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This Week's Biggest Losers 09/08/06

9/8/2006 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For many around the country, this week was all about back-to-school. But in the Zone, where reading, writing and arithmetic take a backseat to autograph signing, it was more along the lines of back-to-DUIs, back-to-skeletons-in-the-closet and back-to-New-York, Jon.

john stewart is going to be president?Jon Stewart:
There's nothing quite like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences running away from its most recent previous Oscar show host, as fast as it possibly can. It happened with Chris Rock, and now it's happened again in the wake of The Daily Show host's stint on The Yearly Show. By rushing out the news of Ellen De Generes' selection as the next MC, a full four months on the calendar before Stewart was announced as savior in 2005, AMPAS is treating him like an Emmy loser rather than the winner that he is. There was no mention of Stewart in the press release that went out to the media late Thursday, just backhanded jabs such as this quote from producer Laura Ziskin: "the show requires someone who can keep the show alive and fresh and moving, as well as someone who is a flat-out great entertainer." Oh well, if early Internet petitioners have their way, Stewart will be in the running in the fall of 2008 for a much bigger MC-ing gig, one that will probably require the adoption of a middle initial.

shatner is a wimpWilliam Shatner:
With a campy pedigree like the one this Canadian ham possesses, he can be - and is - generally forgiven for a lot of things. Another avalanche of ads, check; a sponsored sci fi DVD movie club, seemingly there for no other reason than to add a few bills to the Boston Legal cash pile, check. But when Captain Kirk himself proudly boasts that he's too chicken to take a trip into space, despite a personal invitation from Virgin Galactic chieftain Richard Branson, it immediately relegates the 75-year-old Emmy winner to the category of less than enterprising souls. To make matters worse, Sigourney Weaver has reportedly already booked her reservation for a two-and-a-half-hour 2008 flight. Deep down, we always knew Ripley could kick Kirk's ass.

paris bites off more than she can chewCarl N. Karcher:

It's bad enough that last year's Spicy Hot Six-Dollar Burger TV ad campaign featuring Paris Hilton yielded anything but positive results at the Carl's Jr. cash registers. Now, Founder and Chairman Emeritus Karcher has had to watch his well-paid former car wash gal become indelibly linked with competitor In-N-Out Burger. This is the kind of publicity money can't buy, and although it's still early, the happy heiress' DUI detour may well tilt a legion of six-dollar burger fans towards the double-double. Memo to Jimmy Buffet: if your marketing people aren't already on the phone with Paris' people to pitch a promo campaign for Margaritaville restaurants and gift shops, get cracking.

sharon stone gets it goodSharon Stone:
You'd think that becoming a Badgley Mischka cover girl and having your film Bobby in the thick of things at the Venice Film Festival would make it a good week. But lurking in the background for this 48-year-old actress were previews of not one but two tell-all Hollywood tomes, each as painful to her image as a Botox needle. In "Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins," openly gay British actor and one-time co-star Rupert Everett deems her "unhinged," while in The Devil's Guide to Hollywood, Basic Instinct screenwriter Joe Eszterhas reveals that she once so riled crew members on a film set that they happily urinated in a bathtub before she got in to shoot a scene. Then again, when one of your idols is Faye Dunaway, a woman rumored to have driven kitchen staff to salivating distraction, perhaps Stone wears this kind of thing as a badge of honor.

marc e. platt tries to a stand but ABC crumblesMarc E. Platt:
The executive producer of this weekend's $40 million, five-hour ABC miniseries The Path to 9/11 has most painfully seen things come crumbling down around him, well before the symbolic five-year anniversary date of the disaster. Corporate parent Disney caved at the last minute to pressure from former Clinton administration officials and edited out portions deemed inaccurate; Scholastic Books has pulled from its website an educational cross-promotion; and everything from CNN's planned full re-airing of the day's news footage to the lingering success of Oliver Stone's stately World Trade Center may make it all somewhat moot. Taken together with Platt's previous experiences at ABC with the series adaptation dud Legally Blonde, he may want to stick with working at HBO, where he made Empire Falls.

