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Foxx Outparties Farrell

7/28/2006 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell reveal the truth behind who the real ultimate nightlifer is when it comes to the two of them... and apparently it's Foxx.
colin farrell famie foxx
Colin says that while shooting "Miami Vice" he would lock himself in his hotel room while Jamie was out making appearances at Miami's hottest clubs. Don't feel too sorry for the newly sober hunk, it wasn't all Ramada Inn scenery. While filming, Foxx threw an impromptu birthday bash for Farrell and a party for hurricane Katrina, where Farrell auctioned off a date with himself. The winner? Seven girls that each pitched in $1,000. Wow! He's cheap!


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I luv Colin Farrell, but he is getting good at playing the victim. I always thought something was a little fishy about the whole sex tape situation. If anything I believe that someone in Colin's camp or perhaps Colin himself was responsible for the sex tape "leak." I think it's unfortunate that everyone just assumed it was Nicole Narain, without considering that it could have been Colin's fault.

I wouldn't be shocked if there weren't more to the whole Dessarae Bradford than meets the eye. He denied ever meeting her, but I've never heard him deny calling her.

2973 days ago


1st...& Love both of them..They are sooooo HOT....

3011 days ago


TMZ, Colin Farrell is a big fat liar. Interesting isn't it, how now that this stuff about Dessarae Bradford is coming out- that and Colin's alternative lifestyle- Colin is now trying to make himself out to be some kind of saint. If you talk to Ted Casablanca from E! what you will find out is that during filming of Miami Vice- BOTH Colin and Jamie were partying like mad. Then the business about Colin's leaked sex tape came out and all of a sudden- there was a rift between Colin and Jamie and the two men were not speaking to each other for SOME UNKNOWN REASON. Then Colin went into rehab after that. What I can tell you is the business about Colin Farell's sex tape being leaked and he and Jamie Foxx going from being best friends and associates in debauchery to being arch enemies all of a sudden is MOST LIKELY interconnected in some way. Perhaps you should investigate what caused Colin and Jamie to stop speaking to each other ALL OF A SUDDEN and tell everyone what is really going on with that situation. Especially because if you look at the information regarding Colin Farrell's life history that is plastered all over the Internet, he has a long history of being EXTREMELY PHYSICALLY VIOLENT that started in childhood. While you're at it- try contacting Amelia Warner, Colin's ex-wife- to find out the real reason why they broke up- and tell everyone what the real story is going on there. Your job is to investigate and report. So please do! Thanks!

3011 days ago

Stacy Zee    

Ok F I R S T O F A L L Jamie Foxx is sooo much more together than Colin Farrell. Foxx is highly intelligent, down to earth, he is well spoken and charming. Why he would want anything to do with Colin Farrell "nightlife" or not is totally beyond comprehension. R E H A B is for Q U I T T E R S Colin now go on home.

3011 days ago


jme4538 go get a job and get a life you dumbass

3010 days ago

Carmel Cuti    

Why does every picture of Colin Farrell look so unflattering? Is he that messed up? This particular picture looks like the man is about to spew his scrotum!

3008 days ago


So what, they partied! Colin lived life to the fullest for a long time and now he is
settling in to take care of his son. He is the most gorgeous man on earth at
this time and sober to boot. I'll watch all of his movies again and again, yes,
even "Alexander". I'll not only read the front of the tabloids, I'll buy some of them
just to look at Colin and I'm 50 years young and sober for 14 years. Way to
go, Colin!!

3007 days ago


I think it is great that Colin is trying to get his life together for his sons sake. Why does everyone bash him for?? I think he is a great actor, he is funny and attractive. There are a lot more celebs who are worse off than he is. People should leave him alone. He is great.

3005 days ago

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