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Lindsay to Be Questioned in Mom's Fraud Lawsuit

8/1/2006 9:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been a bad week for Lindsay Lohan. First she went home "dehydrated" from the set of her new film "Georgia Rule." Then the head of the film's production company sent her a letter chastising her for what he called her "discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional" behavior and her poor attendance record on the set. Now La Lohan has been summoned to be questioned in her mom Dina's court battle over a music deal.

Dina Lohan is being sued for fraud after signing her daughter to a record deal with producers Antonio Almeida and Mitchell Chait. Almeida and Chait claim that in 2002 and 2003 they helped Lindsay cut half of the tracks of her album "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen." The suit alleges tens of thousands of dollars were given to Lohan, but the star jumped ship and recorded the album with music mogul Tommy Mottola instead, leaving them high and dry.

Lindsay has now been subpoenaed to testify in this case, according to documents filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The Vegas duo is asking Lohan to be present at law offices of Costa, Abrams, and Coate LLP in Los Angeles on August 29, 2006, for an oral deposition.

Lindsay's reps did not immediately return TMZ's request for comment.

Click to read the court documents


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Lindsay and her mother are going to keep it up and none is going to want to hire Lindsay and she is going to end up high and dry with no career and bankrupt and the stupid part about this is she can not even sing or act and she is not even pretty. She is to thin and has freckles everywhere on her body.

I have seen all of her movies and heard all of her music and the only thing I liked was the song rumors which she really had no business doing because at the time she made it none even new who the hell she was. Songs like that are made by popular people like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and people like that whom are talked about in every magazine you pick up every week where at the time you never ever heard of Lindsay and more then half of America had no clue who the heck she was.

Having Lindsay gone from hollywood will be no major loss

2968 days ago


Whoever wants their daughter to be like Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, its NUTS!! I hate Paris Hilton, Rich bitch needs a clue. As for Lindsay, if she acted like she does in the "real world" she'd be nothing. Thats the problem with people like them...they dont know what its like in reality or to earn a real living!!!

2968 days ago


My kids loved Lindsay in Freaky Friday- she semed like a normal kid- Unfortunately her other needs to get a job and stop mooching over everyone-- as far as "confessions of a teenge drama queen" her mother is the drama queen in this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2968 days ago


sorry missy but now you sound like lindsay lohan and her mother= please go back to school. get a real life, meaning a job and please get out of the trailer park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2968 days ago


Oh my God u guys...I m from Greece n I really dont get why the f*** you ppl get so obsessed bout whatever you call "starsystem" of urs..I mean I did some searchin on Lohan cause I happened to listen to a stupid song of hers (it really sucked..maybe if smn else got to perform, it might be ok). It appears that u guys are sssssoooo obsessed with this kinda things..i just wanted to find out who the hell she is..(Nobody knows her in Europe..really!!) but all i got was ppl going crazy. Requesting her e-mail..even her home phone no. even thought i was her! How the f*** can a 20 years old clueless brainless britney style bimbo take aaaaaaaalllll this attention?

2968 days ago


Personally i think we would all be doing her a favor by not seeing her movies.She needs to disappear for awhile.Her mother will be the death of her.She needs to grow up and get straight.Partying is one thing,but this life in the fast lane is going to catch up and kill her.
Mommy has little sis to run into the ground now!

2967 days ago


Seams like they should have done sumthing long ago. Don't throw left jabs at Ms. Lohan over nickles nd dime- I didn't even noe that the record existed

2967 days ago

Dr. M    

The only people who really know the facts -

are the parties involved.

RELAX - America

2966 days ago


Sick of Lindsay's mother. Hope they sue her for every dime she ever made off her daughter.

2966 days ago


Lindsay is a tramp
Dina is a gold digger lazy hollywood mom hanging on for dear life.
They both deserve to lose EVERYTHING

2966 days ago


Look its real simple here... first we take away all thier money and liquidate it or better yet give it to charity:) like st jude childrens hospital.. and im not talking just lindsays money either but nicoles and paris's and who ever else is in thier high powered lazy ass class of rich A**holes. Secondly we make them get a job and im not talking some casual laid back 9 to 5 like some of us have im talking real work.. We can make them Road workers or better yet roofers:)

2965 days ago

jimmy dee    

Lindsay and her mom are both a couple of losers .why don't the world just send them both packing and get on with life. they both are drunks and not much to look at so whats the big deal let them cry to each other in the unemployment line where they belong.

2965 days ago

by Anonymous    

ummm...Missy, rather than letting you daughter watch "The Simple Life" you should enroll yourself back in elementary school and learn HOW TO SPELL...OMG what is wrong with people that they can't even spell today. No wonder why other countries laugh and criticize Americans about how behind we are as a society. And if you hadn't notice, this blog was about Lindsey and her mother, not NICOLE AND PARIS...ugh, if you're going to write about someone, at least spell their name right, doesn't matter if you come from some hickville town.
But whatever, why are we even concerned about spoiled, bad acting, untalented wannabe "superstars" like Lindsey or her overly-tanned mother Dina? Who cares? It's not like they car about our personal or financial problems, so why worry about if Lindsey got repremanded, besides she deserved it. Act irresponsibly and you will have to pay the consequences. Just like the man said "you live a great life, you're getting paid well....STOP BIIIITCHING AND SHOW UP ON TIME.." lol well i added in the part about "biiitching" but it's so are getting paid...extremely too much money for a film that will most likely tank and yet you can't show up on time. Plzzzzzz, girl, you need to learn how to party like that real the DIVAS and not that trailer trash you have been associating with because they will drop ya ass once your pocket is empty. I mean seriously, you're not Kate Moss, its not like you've been in the industry for years now.

2965 days ago


Comment #14...
Spend your time on getting your daughter an education so that she can read, write, and spell correctly. That way she can be more of an asset to society than either Paris OR Nicole.

Maybe you could spend time taking her to a library so she can read while you learn to read and write in better English? Just a thought on spending your time more wisely than watching uneducational and stupid shows on television. Be an EXAMPLE to your daughter, not a promoter of further Wanna-be-losers!...

2965 days ago

Sarina Sweezer    

The father's a drunk,The mother get's beat by the husband, Mom's stealing money, Lindsey's all over the news passin' out, always looks high,
These two bitche's party together, The daughter's apparently a fire crotch!
You know these two are not mother and daughter their thelma and louise.
These two bitches need to stay out of trouble, And for God's sake eat something!
The both of those bitches put together look like one half of the olsen twins.

2965 days ago
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