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Cruise Scores Touchdown

With Rich Dudes

8/28/2006 7:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom CruiseA week after Sumner Redstone made headlines around the world by declaring Tom Cruise persona non-grata at Paramount Pictures, the world's biggest and strangest star has a new investor.

In an announcement released this afternoon, C/W Prods. will be backed by a trio of investors including Washington Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder, Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro, and Dwight Schar of NVR, Inc., a residential construction and mortgage banking concern.

The company, to be called First and Goal, LLC, will "...invest in Cruise/Wagner Productions, providing development and overhead financing in this two year deal with the option to renew [for the] long-term..."

After 14 years at Paramount, Redstone stunned Hollywood with a public fatwah against Cruise, whom he accused of committing "creative suicide" with his controversial behavior in the Wall Street Journal. Cruise's reps insisted that they were already busy at work on a new, better deal.

Insiders familiar with the previous Paramount arrangement said Cruise's company had previously enjoyed a $4 million in overhead and a $6 million discretionary fund to acquire scripts, books and life rights. Terms of the First and Goal deal were not disclosed, but a spokesman for Cruise's company called the $10 million figure first reported by the Wall Street Journal "wrong" and "high," without elaborating.

Is this new deal a better one? No one can say for sure, and Cruise's reps declined to comment on the new pact.

However, the announcement goes to great lengths to shore up Cruise's position that discussion had been proceeding apace for over two weeks, and in any event long before the blow-up with Redstone.

"When we began discussing this idea in mid-August we immediately recognized the potential for partnering with Cruise/Wagner, and with Cruise himself, whose success as an actor across all genres is incomparable," said Shapiro, in a prepared statement, "Cruise/Wagner Productions has an existing infrastructure in place, an appealing track record, and the most bankable movie star in the world as a partner in the company."

Shapiro's quote seems to contradict information supplied last week by Cruise's long-time attorney, Bert Fields, who on August 23 told the New York Times, "'I don't think Tom has raised $100 million in a hedge fund,' he said. 'And I know nothing about any such thing. I think that's just talk."

According to the statement, the new venture "will allow Cruise/Wagner to work with any distributor."

Any distributor, presumably, except Paramount - a studio that insiders tell TMZ will not be on Cruise's dance card ever again.

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Run Away Run Away

2943 days ago

My two cents    


2943 days ago

phyllis diller    

I will NEVER see a movie he has anything to do with...not that I ever have.

Clearly, TC is a FREAK.

2943 days ago


Tom is a freak. He is turning Katie into a freak. Enough said

2943 days ago


I downloaded mission #3 for free. I cant stand this little freak so much that I refuse to watch his movies FOR FREE.
Can you say control freak?!

2943 days ago


Tom lost me when he made those negative comments about Brooke Shields and post partum depression. Just because men can't experience the drop in hormone levels and sometimes, depression, that follow childbirth (as I did with both my babies) doesn't excuse him to be a know-it-all jackass and being so insensitive with his comments.

2943 days ago


Good for Tom he will always make alot of money he is a really good actor and i think everyone should just shut their damn mouths about the whole jumping on the couch thing and everything else cause so freakin what if he is excited about something in his life and he is willing to tell everyone about it. We all do the same damn thing, if we get excited about something in our lives we go tell people about it. So as far as i am concerned i think he is a good guy and i am so glad they dont parade their child around like all the other actors and actresses that just had babies that just shows that Tom and Katie arent willing to use their baby to get money.
So PISS OFF to all those who hate Tom. I will continue to watch his movies!!! Go Tom and Katie you are great people, continue to stand up for what you believe in.

2943 days ago


Maybe Katie has post partum depression? that 's why she's hardly ever seen anymore, or looks sad...
Maybe Suri is the ugly baby on one-life-to-live?
He will make money for those investors but if he's so rich why does he need them? He's a good actor, Michael Jackson was a good singer......but both are very weird.....

2943 days ago

My two cents    

Hey Alyn!!!


2943 days ago

gossip fan    

look at his face in this picture. He is ridiculous. I think he forgot to take his vitamins. The Scientologists better have a little chat with Tom. He's not being a very good spokesman for them right now. He makes himself and them look bad. He needs to close his mouth a little before bugs fly in.

2943 days ago


Wonder if they are all Scientologists.

2943 days ago

My two cents    

Gossip Lover--
I dunno...having the Scientologists having a "chat" with him might make it worse? Not sure what the rest of you think, but SCIENTOLOGY, a religion?? Humans still never cease to amaze me. Religion...started by some dumb ass that writes about little green men...whats next????????????

2943 days ago


I'm glad for Tom. I will see more of his movies. Tho I disagree with some of what he says, that's his opinion. I've always liked him as a actor. I do not take what he says personally. I don't know the guy.

2943 days ago

Sick of him    

He is a great actor turned into a crazed cult follower.
He is probably gay and the Scientology believes they can cure that! LMAO
Poor, Naive Katiee should get out fast from the mockery of their marriage.
Scientology is stupid and dangerous.

Run Katiee, and run FAST!!!

2943 days ago


I guess these three investors need to take a hit for tax purposes. Why else would they invest in someone whose popularity has completely plummeted while at the same time disgusted so many ex-fans? Pity these investors don't pay attention to the polls.

2943 days ago
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