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TMZ Music: Panic! Delivered Brutal Hint at Festival

8/25/2006 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendan Urie was hit by a bottle seconds into his band's set on the Main Stage at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival this afternoon. While beginning their opening song, the singer was struck in the face by the projectile thrown from the crowd. Urie immediately collapsed on the stage floor, forcing the group to stop playing. The singer was then surrounded by his band mates and roadies for several minutes before he managed to get back to his feet.
Panic! at the disco
Folks who attend the Reading Festival take a certain personal pride in the stature in which the Festival has obtained. Over the years they have established an infamous reputation for being brutally unforgiving when it comes to bands they believe lack in the credibility to play their stage.

This is not the first time a prominent American band has not faired too well at the Festival. At the 2004 Festival 50 CENT and his G Unit crew suffered the same fate.


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Good, Panic at the Disco sucks.

2982 days ago


buwahahaha. I wish I were the one who threw the bottle. Buncha estrogen laiden pussies.

2982 days ago


Ok well Im in love with Brendon Urie.
And who ever threw that bottole
Should be tied up and beaten with a stick.
haha. They should....

2893 days ago


Does anyone have video of this? I want to see it!!

2982 days ago


I love these guys and someone needs to rot in Hell for throwing stuff! ROCK ON, DUDES!!!

2982 days ago


That person nicked him just in time to keep him from repeating the same damn line over and over and over and over. The band has got to go back to school to learn how to really write for what they compose.

2981 days ago

jaffa cake    

The best news I've heard all day. Good times.

2980 days ago


Panic! at the Disco ROCKS!!!! and Brendon is hawt too..

2980 days ago


I was there! Wasnt a Panic Fan, but now I am, It was a really good set, and he has my respect for getting up and carrying on, he probably has concussion bless him!! Some people would have just stormed off!

2979 days ago

Charlotte and Mirry    

pee off all u suckers hu thought it a good thing. Panic! have really good lyrics and ryan ross is a genius. you should have a flipping bottle chucked in your face and see how you feel. i bet you pussys wouldnt stand up and sing again Brendan Urie is real cute and we feel so sorry for him. STOP GIVING THEM STICK AND LEARN TO APPRECIATE THEIR GR8 MUSIC AND LOOK UP THE MEANING OF RESPECT!! go panic!! you think they have awful lyrics but listen to people who came up with lyrics like: my humps, my humps my humps, my humps my lovely lady lumps!!! and: i dont give a beep that you keep looking at my beep. ps brendan urie is the best singer EVER with the possible exception of patrick stump and some others that mirry cant be bothered 2 name *raspberry noise* i wud swear at u but ill probably b arrested

2979 days ago


Chuh. If they didn't want to hear them, then why the bloody hell did they go? Get over yourselves.

2978 days ago


cruel that they got stuff thrown at them, but really funny. Kudos to them for finishing their set. I dont like their music, but I have lots of respect for them for finishing!!!

2978 days ago


how dare they!!!!!! if u dont like panic! at the disco then y go and watch them? there was plenty of other stuff 2 do, y not go check out all the other bands instead? whoever threw it was such a retard! i think brendon took tht reli well, they obviously appreciated tht there were fans out there tht wanted 2 watch them so played on. i saw them @ leeds and those tht didnt like the band didnt make such a fuss. (p.s pete wentz showed the crowd at leeds wht it felt like 2 have a bottle thrown @ them). panic! at the disco, u guys bloody rock, thanks 4 signing somethin 4 me @ leeds love u and ur music loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2977 days ago


Nobody deserves to get injured by somebody, regardless of how you feel about the music they make. Do we really want jacked up security where you can't even get close enough to feel like you're at the same concert as the band playing? Cause thats where we are headed people :-(

2970 days ago


I love Brendon...
Whoever hit him with that bottle... I personally challenge you to a thumb war!!! Bwhahahaha!
But seriously, whoever hit him with a bottle, should be hit in the face with another bottle, see how it feels!

1573 days ago

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