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Gibson's Anti-Semitic Tirade

Alleged Cover Up

7/28/2006 10:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

gibson_exclusive_wi_2-1TMZ has learned that Mel Gibson went on a rampage when he was arrested Friday on suspicion of drunk driving, hurling religious epithets. TMZ has also learned that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department had the initial report doctored to keep the real story under wraps.

TMZ has four pages of the original report prepared by the arresting officer in the case, L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee. According to the report, Gibson became agitated after he was stopped on Pacific Coast Highway and told he was to be detained for drunk driving Friday morning in Malibu. The actor began swearing uncontrollably. Gibson repeatedly said, "My life is f****d." Law enforcement sources say the deputy, worried that Gibson might become violent, told the actor that he was supposed to cuff him but would not, as long as Gibson cooperated. As the two stood next to the hood of the patrol car, the deputy asked Gibson to get inside. Deputy Mee then walked over to the passenger door and opened it. The report says Gibson then said, "I'm not going to get in your car," and bolted to his car. The deputy quickly subdued Gibson, cuffed him and put him inside the patrol car.

TMZ has learned that Deputy Mee audiotaped the entire exchange between himself and Gibson, from the time of the traffic stop to the time Gibson was put in the patrol car, and that the tape fully corroborates the written report.

Once inside the car, a source directly connected with the case says Gibson began banging himself against the seat. The report says Gibson told the deputy, "You mother f****r. I'm going to f*** you." The report also says "Gibson almost continually [sic] threatened me saying he 'owns Malibu' and will spend all of his money to 'get even' with me."

The report says Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: "F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Gibson then asked the deputy, "Are you a Jew?"

The deputy became alarmed as Gibson's tirade escalated, and called ahead for a sergeant to meet them when they arrived at the station. When they arrived, a sergeant began videotaping Gibson, who noticed the camera and then said, "What the f*** do you think you're doing?"

A law enforcement source says Gibson then noticed another female sergeant and yelled, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"

We're told Gibson took two blood alcohol tests, which were videotaped, and continued saying how "f****d" he was and how he was going to "f***" Deputy Mee.

Gibson was put in a cell with handcuffs on. He said he needed to urinate, and after a few minutes tried manipulating his hands to unzip his pants. Sources say Deputy Mee thought Gibson was going to urinate on the floor of the booking cell and asked someone to take Gibson to the bathroom.

After leaving the bathroom, Gibson then demanded to make a phone call. He was taken to a pay phone and, when he didn't get a dial tone, we're told Gibson threw the receiver against the phone. Deputy Mee then warned Gibson that if he damaged the phone he could be charged with felony vandalism. We're told Gibson was then asked, and refused, to sign the necessary paperwork and was thrown in a detox cell.

Deputy Mee then wrote an eight-page report detailing Gibson's rampage and comments. Sources say the sergeant on duty felt it was too "inflammatory." A lieutenant and captain then got involved and calls were made to Sheriff's headquarters. Sources say Mee was told Gibson's comments would incite a lot of "Jewish hatred," that the situation in Israel was "way too inflammatory." It was mentioned several times that Gibson, who wrote, directed, and produced 2004's "The Passion of the Christ," had incited "anti-Jewish sentiment" and "For a drunk driving arrest, is this really worth all that?"

We're told Deputy Mee was then ordered to write another report, leaving out the incendiary comments and conduct. Sources say Deputy Mee was told the sanitized report would eventually end up in the media and that he could write a supplemental report that contained the redacted information -- a report that would be locked in the watch commander's safe.

Initially, a Sheriff's official told TMZ the arrest occurred "without incident." On Friday night, Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told TMZ: "The L.A. County Sheriff's Department investigation into the arrest of Mr. Gibson on suspicion of driving under the influence will be complete and will contain every factual piece of evidence. Nothing will be sanitized. There was absolutely no favoritism shown to this suspect or any other. When this file is presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, it will contain everything. Nothing will be left out."

On Saturday, Gibson released the following statement:

"After drinking alcohol on Thursday night, I did a number of things that were very wrong and for which I am ashamed. I drove a car when I should not have, and was stopped by the LA County Sheriffs. The arresting officer was just doing his job and I feel fortunate that I was apprehended before I caused injury to any other person. I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything I said. Also, I take this opportunity to apologize to the deputies involved for my belligerent behavior. They have always been there for me in my community and indeed probably saved me from myself. I disgraced myself and my family with my behavior and for that I am truly sorry. I have battled with the disease of alcoholism for all of my adult life and profoundly regret my horrific relapse. I apologize for any behavior unbecoming of me in my inebriated state and have already taken necessary steps to ensure my return to health."

Click to see portions of the original report.

