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Cop Pursues Paris -- Heiress Skates

7/19/2006 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton pursued by copsParis Hilton had a run in early Wednesday morning with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department but, in the end, Hilton got nothing more than a warning.

TMZ cameraman Josh Levine spotted Paris' Range Rover at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. Levine noticed that a patrol car was following her vehicle -- which was moving quite slow -- for a block with it's emergency lights off. Then the flashing red lights lit up the street and, according to Levine, "Paris booked it."

Levine ran for three blocks, then turned up a side street where he saw the patrol officer and Paris' vehicle. The officer did not ticket Hilton and allowed her to leave.

TMZ spoke with the officer who stopped Hilton, Deputy Rudy Acevedo. He said Hilton was driving by Privilege, a nightclub, and began slowing down, stopping, slowing down and stopping again in traffic. Acevedo says Hilton did speed up when he turned on his emergency lights, but a block later he directed her on his loudspeaker to turn right, and she did.

Acevedo says when Hilton stopped, he walked to her vehicle, recognized her and did not observe any signs of intoxication. He told her what she did and said she could have caused an accident. Acevedo says Hilton was "remorseful" and he let her go with a warning, something he says he does 80% of the time.

Incidentally, Deputy Acevedo will appear on an upcoming reality show about cops on the Sunset Strip.

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No Avatar

Stephanie DANG    

omg .... this was pathetic. SO fucking hard to watch, and all i saw was paris driving away. wow, yay.
i wanted to see her speed away!
next time get a fucking car.
..... and dont wear flip flops

2986 days ago


This chase story so much reminds me of that story of Paris Hilton's Mom, Kathy Hilton, and her days as a stewardess, during which she was quite the "round-heels" I hear!

3017 days ago


fascinating. TMZ just keeps getting better and better. this post should be turned into a movie

3017 days ago


Isn't she in her mid 20's? It's time for the nasty lil ho bag to grow up. Her behavior isn't cute on a 16 year old but it is downright scary on someone her age.

3017 days ago


she is such a loser, out late at clubs every night of the week. gross!

3017 days ago

gossip in MD    

You know if that was one of us normal working class people then we would have gotten a ticket or even worse! But no it just proves what life is really like in this country as long as you have the money and good looks you can get away with anything even murder (OJ!!) but this just proves that all the cops are worthless pigs who just eat doughnuts all day they should have done something more what if she did cause an accident would she get away with it just like that time she got away when Stravos ran into that truck. or when she ran into that car at the mall. She needs to pay attention and did anyone even check to see if she has a license I mean this is the bitch who said VOTE OR DIE and then come to find out she is not even registered to vote DUMBASS HERPES WHORE!!!!

3017 days ago


Why post this video, your camera man ran 3 blocks for nothing trying to get some action. All you hear is him running down the street, camera shaking everyone, and him desperately trying to get a story. It is more of an embarassment for him to run that much and get practically nothing, than it is for Paris.

3017 days ago


That's why I like Josh Levine... he was running his butt off for that
picture! I laughed the whole time I watched this!
I liked it when his foot got ran over a few days ago & he kicked the car as it pulled
Josh is my Favorite Razzi!!! Keep up the good work!

3017 days ago


That video was a complete waste of time.

3017 days ago


Hhhhmmmmm, Could No.11 be Ms. Lohan?

3017 days ago


Hey Josh,

put on some running shoes so you don't sound like such a girl running down the street. Work on your cardio too!

3017 days ago


What a joke! How old is Paris? There is no doubt that if it had been me.......I would not of gotten a warning but yet a "big fat ticket."

3017 days ago


That video and story was a complete waste of time for everyone involved. I'm sorry I WASTED my time watching and reading it.

3017 days ago


I saw her recently and she was much more beautiful in real life and sweet to people around her so give her a break. People come on here complaining about her, but judging her doesn't make you very intelligent. So, she enjoys herself. I live in LA and 95% of the people here can't drive worth a s***, so trust me the only reason it is noticed with her is because she is in the spotlight. Give her a break already.

3017 days ago


Paris doesn't act mature enough be be driving....hopefully it don't take a serious accident for the cops to do something other than finding out its her and letting her go

3017 days ago
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