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Dr. Phil

Pays Less Than In N' Out Burger

8/25/2006 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ found an interesting listing on, for a part-time job at the Dr. Phil show. The kicker is what the job entails, and how much he is willing to pay this employee. The ad offers positions available for weekends (Saturday and Sunday), or the graveyard shift (11PM - 7AM).

The job is for a transcriber and requirements to gain employment are: previous experience and typing speed of 60 words per minute. The best part is the starting salary, a whopping $8.00 an hour, or roughly $16,000 dollars a year.

Now we can't help but compare these numbers to those that Dr. Phil just spent on his son's wedding. Let's assume that the good doctor spent $400,000 on the reception (which is pretty low by celebrity standards) and he had 400 people attend. That is $1000 a head. His new employee would have to work over 3 weeks just to sit down at the table! Plus, if this person tried to throw the same kind of fab wedding soiree, they would have to work for 25 YEARS! That means the average 22 year-old applicant would be 47 before they could cover the cost of the wedding.

All interested applicants should contact Todd Klotz at CBS/Paramount.


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#20... "nobody" is all one word, as well.

2950 days ago

A A A    

Dr. Ass Phil is running and laughing all the way to the bank. He could give a rat ass about his staff or guess, or his family image. Now that dum ass Jay is married to a porn star. Dr. Ass Phil will start writing books on how to meet, fuck,make a porn star your wife. Robin will be on the cover with her new porn star daughter in law. And his book will be #1. Then he can pay his staff more money$$$

2950 days ago


likes doesn't require an apostrophe.

2950 days ago

Sal Z    

Note to #13. You said Dr. Phil ran up a bill of $1500, gave the waitress a $100 tip and that makes him a great guy? For your information, 15% is the going rate for tips but since he kept her there past closing as you stated, he should have tipped her at least $300 or 20%. And another thing, he has advice for everyone else's marriage but failed at his own. He's a fat phony.

2949 days ago


dr phil is cool. you all are jealious. find god. nothing nice 2 say dont say it

2949 days ago


With $ 8 an hour, i guess the prospective employee wil have to live in a shelter. Damn, thats called "Sucking you untill you are dry and dead". people who think $ 8 is reasonable enough, well God Bless You.

2949 days ago


People who are son concerned about grammar, get the hell out of here. This is site where people blog ....and fast, Get a life #12. Seems like you are so uptight and know it all queen who in fact doesn't know where is ur a$$.

2949 days ago


dr phil was a nobody b4 oprah and now oprah probably can't stand him 'cause his son married a Hefner whore.....don't care about phil or oprah or any of these freaks...just pay people a decent gawdam wage. if you can't do that you should stop bragging about how wonderful you are!!!
$8 an hour???? should be so should oprah...but i would guess that she's probably pays about the same....geeezus that's soooo disgusting

2947 days ago


i can only guess that cmc in #14 was being facetious. $100.00 tip for a $1500.00 bill. Only goes to show what a classless piece of Texas crap Dr Phil is!! Dr big ol phoney...get the hell off of my TV and stop making money you no right to earn. YOU DISGUST ME

2947 days ago


Dear #9... keep telling yourself that... you have about as much chance of this being an "in" to the industry as you do working at the Malibu car wash that Barry Levinson frequents. Besides, the interns are too busy slaving with trivial tasks like restocking the M&Ms and Snickers bars in the producers' break room (which the transcribers sustain themselves upon as they can't afford a proper meal). Interns are at least getting college credit and living off the large amounts of student loans and school mealplans, while the transcribers working in the no-light/no-air basement are trying to make ends meet for pretzels and cheese (and in some cases, trying to support children on top of it!!). Picture Joe Banks' place of business at the beginning of Joe vs. the Volcano and you have a good idea of the working conditions these poor folks try to make their rent scratch at. The good news is about this time last year when the internet rags caught wind of the low pay situation for the Dr. Phil folks, the bad publicty got them a cushy dollar an hour raise. Maybe the same will ring true this time. Or not... I give it about another year to 10 months before the good doctor outsources the whole department.

2946 days ago


For #11... typically with a group that large gratuity is added on automatically... so the $100 would have been on top of that. This would mean the tip was about $370.... not to shabby for one tip.

2918 days ago

Kay Brown    

Then go work at McDonalds!!!
The man has made a fortune doing what he does and why shouldn't he give his son a lavish wedding. I would do the same thing.
Stop whining, get an education and make your own fortune AND stop begrudging someone's success.

2918 days ago



2918 days ago


Let me tell you.....I know first hand how cheap he is. I was an on going guest on the show for 9 months. Every time we came to the studio they would serve DRY turkey sandwiches while the crew ordered lavish lunches for themselves. We sat around for hours and hours waiting in horrible conidtions while Dr. Phil's office looked like something out of a magazine. You have no idea how bad it REALLY is! His employees deserve to be treated better and they deserve to make going rate for CA - MORE than going rate if you saw what they have to put up with. It's a real shame!

2918 days ago


Hello people. 10 years ago when I was a teenager I had 2 part-time jobs. The first at a retail store in a shopping mall as a sales supervisor making $4.60 per hour and my preferred job. My second job was at a large chain crafting store making a whopping...$5.00 per hour as a cashier where often the customers were bored, rich housewifes with rude manners. I HATED this job but it paid more. I was in college at the time. I now make 6x's plus what I made then and it's because I worked hard, got paid crap, and somehow made it through. People just don't appreciate what it is to be an American. You work hard and you don't always get the pay you deserve but with enough blood,sweat, and tears,if your goal in life is to be successful financially and you are driven to acheive you can. The American Dream is and always has been there for us, we have foreingers coming and taking advantage while lazy Americans stand aside willingly so long as they don't have to put in a harders day of work while someone else does.. Dr, Phil McGraw is a wonderful human being driven by goodness and reaches all he can all the time. How self-less is that. What is wrong with you people who talk down about such a humanitarian in this morally corrupted world we now live in. A few years ago The Dr. Phil show did not exist because Dr. Phil was working his ass off to achieve where he is now. Those jobs did not exist.....this man helped to create work for people. Any one who has something bad to say about such a good hearted family man should really look deep within themselves and I am sure they will see why they are so bitter toward someone who contributes so much to society. In this world unfortunately $8.00 an hour is still above minumum wage and more than fair for someone starting out entry level with plenty of room to grow. Everbody makes mistakes and the good Dr. was trying to help people out but not everything goes the way expected sometimes. You all should give him nothing but the well deserved respect and keep nasty slanderous comments for the real degenerates of society none of which I will mention but certainly not for a dignitarian like Dr.Phil.

2918 days ago
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