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asshole ernest lookalike.

2909 days ago


hey dont speak ill of ernest lol,,

2909 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Watch Path to 9-11. And watch the below video as a reminder of why we are at war. The ending of the video is chilling.

2909 days ago


We are at war based on lies. Never forget that. Bush's own, IN YOUR FACE quotes recently leave no doubt. Just this week: "The hardest part of my job is making the connection between Iraq and the war on terror." And from 2 weeks ago: reporter: "Mr. President, What exactly did Iraq have to do with the attacks on 9-11?", Bush: "Uh, nothing.?" Don't belive me? Feel free to look it up.

We are ALL being HAD by this criminal administration and the sooner we, as a NATION wake up, the sooner we can take our country back from these lying criminals.

Go ahead and watch the Path to 9-11. If it makes you feel better to comfort yourself in lies, so be it. Forget the fact that your liberties are being stripped away daily and keep bitching about skanky Paris Hilton. You deserve her and Bush as your heroes.

2909 days ago

Mike C.    

Shatner is 75 yrs old. He probably wouldn't pass the physical required to be part of the team.

2909 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Hosting the Academy Awards is like being the cruise director on the Titanic.

2909 days ago


#4 Lucy, not the right forum, but I agree 100% with everything you say. You are right, some of these idiots who are more concerned with Paris and the like (Bachi, Wise Old Owl, LiveWire, Kathryn, Alissa -- all aliases for one and the same person, probably Harvey or one of his minions) are unconcerned that World War III is right around the corner. And when that happens..............poof!

2909 days ago


Yes, lies lies lies. That must be why there is still good being done. I just love it when people get all their "facts" from the news. I don't know if you have realized this, but the news isn't real. Everything is spun. I don't know why you are going to come on a gossip web site and go on a political tirade, insulting people for reading about celebrity gossip. I have to assume you were reading it too, and probably continued to read it after your little tantrum."People demand the freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought, which they ignore." Chew on that.

2909 days ago


The Path to 9/11 is nothing more than a Republican infomercial full of lies and distortions and does NOT represent the findings of the 9/11 Commission.

Are the Republicans running scared? Is their FEAR campaign not working this time? Is it time to racket up that FEAR again?

When people complained that The Reagans was not an accurate dipiction of Ronnie and Nancy, the movie was pulled to correct the inaccuracies.

This Path to 9/11 is FULL of lies, but it is a 40 million dollar AD campaign paid for by the same people that Swiftboated John Kerry. Why would Americans, and I say AMERICANS put up with more and more LIES? Is winning at ANY COST really worth it?

No, don't answer that because Republicans will beg borrow and steal to STEAL any election they can. They complain that nothing has been done, but they have been in charge of all 4 branches of government for over 6 years. Why can't they et their shit straight? All they do is give more and more tax breaks to RICH people while cutting into the Middle Class's FEW breaks.

They cut funds to Veterans and to the VA Hospitals but scream that they support the troops. They don't support the troops, they support the WAR and that is a big difference!!!!

Lies lies and more lies will not change the facts of 9/11, or that Clinton told Bush that Osama bin laden was the meanest SOB out there and he tried to talk to Bush about it. Bush waved him off with a smirk.

Even after getting numerous memos that Osama was going to hijack planes and fly them into August 2001, Bush still went to Crawford to cutting some freakin' brush ... he didn't CARE.

Clinton tried to stop as many terrorist plots as possible even when the Repubs were screaming WAG THE DOG!

CLINTON developed the nation's first anti-terrorism policy, and appointed first national coordinator of anti-terrorist efforts.

* Bill Clinton stopped the Al Qaeda millennium hijacking and bombing plots.

