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Jessica vs. Jessica

7/27/2006 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With only a month to go until the release of her new CD "A Public Affair," Jessica Simpson has already switched the cover picture of the album.
Jessica Simpson
Last week the cover art for the CD surfaced showing a sultry Jessica with her hair down, sporting a strapless dress. But it looks as if the Simpson camp changed its mind and decided to go with more of a girl-next-door look. Jessica's rep Rob Shuter tells TMZ the final decision on a cover had not been made by the time one had to be provided to Jess' record label, so the first cover option (of three choices they had) was given. That cover was ultimately not chosen and Jessica went with the cover shown here.

The new album cover has a casual looking Jess with nothing but a T-shirt on, her hair pulled back and wearing a ring on her right index finger.

Coincidentally, Simpson's latest cover pic looks particularly similar to her Sony Music label mate Jennifer Lopez's cover for her 2002 album "This Is Me ... Then" -- even down to the handwriting. And that isn't the album's only comparison to another pop diva. Her first single has already been compared to Madonna's '80s hit "Holiday."
Jennifer Lopez
To find out if Jessica mimics any other music stars you can pick up her album "A Public Affair" on Aug. 29.


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Kimberly Lewis    

I think both photos are great, one is more of a glam shot, and the other is more of a casual look. Beautyful non-the-less!

I also thing that all those who criticize her for this-and-that, you may not be fans, but just like tabloids, you keep her in the spot light too!

So no-matter how you feel about Jessica, I'm sure she thanks you as well as her fans (like myself). You know what they say, "there's no such thing as bad / free publicity. Or, (and this is my grandfathers favorite saying ) "it's when they stop talkin-about-ya that you need to worry"!

Rappers get away with sampeling other artists all the time. They put famous people in their videos, they parade around in fancy outfits, jewels, and cars. Most of which they dont even own, but let Jessica have a few celeb. friends in her video or flaunt what she really has going on in her life, and every one wants to pitch a fit!

2969 days ago


Jessica HAD to change the cover of her album. Everyone is already accusing her of being a slut. Nick's album is about his grieving about the loss of their relationship, HER song and video was slutty. She is trying to change her image back to the GND image, the one that people orignially like her for.

Some of the more positive articles about her have reminded everyone that she was a VIRGIN before she married Nick blah blah.

It will be interesting to see if she tries to present herelf as all pure now that she's already been labeled a skank.

2967 days ago

your momma    

Obviously Jessica isnt talented. Too bad she ripped off Madonna's "Holiday" and now copying J.Lo's Album cover. And I believe with all my heart that Jessica did indeed SLEEP with or MESS around with all those men that she has been reportedly seen with. Its obvious. Jessica is a SLUT, now that she is single. I find it hard to believe that Bam Margera would make a story up about sleeping with Jessica just for some publicity. He has tones of money....tones of celeb friends and can do anything he wants.. including having sex with Jessica Simpson.Trust me, he gets enough of it and could get anyone he wants...practically. I honest to God think and believe they slept with each other. Jessica used to "down" dress, and now its Sluts R Us. Shes always out clubbing and seen on the arm of different guys. Obviously shes going to deny sleeping or as she calls it "dating". anyone of those guys.You honestly think shes gonna be like ... "yea, Im f'@ing them". yea, rite. So yea... Jessica Ann Simpson is a Slut who obviously dont give two sh&ts about being a good christian woman. Yea, and as for Ashlee Simpson.... she should have gotten her TITS done to go along with all the crap she had done on her face. Hey, Ashlee.........All the plastic surgery in the would aint going to stop you from being the UGLY sister. You'll always be the UGLY sister. Get over it. Your the UGLY sister and Jessica is the SLUTTY sister and your both the UNTALENTED sisters!!!! Ps.. I used to be a BIG Jessica fan. Shes so pathetic and disappointing. its not even funny

2966 days ago


I really hate Jessica's new song, i think she looks really pretty on the headshot one, but i dont think thats a good album cover, I think maybe for the inside booklet, but not the album, the other one is better for the title "A public affair"

2961 days ago


well i feel that jessica's first choice was nice. I feel that it was more grown up like I "thought she was" Many people is gonna hate if u look better then them. I suggest let them!

2961 days ago


I don't know how someone traveling w/ their hairdressers can have 2 inch long roots? Clas it up Jessica no wonder Nick left and got a class act.

2959 days ago


Does this younger generation knows what gifted and talented mean! The video isn't an orignal, but a spinoff. Her sound is medicro. Stop putting no talented people on a pedestal!

2957 days ago


There is nothing special about Jessica Simpson' s look or sound!

2957 days ago


this picture is horrible of her....she should stick with the first choice!

2935 days ago


Wah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah Cassandra what you wrote was funny as hell. It must suck to be the ugly sister Ashley.

2930 days ago


Either way, she looks like a hardened, overly-tanned piece of leather with a masculine face. She should stick with the "slutty" cover. It's at least distracting from her face.

2976 days ago


WOW I clicked on your link Gwendolyn, and your site isTHE BOMB. I really like your pointer on the fakes. I also won a free trip on your carribean vacation add. Thanks & LOL on your TV show!

2976 days ago


Gwendolyn's link is #4. (GJ)

2976 days ago


the beat behind the song and the way the song goes is very "holiday". but jessicas's version sucks...beyond words. i've seen the video on either mtv or vh1, the video is so stupid.

2976 days ago


i can't believe ya'll would say that about her! jessica is an awesome singer and actress, and none of ya'll should insult her about her past!

2976 days ago
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