Comments updated 7/30/2006 12:15 pm EST


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I would be curious to know which issue has sparked more controversy, Mel's statements against Jewish people or the WAR IN IRAQ!! The majority of the focus is on his anti-jewish statements vs. drunk driving?
First, we don't know how and if this report is being distorted in the media and by the police. The fact that the report has inconsistencies remains to be seen. It is too early to tell if there is corruption, a pay-off, or a complete truth. One fact is that he was drunk and behind the wheel, and there are different levels of punishment to be determined by the justice system. Don't blame him if he is let off to easily. Who wouldn't try to lessen their own punishment?

Second, we don't know what was going through his mind? Alcohol is no excuse for his reckless endangerment of other lives, including his own. But that issue has hardly caused an outrage? He has an alcohol problem and needs therapy. This incident brings to mind each time that I am upset by Bush's stupid & ignorant comments, and at that time, I curse him for being our President. I also blame him for the war in Iraq, but of course it is not entirely his fault. This is where my ignorance or lack of education kicks in. Who knows for certain? I don't hate the Bush, frankly I don't care about him, and I am not a communist, but in the heat of the moment, I may spew a few "hatred like" comments, that could be anti-Bush. My life is not spent on secretely hating Bush so that drugs, alcohol, or anaesthesia will be a truth serum, but it is just a comment made at the time, with or without reason, and with or without thinking about it. How difficult is it to understand and accept that our emotions and thoughts are driven by and influenced by our current environment. In other words, we don't know if the police officer provoked a drunken Mel, but I imagine that anyone being arrested is going to be pretty pissed off, and will take out their frustrations out on the nearest person. Who has not cursed a police officer for issuing a traffic violation? I could just hear it now, "F****** Cop". The police officer is performing their duties. Here it happens to be a Jewish person. Had all the Jewish words been replaced with "George Bush", would there be such an outrage? What is the difference? A group of people or one person? And what is the big fuss, we all hate someone at one point, whether it be a cop, boss, spouse, you get the point.

Third, everyone is entitled to their opinions, let's think Freedom of Speech. Do you think the US Supreme Court didn't rock in their conservative seats when they were forced to listen to Larry Flynt's pornographic stand? I would never encourage hatred against anyone or anything, but they are simply comments, not actions. Whether influenced by ignorant thoughts, lack of education, drugs, environment, emotions, they are part of our nature. A majority of teenagers, have probably told their parents they hated them. Young children tell their loved ones they wish they would die off the planet. Of course, Mel is not a teenager or a child, but unrational thoughts have the power of influencing our outbursts. The point is not that it is acceptable, but merely that everyone including seemingly rational adults have temporary, and ill-willed thoughts. Some are simply better able than others to control them, and most of our outbursts are not caught on camera, or released to the media. Unfortunately, the human race is flawed, and thank goodness that mere thoughts are not punishable, otherwise, prisoners would be on the outside looking in.

This brings up a another point. Most common folks would not be scrutinized to this extent and would be given their punishment and be done with. It is true that some celebrities are sometimes given special treatment, but whose fault is that? It is self preservation and selfisness. The person(s) to blame would be the police officer, judge, or whatever other person allowed them off the hook. The more money or leverage one has, the better able he is to afford the best attorney and resources. Who wouldn't hire the best attorney to defend them? But now this is not a simple matter of "celebrity", but rather an issue of poor or rich, black or white, and other categories that provoke much debate.

Also, the issue is not about responsibility, because he has taken enough responsibility to acccept and deal with what he has done, but apparently his apology is not good enough. There is a point when a repeat offender loses credibility, but as far as I have read, this is his first DUI. Obviously, it is not his first statement of his beliefs, but his beliefs have not been remotely close to harming anyone. So at what point do we stop forgiving and start punishing thoughts and comments? One incident of being pulled over for a traffic ticket could lead a person to hate police officers and curse them each time t

2912 days ago


I feel what he did was wrong but he will pay his dues and i feel that should be enough. I say give the guy a break.

2912 days ago

Art P.    

I could give two sh*ts what the a##hole said.

He's guilty and by law he needs a verdict.

#1 the sh*ts is: He was drunk and decided to get behind the wheel.

#2 the 2nd sh*t is: He was d*ck to the police.

Anit-Semitic or not. I hate your mother. Whatever.

He was and still is a d*ck. Get it???? People??????

Here he is for all of us to see. Kiss it. Kiss it. Kiss it.

He was an azz.. He pulled out all the stops. Who cares if he likes or dislikes somebody.

Who cares. He was an azz.

Did some Jew piss him off? Really? Is it very personal?


He's a d*ck and that's all there is to it. A f*ckin d*ck.

You get me?

2912 days ago

Art P.    

Let's all accept Mel's apology.

Afterall, he's a celebrity.

That's really moral.

2912 days ago

Art P.    

No. I'm not getting out of the car.

No way.

I'm Mel Gibson and I am important.

Let me drive home drunk and sleep it off.

Who do you think your talking to?

I'm a professional at this.

You got the wrong guy pal.

I could have your job.

I am Mel fu#king Gibson.

