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Dr. Phil

Pays Less Than In N' Out Burger

8/25/2006 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ found an interesting listing on, for a part-time job at the Dr. Phil show. The kicker is what the job entails, and how much he is willing to pay this employee. The ad offers positions available for weekends (Saturday and Sunday), or the graveyard shift (11PM - 7AM).

The job is for a transcriber and requirements to gain employment are: previous experience and typing speed of 60 words per minute. The best part is the starting salary, a whopping $8.00 an hour, or roughly $16,000 dollars a year.

Now we can't help but compare these numbers to those that Dr. Phil just spent on his son's wedding. Let's assume that the good doctor spent $400,000 on the reception (which is pretty low by celebrity standards) and he had 400 people attend. That is $1000 a head. His new employee would have to work over 3 weeks just to sit down at the table! Plus, if this person tried to throw the same kind of fab wedding soiree, they would have to work for 25 YEARS! That means the average 22 year-old applicant would be 47 before they could cover the cost of the wedding.

All interested applicants should contact Todd Klotz at CBS/Paramount.


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That's crazy, you can make more than $8 and hour at McD's. My one and only transcription for the show would go as follows:

Dr. Phil Sucks!
Dr. Phil is cheap!
I hate Dr. Phil!
Dr. Phil's wife shouldn't have any more plastic surgery!
Dr. Phil's son married a porn star!
Dr. Phil should just shave the rest of his hair off!
I quit! I can't even buy lunch with $8.

2988 days ago


Oh man that is cheap! I like Dr. Phil...what is up with this? I don't know if I believe this article. Nobody could live off of that! Or........ maybe he's broke after his kids wedding. Oh well, no biggy.....who really cares! Have a great Friday!

2988 days ago

This maked Dr. Phil look pretty bad. At least he isn't bald and fat.

2988 days ago

the kid    

This guy's the biggest kook on TV... a big clod... full of bullshit. There's an ass for every seat I suppose.

2988 days ago


Do we know that he's the one who set the starting salary?

2988 days ago


For a job like that mostly INTERNS would get that. And INTERNS = Free. So getting a start in the entertainment business at 8 an can grow.

I dont like Dr Phil but it is a good opportunity for someone right out of college and needs a way in the business!

2988 days ago


Oh thats nothing! I worked that job last year , you dont get a lunch break and god forbid you look at Phil when you pass him on your way out of work! Lets just say Jordan his younger son is the star of the family , he is nice to everyone and respects all the staff from the Interns to Carla Pennington the executive producer

2988 days ago


This guy's so full of himself, he probably thinks YOU should pay HIM for the honor to service (oops serve) him.

2988 days ago

To #12. Yes my bad. I meant to write "makes." Was half asleep when I wrote it, so no need to make me feel like a #2 .

2988 days ago


Do You have any Idea how much managers at in-n-out make over $100,000.00 Plus Bonuses. Thats pretty good for filping burgers. Just to start you make $9.50 an hr. Better than a Mcjob.

2988 days ago


Living in California , is very expensive . A typist should be paid $25.00 an hour and Overtime. There work counts for something.
Dr Phil shouldnt be taking his expensive vacations and start thinking about his employees, they've to live too. Actors and Actress are all overpaid....................................

2988 days ago


Real transcriptionists can make over $100K a year (depending on their speed and work type). Hourly, it usually starts at $15/hr. as they are language specialists to boot. (I run a transcription service.) CHEAP is putting it mildly. He's GOT to be kidding.

But then, he calls himself a "DOCTOR" too, which is farce in itself. He must think the prestige of transcribing for him is worth working for free. What a prick. And why do people take advice from a NOT psychiatrist? Why do people watch this show at all? Says something about America.

2988 days ago


I should clarify on the hourly. Transcriptionists are generally paid either by transcription line or by hour (if it's an extremely badly managed company, they pay by the hour). Most have an hourly rate and then production bonuses, so they're paid more when they produce over a basic quota. Just paying by the hour alone, is rediculous in itself...because some folks transcribe 100 pages an hour and some 2. So they have no business sense in offering an hourly rate at all, much less a minimum wage one. What a joke.

2988 days ago


#12 No body like's the spelling police. U want 'good' grammer go elsewhere, this is a blog geeze!

2988 days ago


That'd be grammAR..... :) I think that person was trying to prove a point, that the field requires an edjumicated person. :)

2988 days ago
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