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Madonna & Britney

Broke the Rules

7/25/2006 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In 1989 Madonna's video for "Like a Prayer" was considered extremely controversial. It featured burning crosses and Madonna kissing a black Christ-like figure. How times have changed. Today that same video has landed her Madgesty on top of MTV UK's list of the 100 Videos That Broke the Rules.
Britney Spears' sexy schoolgirl antics in "Baby One More Time" makes it to number two, and Michael Jackson's 14-minute zombie epic "Thriller" moonwalks into the third spot.

Madonna, whose "Justify My Love" video was banned by MTV in 1990, also has two other videos in the top 10 with "Vogue" at number 5 and "Ray of Light" at number 4.

MTV compiled the list by polling 10,000 viewers and will play the entire 100 videos as part of its 25th Anniversary (yikes!) on August 1st.


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Both Madonna and Brit are superior performers

We need your help!!

2982 days ago


I'm going to boycott if you guys can't block out people like "GJ" and her obnoxious posts for her new website. She posts to pretty much every article! I've been to her website and it SUCKS and now I'm sorry to provide her with an additional hit.

2982 days ago

Gail Brown    

GJ looks like a man in drag !

2982 days ago


SOPHISTICATED LIFESTYLES website SUCKS!! Why are you posting everywhere with this crap. Its boaring!!

2982 days ago


THANK YOU #3 and #4 -- maybe if enough of us complain we can get TMZ to block GJ's posts... BIYOCH!

2982 days ago


You Guys are really tough! I thought my idea was good. But if you all think my posts are a bit too much I will tone it down.
I got great comments posted on it what are you all talking about. Also as to commenting on this site, I always do that. For example, I think that Lindsay Lohan should gain a few pounds.

2982 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Oh please youi've GOT to be kidding me. There was no rule breaking or anything controversial about Britney in a school girl uniform. She was in her mid-teens when she recorded it so it was a probable scenario for her to do a school themed video. Labeling it as some dareing, controversial move on Britney's part is pure media hype B.S. There is too much re-writing of history in this world.

2982 days ago


Britney is a Maddona wanna be.

2982 days ago


Madonna Sucks! She had no talent in the 80's and is worse now! She needs to retire! Perfect example of someone who blew their way into the biz if you know what I mean...

2981 days ago


I thnk Britney is going to make a huge come back, all things considered, she will rock this time around with 2 kids in tow, she is going to be one hot Mama by the time she is 30 no matter what happens. She has talent and the goods to make it happen. Madonna, well she still looks great and rocks out and has her 2 kids. They are both great performers in their own sense, similar NO, absolutely not, they both have their own styles and thats a good thing.

2981 days ago


Broke what rules? Give me a break! It's not like any of tried to put porn on regular TV! They are artists it's what they do push the envelope.

2981 days ago

Josh Jones    

Madonna was original in her performances.
Britney should do her own and stop trying to copy cat

2979 days ago


I like them both as performers!

2979 days ago


This sad that people have to get all upset about a personal oppinion. Britney is just as human as us and Madonna is a as well. Have any of you thought that the producers and owners of these people are to blame for their star hits and falls. Other than the fact that Britney did have a little zone out taking the baby out of a car seat. But everyone has room for error. What happened to leave the jury to God. I think that people who lash out with agressive beahvior are only people who are not happy with themselves and need frontline entertainers to talk about to make themselves feel good. This is not at all a bash to make the people who comment but to let you know you don't have to be so ugly toward someon elses comment. Freedom of speach. Go back to school...

2979 days ago


Wow... and you people complain about patheticness when you're fighting over the stupidest crap in the world -.- I don't like Britney... Never saw any of her stuff and I don't plan on it... When all my favorite bands keel over maybe then I will... But until then I will go with my usual saying... Britney is a f**kin suck singer... That's the only way she got big time with music. Also she doesn't have to have Madonna's songs on her albums to be a wannabe.

2979 days ago
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