* Bill Clinton stopped cold the planned attack to kill the Pope

* Bill Clinton stopped the planned attack to blow up 12 U.S. jetliners simultaneously

* Bill Clinton stopped cold the planned attack to blow up UN Headquarters

* Bill Clinton stopped the planned attack to blow up FBI Headquarters

* Bill Clinton stopped cold the planned attack to blow up the Israeli Embassy in Washington

* Bill Clinton stopped the planned attack to blow up Boston airport

* Bill Clinton stopped cold the planned attack to blow up Lincoln and Holland Tunnels in NY

* Bill Clinton stopped the planned attack to blow up the George Washington Bridge

* Bill Clinton stopped cold the planned attack to blow up the US Embassy in Albania

* Bill Clinton tried to kill Osama bin Laden and disrupt Al Qaeda through preemptive strikes (efforts denounced by the GOP). WAG THE DOG WAG THE DOG!

* Bill Clinton brought perpetrators of first World Trade Center bombing and CIA killings to justice WITHOUT TORTURE!

* Bill Clinton did not blame the Bush I administration for first World Trade Center bombing even though it occurred 38 days after Bush left office. Instead, worked hard, even obsessively -- and successfully -- to stop future terrorist attacks.

* Bill Clinton named the Hart-Rudman commission to report on nature of terrorist threats and major steps to be taken to combat terrorism.

* -Bill Clinton sent legislation to Congress to tighten airport security. (Remember, this is before 911) The legislation was defeated by the Republicans because of opposition from the airlines.

* -Bill Clinton sent legislation to Congress to allow for better tracking of terrorist funding. It was defeated by Republicans in the Senate because of opposition from banking interests.

* -Bill Clinton sent legislation to Congress to add tagents to explosives, to allow for better tracking of explosives used by terrorists. It was defeated by the Republicans because of opposition from the NRA.

* -Bill Clinton increased the military budget by an average of 14 per cent, reversing the trend under Bush I.

* -Bill Clinton tripled the budget of the FBI for counterterrorism and doubled overall funding for counterterrorism.

* -Bill Clinton detected and destroyed cells of Al Qaeda in over 20 countries

* -Bill Clinton created national stockpile of drugs and vaccines including 40 million doses of smallpox vaccine.

* -Of Clinton's efforts says Robert Oakley, Reagan Ambassador for Counterterrorism: "Overall, I give them very high marks" and "The only major criticism I have is the obsession with Osama"

* -Paul Bremer, current Civilian Administrator of Iraq disagrees slightly with Robert Oakley as he believed the Bill Clinton Administration had "correctly focused on bin Laden.

* -Barton Gellman in the Washington Post put it best, "By any measure available, Bill Clinton

2909 days ago


I personally never understood why Jon Stewart agreed to host the academy awards. It wasn't his venue or audience at all. His political humor just couldn't possibly mesh with the frivolity of that sort of show. I think he's fabulous and I watch the show ever night...but I agree with the Titanic remark above, it's like setting yourself up for failure. I think Ellen will do great. Not to diss her humor...'cause I love her...but I think it's more her thing.

2909 days ago

Missy the rock girlfriend. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that your list of facts will fall on deaf ears. Most people are so conditioned to hearing our current administration's lies that it would be much easier for them to believe that they are telling the truth rather then believe that they've been duped into an entire war. I hope the dellusion doesn't last for long.

2909 days ago

lady mcbeth    

You go Deede. Couldn't have said it any better myself. Yes, yes, yes!!!

2909 days ago


That's the most ridiculous quote I've ever heard. I'm afraid that if all we ever did was "think" about what is true and right, we'd all still be under British rule paying taxes to a king overseas.

2909 days ago


P.S. - She didn't diss anyone for being on an entertainment site. She was only commenting on the docudrama TMZ had posted on. I personally hate being chastized for being here as well....but I re-read her post and I see nothing of the sort.

2909 days ago


Wow deedee I had forgotten much of what you wrote in your post. How true! It's unfortunate that these lemmings in power are globally increasing hatred towards our great country. Bush even cost Tony Blair his job. The Brits are making him leave within the year, for getting England involved in the Iraq war, and for being GW's lap dog.

2909 days ago
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