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EXCLUSIVE: Nine Inch Nails -- Nailed

7/12/2006 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nine Inch Nails has been sued for allegedly injuring a man "intentionally, violently and without just cause."

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Mark LaVoie claims he was working security at a Nine Inch Nails concert last October at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin, when he "was struck in the head by a cast iron microphone stand which had been intentionally thrown into the audience by the lead guitarist of Nine Inch Nails, Aaron North."

LaVoie claims he was "knocked unconscious, fell to the floor, and was bleeding from a large laceration on the top of his head."

Lavoie, who is also suing Aaron North, claims he suffered "serious pain and permanent injury."

As an example of previous "outrageous acts of violence while performing with Nine Inch Nails," Lavoie's lawsuit points to an incident in 2002 when North smashed a glass case -- that contained a guitar previously played by Stevie Ray Vaughn -- with a microphone stand and removed the guitar from the wall. See video of the incident HERE.

Lavoie is seeking unspecified compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages.

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Aaron North rocks! F*** em if they cant take a joke!

3023 days ago


Something fishy about this article. The biggest fish is: why the video link to an incident that has NOTHING to do with NIN and everything to do with Aaron North while he was in ANOTHER band???? Check your facts!

3023 days ago


I am sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Aaron, nor NIN would intentionally hurt anyone, be it a security guard or a fan in the crowd.

If the allegations are true, it is more likely that the mic stand in question was a mistake.

Frivolous lawsuits are bullshit. Hopefully a fan or the band taped the show in question.

3023 days ago


What Kerrie said. It's called rock and roll. Shit happens. LaVoie sounds like a fucking drama queen that needs to grow some balls. He'd HAVE to know that when working security at a rock concert, risks are involved. My friend got hit square in the forehead with a mic stand. She was left with a quarter-sized lump, but it healed and she's okay...not suffering from "serious pain and permanent injury." I don't buy it.

3023 days ago

Caroline Rosado    

Aaron North is a cool music lover and guitarist that gets into his music. I do not believe he intended to hurt anyone he never does. I think my opinion it is hole thing for money nothing else, hope the courts see this ploy too. Keep your head up Aaron North and keep rocking.

3023 days ago


That is dumb it's not like he took the mic stand went up to the guy and just smashed his head with it. Aaron gets crazy yes but he does it all in fun not meaning to hurt anyone. Those guards take a chance when they get in front of the stage and pit they should know the consequences doing their job if you don't want to get hit then dont take that job geez.

3023 days ago


Y'know, I can KIND OF see a reason for sueing if this guy had hospital bills that he couldn't pay that were caused by this.. But if that's not the case, then he's just a d*ck.

This sort of thing is almost to be expected at some band's concerts, and when you take a job as security you should consider that this type of thing isn't all that uncommon.


'Lavoie, who is also suing Aaron North, claims he suffered "serious pain and permanent injury." '
This part leads me to believe that sueing wasn't entirely uncalled for. I'll try not to have a serious opinion on this, though, since none of us really have the full story.

3022 days ago


That video is not even related to the incident! That was about 4 years ago in a totally unrelated incident! Aaron North has been sued before, so I doubt this is going to shake his earth.

3022 days ago

Me Too    

Just because the HRC video doesn't have anything to do with the specific incident or with NIN, it would seem like the guy's lawyers are trying to use it to show Aaron's history of "violence". Frivolous or not, they're still lawsuits and they still suck.

3022 days ago


Aaron gets pretty wild and crazy during the NIN performances, and more than likely he was being his usual bouncing around, out of control self when he slung the mic stand out and hit the guy by accident. Aaron most probably didn't do it to intentionally hurt anyone, and yes it is a NIN show... HOWEVER, even if he probably didn't mean to do it... knocking someone unconscious and giving them a big ol' gash in the head like that isn't a good thing to do, even if it was done accidentally. Sounds like a spur of the moment thing that unfortunately caused someone to get hurt really badly.

3022 days ago


I think this another exaggerated lawsuit. Aaron didn't do it intentionally, yea maybe he gets a little too wild and carelessly accidently hit someone but s*** happens. I think medical bills for a stitch or two is all that should come out of this.
If perminant damage means a scar then deal with life a**hole. Aaron doesn't owe whiney b****** s***.

3022 days ago


#2----LOL!!! :-)

3022 days ago


Aaron is harmless and the person who wrote this article has probably never been to a NIN concert. If you are anywhere within the area of the floor, at one of their shows, you know there is a possibility that you are going down! lol...ROCK OUT NIN!!!!!!!!!

3022 days ago


I wasn't there to witness the event of course. However, I would hope that North provides restitution if warranted. As to the Video, I find that a little disturbing and hope that he had just gotten too involved in the moment....but seriously...if he wasn't a musician of a popular band, would we even care? Would we care more?

3022 days ago

Aaron is awesome.    

Aaron is the most gentle and caring person I know. He's quiet and soft-spoken and I find it absolutely disgusting that someone is going to sue over an 'accident.'
I mean he was at a NIN show, did he expect them to just stand there?

And the video is from THE ICARUS LINE's show at the Hardrock. NOT NIN. That was long before he joined.

3022 days ago
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