Mad Max

2912 days ago


Incredible that Liberals are suddenly against Mel Gibson for what he allegedly said. They are all willing to welcome scum like Roman Polanski back, but if Gibson doesn't act like some Hollywood Liberal fag, (droping to his knees and sucking on some jewish boys' c*ck) they damn him for making anti-semetic comments. Stop acting like you're perfect, you morons, the guy got a little sauced, drove his car drunk, was stopped and might have made some hateful comments; BIG DEAL.

It's terrible of the American population to grab stones and hurl them at Mr. Gibson. The only thing that he did wrong that day was get behind the wheel of his car when he was drunk. There is nothing wrong with anti-semitism, hatred or bigotry. Gays are allowed to behave in a socially irresponsible manner all the time and Liberals don't say anything, what a load of crap this is.

This is what America gets when Liberals(Jews) control the media, a minor incident blown way out of proportion.

P.S. I would rather get on a car with Mel than with Kennedy.

2912 days ago


People who are flaming drunks say all kinds of things. Doesnt mean they mean it. That is part of the desease. I dont think he meant it. but when u run your mouth , you suffer the punishment for your drunken comment. He really put himself in a hole,that may take years for pple to get over. But,everytime his name or face is on tv,he will be known for this. But i also agree that hollywood isnt going to ban him too much. money talks ...ect,as they say

2912 days ago

Art P.    

Some times when I get drunk I call all my best buddies Jews.

So what's the difference? That's what they are. No big deal.

Jew this, and Jew that. I can't help myself because I can't stop

telling people that the started all the wars.

It's just something I do. I can't help myself.

Some people rant and rave, but all I do is call people Sugar Tits.

I have been living with it all my life and I don't know how to stop it.

Damn Jew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops, there I go again.

2912 days ago

Art P.    

We shouldn't be asking ourselves what went wrong.

We should be asking ourselves what went right that night.

Nothing. Nothing went right because Mel wouldn't allow it.

He wanted this, and now he's got it.

Deep down, where no one goes. That is where Mel is.

You want the hate Mel? Well now you got it big guy.

It's yours. Your worst nightmare came true for all the world to see.

Everyone, everywhere forever is watching you like a hawk.

Enjoy the show.

No coupons. No free shows.

2912 days ago


The man got arrested for DUI. Thousands get arrested everyday for the same offense. I am quite sure they too have a ton of obscenities to spout at their arresting officers... Why is everyone singling this one man out?? Because he is an actor? Because he is wealthy? Because he is talented? I dont get it. He made remarks, he apologized for them. Let it go!!!

2912 days ago


Mel is a Jewish name lol!

2912 days ago

Art P.    

I've always enjoy Mels work.

He is a hard working gas guzzliing, drunk, anti-semite.

Wow. Good job.

2912 days ago

Art P.    

Hey everybody. Let's leave the hate monger alone.

Everybody makes mistakes. I tell people they started all the wars all the time.

I drive down the road with a half bottle of tequilla on a daily basis.

I tell people I could have their jobs left and right.

I am special, "That's right." And you can't touch me.

Do you know who Iam?

Do you know who I am?

Did you hear me? Did you hear me? Are you a Jew? Bastard.

2912 days ago


Let's not forget that anti-semitic and anti-jew are not the same thing! Why is one considered antisemitic if they make mention about sins that have been committed by jews? The communists (who invented that system?) killed about 100 mil. people in the USSR! One who hates unjustice is not necessarily anti-semitic.

2912 days ago

Art P.    

My hat is off to the officer that arrested Mel Gibson.

May he get a offer to be in a movie I would gladly see it over

some fool who doesn't realize his own potentiality.

Mel mopped himself with disgust last week and the colors shine bright.

May Officer Mee get a promotion. I am completely for it.

It takes guts to do what he did. He had a job to do and he did it against all the pressure of his superiors and media alike.

There are thousands upon thousands of drunk drivers who pay the price.

No one should think that they are better than anyone else when it comes to a person's life.

I salute all the men and women. "We Were Soldiers"

I'd like to see Mel sacrifice himself for the good of the community now.

No Rehab ticket. No apology ticket. No meeting of the Jewish society.

That's BULLCRAP. Complete waste of time.

Go where it stinks Mel and take a whiff.

People suffer everyday trying to make it and some never do because they had to make a sacrifice.

Where's the sacrifice Mel?. Money isn't it Mel.

Where's the tears, sweat and blood Mel?

How many hugs do you have to make to get good with people?

How many dollars are you going to line people's pockets with to get over on this one?

I don't care about me. I care about humanity. I care about self-righteousness.

Do you know what I'm talking about here?

This is not about Jews. This is not about Drunk drivinvg.

You need to wake up and play your role you 50 year old role model.

People are sick of you and your act. You are an event person.

Walk that red carpet and smile for the cameras, but when it's dark and cold

The sh*t stinks where you left it.

2912 days ago
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