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EXCLUSIVE: The Beckhams Are Coming!

7/24/2006 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After conquering most of the known world, English soccer star David Beckham and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, are readying to bring their media invasion stateside. TMZ has learned they have begun house hunting in Los Angeles.

The supercouple are looking to set up digs in the affluent Bel Air section of town -- home to many of Hollywood's biggest stars and moguls.

While David currently plays for Real Madrid, earlier this month he resigned as captain of England's national team and is rumored to be in talks to join the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.

The move seems logical since David has already set up a branch of his youth soccer camp, The David Beckham Academy at Southern California's Home Depot Center. And since murmurs of a Spice Girls reunion never materialized, a move to L.A. might be the first step toward launching Victoria's Hollywood career.

So move over Brangelina, TomKat and Bennifer because Posh and Becks are ready for their closeup!

Paul Bloch, David and Victoria's American rep, denied the Beckhams were planning a U.S. move.


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Gosh you guys are SO mean! Well i'd happily welcome BECKS and Posh into the US! I just LOVE BECKS!!! He's my fave soccer player. I cant wait to BUY up all the mags on him. So David and Victoria come to LA, we'd LOVE to have you! I cant get enough.


2965 days ago


Hope that Miss Cadaverous enjoy her new digs.

2964 days ago


gawd, he is so frigging hot!! WTF does he see in her??? she's scary looking, like a walking wax dummy or alien.

2962 days ago


Americans will care about the Beckham's as much as they care about soccer. These people are culturally irrelavent and no one will care about their private lives. I hope they know that.

2959 days ago


It is pathetic that all of you commenters need to say nasty things about these people you dont even know. And for everyone commenting on Posh's weight...I think your jealous... and even if your not, she may have a self esteem problem and be anorexic, and I think you should feel sorry for her. Nice way to kick someone when their down. All of you are very negative and should get off your computer and do something productive about your life. Maybe if your more involved with your own life and you stay out of others.

2955 days ago


at least they won't take up much space. Gosh, is that chic even ALIVE?!

2977 days ago


These people suck. Please please please do not buy magazines that mention them on the cover. Do not encourage this Eurotrash. He kicks a ball and she professionally looks vacant for a living. I'm an American who has had these retards shoved down my throat for 8 years now and am hoping to move back to the States soon. Please don't make me come back to a society that gives a shit about these non-event idiots. Do it for me!

2977 days ago


bel air needs another pair of tits on a stick .. sheesh.. does that woman ever smile for the camera? you wanted to be rich and famous, honey, remember?

2977 days ago


She is SO gross... I'd rather be fat and pale than look that extreme. If that's what it takes to snag Becks then she can have him - EEEEEW!

2977 days ago

get a life people    

my dish towel has more cloth then her dress..........

2977 days ago


Oh great like they havn't gotten enough attention over in Europe, they're gonna come here? I thought I read somewhere that they didn't like all the papparazzi over there, what makes them think it's any better in L.A.? Duh!

2977 days ago


Eurotrash. Can we trade them for the Hilton clan? We are running out of space with the current LA idiots.

2977 days ago


This young couple is looking into coming to live in the states and this upsets you. And the girl is thin, yes, but just because she is thin you are making all this mean comments. Boy, this is one time I am so glad I am not in the public eye. I am ashamed, they are thinking of coming to live in the United States and this is the reception they get.

2977 days ago


I would love to shove a steak down her throat.

2977 days ago


At least we'll have someone with fashion sense to watch. Victoria is always on the inside track with fashion and hopefully all the bimbos will learn something. She'll show the fashionless divas how to dress and accessorize. I'd love to see her on the cover of In Style. She's one that has it. Everyone else there, definitely doesn't.

2977 days ago
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