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Najimy Says Auf Wiedersehen to "Project Runway"

8/24/2006 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy NajimyKathy Najimy won't be watching "Project Runway" anymore.

The former "Veronica's Closet" star is upset with "dangerous" comments made by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on last week's episode pertaining to plus-size women.

Najimy, who over the years has lost 160 lbs, sent a passionate e-mail to Bravo exec Andy Cohen, who is a friend of Kathy's, outlining her grievances with the episode, which Cohen has since posted on his blog.

Kathy took particular issue with Gunn calling one of the runway models "zaftig" (pleasantly plump) and Heidi's comment that an outfit made a model look plus-size, which Najimy believes implied that plus-size was "the ultimate of horrors."

In the e-mail Najimy points out how these comments, along with societal pressure to be thin, are particularly harmful to the body images of young girls.

Najimy adds "And I especially hope that Heidi Klum's beautiful daughter never has to grow up in the self-hatred and self-mutilation that occurs when girls and women are suffocated by irresponsible, dangerous comments like the ones Heidi made..."

On his blog, Cohen came to Klum's defense by saying "Heidi cares a lot about little girls watching the show and about the image that we project."

Last night's episode lightly touched on the topic by having the contestants design everyday outfits for "everyday women" and featured the designers' own mothers and sisters as models.

While Kathy may not be watching anymore episodes, by the looks of "Project Runway's" plus-size ratings this year, it looks like everybody else sure is!


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2984 days ago


It's not like they called the girl a "fat pig". Compared to the other models on the cat walk she had a little more meat on her bones.

Calm down Kathy, go back to the land of the has beens.

2984 days ago


I watched the episode and the only thing I found offensive were the clothes.
Someone somewhere is always going to be offended. "It is impossible that offense should not come" Get over it!

2984 days ago


Well, I have to agree with Kathy on some levels. I watched the episode, and Heidi did act a little out of line. The girl that was modeling the dress clearly did not look at all like a plus sized model, and if she did, so what? I did not know the show had a size-stipulation on the models and what sized clothes the designers created. I also think we have enough problems with eating disorders and self-esteem in this world, and we certainly don't need more and more comments like that being made by someone in the spotlight. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Every size is beautiful, and everyone has a right to have fashionable clothing.

2984 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

She's being hypersensitive. A regular model is not supposed to look plus size - unless she is in a plus size fashion show. The object of high fashion is NOT to make a skinny person look overweight. duhhhh Who wants to buy clothes that make you look bigger then what you are.

2984 days ago


Heidi's a bitch. I felt sorry for the girl she took down with her comments as well. I hate Heidi though, so I expected that SH*T out of her ignorant german mouth.

2984 days ago


You GO Kathy! I totally agree with you.
I had an eating disorder years ago, thank God I have a wonderful husband and loved ones to help me. Because I was killing myself to look was not worth it.
All sizes and shapes are beautiful...too be Too Thin is just as unhealthy as being obese. And these models are way too Thin....
I admire Kathy for saying all the things I have been saying for years.

2984 days ago

get a life people    

I watched lastnights show and I thought the jerk with the trashy tats on his neck should have been kicked off.....Just because a woman isn't a size 2 doesn't mean she can't dress nice...He made her look terrible....Wake up people most woman are size 12 and up.........

2984 days ago


I think that comment was horrible. What a shame that people cant share an opinion without cursing. Hollywood cares more about skinny people. Such a shame.

2984 days ago


I have read the comments on this site as well as the ones made on at cohen's actual blog. it is obvious the difference in not only intelligence, but also character, when reading the responses. between the bravotv readers and this gossip site's readers, apparently bravo has a better audience.
"fat f*uck?" she is entitled to her opinion, as well as i'm sure you get pissy at certain things throughout your day.
heidi did make it sound as though being "plus-sized" was the worst, most disgusting thing she could ever imagine. she has no brains, nor does she have any empathy for anyone else. i'm not surprised she said anything along those lines. remember after jay mccarroll had his own after-the-fact show on bravo showing what he was up to after his win? heidi asked him to design her dress for the emmys. he killed himself trying to get it finished since it was such a last-minute request, and she ended up not even wearing it at all. she made rude comments toward his design (which was beautiful), saying it was "inappropriate" and "costumey," when she wore the most hippie/gypsy/stupid-looking dress ever to the actual awards. she never did apologize to jay either. didn't even have the balls to call him herself and give him her reasoning behind the rejection.
she is so stuck on herself. she shouldnt judge fashion; she doesnt even dress herself. she should stay just a pretty face and let the real pros do the job. i cant stand her.

2984 days ago


Project Runway has never featured plus size models. If the outfit made that model look plus sized, it wouldn't fit into the program. That's all. However, the "zaftig" comment by Gunn is something different. I think most of them have been catty about something at one time or another---and not just about weight! I guess they have to care more about ratings than being nice.
As for Heidi, does anybody else here find her voice REALLY, REALLY annoying? They play a clip of her laughing loudly during breaks, and she sounds demented.

2984 days ago


This is the second Project Runway faux pas; the first one was calling small dogs "the hottest new fashion accessory". Shame shame shame to BravoTV and NBC! The corporations that advertise on all NBC affiliated channels will be getting NONE of my business.

Perhaps, Kathy (being a celebrity) can get a public apology from Bravo for both of their faux pas.


2984 days ago

get a life people    

Some of the designers kept laughing and saying thaey had no idea what to do with that much fabric....I have never made anything this size...What are you kidding me...Take a look around in the real world...Woman are not a size 2...Most are 12-14.....I can't beleive they didn't take that stuff out before airing the show...Maybe this is way woman stick there finger down there throat after eating.....I will not be watching the show after lastnight.................1#chris I am sure your parents are really proud (your an ass)

2984 days ago


No Heidi isnt a bitch.

A model is sopose to be size 2 or a 0.
America is fat,obese ad disgusting. People are looking to make excuses to feed their faces and for their asses to get wider. "oh its not my fault" , "lets sue mcdonalds for getting me fat'... well what about walking 2-3miles a day, eating more salad(w/o TONS of salad dressing on it and mayo salads added on). STop eating at mcds, bk and wendys.

Ever go to the mall and honestly look at what the sizes are and what they are wearing, its pure horror. Young girls wearing tank tops and jeans w/a roll hanging over the edge of the jeans. Do they think they look good or sexy?

The average size is a 14 for a person, that isnt good ,that is allowing people to get fat and saying 'oh shes normal and average now at a 14". Not that everyone has to be a 2,4, 6.

But come on, lets get real. Heidi isnt a 14 and she didnt get where she is from eating mcds and having a roll over the top of her jeans and a gunt making her jeans tight w/camel toe being accented.

2984 days ago


Stop trying to get press anyway you can. Get off your fat ass and do a movie or tv, dont try to get press by creating drama. Besides, if it bothered them that much...go on a diet! If it is so offensive being plus sided, choose a salad instead of a burger. Go to the gym instead of McDonalds. Run the track you cow, not ur mouth!

2984 days ago
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