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Wigs Out

9/8/2006 11:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090806-paris-hilton-wig-tmzIs Paris Hilton on the lam? The latest DUI celebrity suspect hit the clubs Thursday night, wearing a dark-colored wig.

Paris was scheduled to appear at a release party for her new movie, "Bottoms Up," where Sleepy Brown was scheduled to perform his new single, "Margarita." Ironically, Paris was busted by the LAPD in the wee hours of Thursday morning after downing that very drink. That may explain why Paris skipped her own party, and instead showed up at Hyde nightclub in Hollywood.

Paris left the club with her ever-trusty publicist, Elliot Mintz, who took the wheel and drove the heiress home. When Paris got out of the car, a gaggle of paparazzi asked, why the wig? She responded "Just for fun." One photog wanted to know how Paris was treated in the pokey. Mintz replied, "...just wonderfully."


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Travis Bickle    

Paris is an insecure girl in a woman's body full of drugs and alcohol. She is a known liar and manipulator of public opinion and she'll continue to do so for as long as she can make a buck off of the gullible. She will have the support of the media and sites like this because she makes these people's paycheck. She won't be going away anytime soon unless she od's or OJ confuses her for Nicole and does his speciality heisman move of the block and chop.

2965 days ago


Why do we always talk about this skank, does she pay you to write about her,tmz?

2965 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Btw, why isn't she singing her songs live at any of the clubs she's going to? Oh, that's right. She can't actually sing with out the help of special software that changes her pitch.

2965 days ago


This is all blown out of porportion....she looks nice

2965 days ago



2965 days ago


I like the fact she is 5-9 and 110 pounds. That is the ideal weight and height.

2965 days ago


You'd think it would be a positive thing for her career to show up at her own movie premiere, versus hanging at Hyde. I thought she was all about working and business these days.

2965 days ago


Paris is always in a rush for an "In and Out" beefcake.

2965 days ago


First of all, Paris, grow the f-ck up. Now she's stating that this incident has been blown out of proporation and "it's hurt her feelings" (should sound familiar TMZ posters). Why is it when she is acting like a fool, doing whatever it is that she calls dancing, and making out like a skeez in public THAT publicity doesn't hurt her feelings. Buck up girl and admit that you were busted, fair and square.

Furthermore, any one of us could be pulled over for DUI; we've all done it some of us just haven't been pulled over by the police. She has continued to INSIST that she was not drunk that she was merely speeding to In-N-Out Burger because she was hungry and hadn't eaten much all day. She then contradicts that by saying she had dinner with her sister (which it appears champagne was had by all) before she went to a charity event where she had one margarita. She has told no less than three different stories regarding this incident, which includes stating she was released 15 minutes after arriving at the police station when in fact it was more like an hour and a half (apparently she can't tell time correctly either). Face it Paris, we, the public, aren't as stupid as you seem to think we are and we (or at least I) am not swallowing the bullsh*t you are trying to shovel into our heads.

By the way, doesn't it seem strange to ANYONE that she is in the process of making a second music video when we have yet to see her perform ANY of her songs in public?????

2965 days ago


Does she not have someone to remind her of the things she has said in past interviews? She is constantly contradicting herself... saying she doens't drink/doesn't like the taste of alcohol.... then she turns around and get a DUI! She says she wont have sex for a year, now she is shacked up with Fat Elvis.... I don't think her publicist likes her very much, he sure isn't doing his job very well!

2965 days ago


When you rather go to Hyde then your own premiere that should tell you something. She loves getting attention. GROW UP PARIS!!

2965 days ago


You go, Long duck Dong!! Good post--well said.

2965 days ago


Just Die You Skank

2965 days ago


am i the only one now that is receiving weird emails from porn sites. sounds crazy but it started after i posted

2965 days ago


When you rather go to Hyde then your own premiere that should tell you something. She loves getting attention. GROW UP PARIS!!

2965 days ago
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