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Where Has Meg Ryan Gone?

7/27/2006 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg RyanWell, Pam -- Meg Ryan recently arrived back on the mainland after spending time in Hawaii with her children -- Jack Henry, her son with actor Dennis Quaid, and newly adopted daughter Daisy. Her time away comes just in time, as she has finished filming for the movie "In the Land of Women," a flick about a broken-hearted man who skips town to be with his ailing grandmother living in Detroit. While in Detroit, he befriends a family of women living across the street who, in turn, help him through his trials.

The exact release date is yet to be set, but expect to see it out next year.

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A graphic of a question markIs Lucy Liu dating? She's never photographed with a boyfriend.

Joe, Lucy Liu was seen a while back taking a stroll through the park accompanied by her dog and a male companion. Now although it appears as if the two could be an item, there is no substantial proof to confirm that they aren't doing more than just walking dogs. Time will have to tell.

Besides working out her pooches, Liu has also been working on her professional life. Expect to see her in several movies in the near future, "Code Name: The Cleaner" among one of them, set for release early next year.

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a graphic of a question markIs Colin Farrell really the playboy he's made out to be?

Playboy Colin FarrellLast year this time, Jackie, we would have said yes -- Colin Farrell really is the playboy he's portrayed as being. However, it seems as if he may be attempting to turn over a new leaf. And much in part to his two-year-old son James. After leaving rehab, he now knows that it is his son's future he wants to be chasing... not the ladies.

As for his rumored relationship with Lake Bell, Colin has shot down the gossip letting everyone know there is no "significant other" in his life and that he's perfectly content being on his own during this time.

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a graphic of a question mark
What happened to K-Fed's other two children with Shar Jackson? Have Kevin and Britney totally blown them off?

Amanda, this is a question we're all dying to know. Fortunately for him, K-Fed was recently spotted with his first two children Kori and Kaleb earlier this month. And he made sure to make the time special as it was just the three in tow. Ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson recently spoke with People magazine giving an interview in which she defended the wannabe rapper's fatherly reputation. "He's an amazing dad," she told the magazine adding that not being around his kids "hurts his heart."

Last year Britney and Kevin celebrated the birthdays of Federline's first two children, Kaleb and Kori, after failing to the year before.

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a graphic of a question markWhat ever became of Michael Fishman who played DJ on "Roseanne"?

Michael Fishman of A sure blast from the past, Jeffrey! Michael Fishman is currently married and the proud father of two children. Sources close to Fishman also tell TMZ that he is presently focusing on his career as a college student, but makes time to coach high school baseball on the side. While he does plan to return to acting in the future, his studies are his priority right now.

One of the last times we saw little DJ, he was playing an extra in the Haley Joel Osment movie "Artificial Intelligence: AI." And prior to that, an episode of "Seinfeld."

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No Avatar



Meg Ryan has gone and got some REALLY BAD plastic surgery!

2978 days ago


Meg looks awful. What happen to her? I saw pics of her not that long ago with her new baby and she looked great, now she looks like plastic.

2978 days ago



2978 days ago

s Patton    

How did DJ grow up to look like Count Chocula?

2978 days ago


Here's a question...What happened to the kids who won American Idol on the "kids" version with Debbie Gibson and Glady's Knight? I think 5 or 6 kids won to be part of a group? Where are they now...?

2978 days ago


LOL #4! I was going to say Eddie Munster.

2978 days ago


I took a nursing class with Michael Fishman at Cypress College in the OC. His mom is the director of nursing there.

2978 days ago


Meg looks sorta like a cartoon caricature. Does plastic surgery make your face longer? There's so much room between her eyes and brows. Her mouth reminds me of Jack Nicholson's Joker in the old Batman movie.

2978 days ago


Ryan looks like Joan Rivers.

2978 days ago


That picture of Meg Ryan is several years old. She doesn't look like that anymore.

What's the matter TMZ? Didn't want to spend a few more dollars on a more recent photo or a pic of her with her kids?
FYI: her new movie was filmed LAST year.

2977 days ago


if you have talent, you don't have to look over your shoulder at the young chippies trying to take the same roles... and you don't need plastic surgery. just ask meryl streep. meg ryan is not an actress. she's a celebrity. she has played the same insoucient role in everyone of her films. no depth. she can drown in a sea of botox.

2977 days ago


Thats good for the old roseAnn Kid to stay in at least the F-list for celebs!

2974 days ago


Is Conviction coming back to NBC?

2973 days ago

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