license number didn't match either of the birth certificates. A Board rep told TMZ Hefferman's license number is 317058.

And it gets more interesting. The Board of Registered Nursing told TMZ the license number on Grier's certificate comes back to a Dorothy Rork. The license number on Suri's birth certificate is a mystery. There is no name attached to that license number.

By the way, unlike Suri's birth certificate, Brooke Shields signed the one for her daughter. Someone listed as "Friend" signed the certificate for Suri.

Also, the hospital's policy is to file birth certificates with L.A. County within 10 days of birth. In the case of Suri, it took 20 days to file, in part because the "friend" didn't sign for 16 days. In Grier's case, Brooke herself signed two days after her birth and the certificate was filed nine days after the baby was born.

TMZ placed multiple calls to St. John's. So far, no comment.

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I'm not sure about their customs but I know they don't believe in medicine. Perhaps Katie wasn't taking prenatal vitamins and such. Perhaps their scientology birthing beliefs screwed the kid up. I bet she's sick or deformed. If it comes out that it was something that could have been prevented, Suri will be the poster child for why Scientology is a crock. And that my friends, will be the end of this Scientology trend. Tom would never let that happen. Why else would they keep their kid such a secret?

2990 days ago


who cares tom cruise has proved hisself as a werido. poor katie he has her locked up and brainwashed justkidding but he is werid and so is she

2990 days ago


Maybe the actual baby born to Tom and Katie did not live up to their standards. Or the The Church of Scientology standards. So maybe they are shopping for a perfect child. To live live in their perfect world...

2990 days ago


Smart Tom. He is getting more free press and publicity by not showing his baby than those who are splashed on the front page of People, etc.

2990 days ago


I thought birth certificates were private and only parents could apply for copies of them. If you can get copies false or otherwise what about other classified documents you shouldn't have. I am not happy you seem to have access to this kind of information and if it were me I'd find out what my legal rights were. I don't care one way or the other about the babies. I had 4 and that was enough for me.

2990 days ago

Diane K    

Tom Cruise could not have children with Mimi Rogers, or Nicole Kidman.
They are pulling a scam.

2990 days ago

Susi Miller    

I think the Cruise birth topic is rediculous and insulting to the fans! The big hype about the so -called SILENT birth, when it was planned to be a C-Section all along. To my recollection, a ceserean birth is a basically a silent one anyways. -- Now it seems that no one has seen the newborn baby. Nothing surprises me anymore with this couple!!!

2990 days ago


I think 'baby Suri" doesn't exist at all (like Elvis is still alive stuff - kidding): her bump changed size and shape, she didn't gain baby weight where women do, only a few weeks before birth, her stomach was smaller and 4 weeks before or whatever it was HUGE in a yellow jacket thten right before, it was small again. Maybe its all made up PR stunt. the biggest stunt in the world. we've been punked (ehehehe) someone said that Baby Suri is probably going through 'silence' due to removing the 'engrams' and so forth Scientology stuff. Well knowing all that I do about it (alot), that's a bit odd. I know lots of Scientologist and celebrity Scientologists: and they've not stopped the viewing or visiting the baby PLUS in order to do 'proper engram remover' through the Dianetics system, you need to be able to speak an hear and answer to 'get rid of these things'. I doubt very hightly if there IS a Baby Suri, if Tom is a true blue Scientologist etc., taht the kid HAS no engrams, but if an engram was a brain cell - neither does the father or the mother. They were dating for like what? 5 minutes, they were engaged they were pregnant within what seemed ike a WEEK. Don't celebrities use SAFE SEX????? Seems like a lot of em come up this way. OY what role models - wow. I think there IS no baby Suri and some kid will pop up eventually that looks like neither of them, or will through careful checking of dark hair chromosomes etc., that will have been adopted and THEN we'll see photos. He doesn't want Nicole to see them and be hurt? Be real - the girl has finally found a real man. You TOm Cruise, have been sleeping with a CHILD. Go Call Michale Jackson (just a saying, I don't believe all that stuff either).

So if there IS a baby Suri: her parents are out ALOT not spending anytime with the 'kid'. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE more than anything that Brooke Shileds had her baby the same day,same hospital.
(the nurses credential thing is a bit strange hmmmm)

2990 days ago


"86. this is so ridiculous, there are more important things in the world to get to the bottom of like how do we feed and help the people who are starving in Darfour, how do we get ourselves out of Iraq before another young person is killed, how do we get the mess from Katrina cleaned up and get the country and it's economy back on its feet......please TMZ STOPPPPPPPPPPP"

Posted at 5:13PM on Jul 11th 2006 by nanci


Nancy - if those are your concerns you are on the wrong site. You need to be at darling. This is a c-e-l-e-b-r-i-t-y g-o-s-s-i-p site.

2990 days ago

Kat Lazzzam    

I think they gave the baby over to Scientology.

2990 days ago


the baby was whisked away by the space people that SCIENTOLOGISTS think we came from. And since there are no mental disorders, Tom has Kate convinced this is what happened. In addition, Tom's other two children have been officially adopted by Tom's ex as a way of making sure they too, aren't whisked away. L.Ron Hubbard is alive and living with Elvis, JFK, and Marilyn Monroe in Michael Jackson's estate. Any questions?

2990 days ago


The lisence # of a Registered Nurse has never been part of a birth cert. I ahve worked in Labor/Delivery for 20 plus years and it is the physician who is responsible for signing.
Shame on whoever released the RN's lisence and physician lisence numbers.

2990 days ago


maybe tmz should look for death certificate

2990 days ago


I hope that the babies were not switched at birth! Wouldnt that be a crazy thing especially the notoriety of the Cruise/Shields feud!

2990 days ago

leslie brown    


2990 days ago
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