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Suri Cruise -- Internet Star

9/11/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hottest pictures on the web aren't of Lindsay Lohan's firecrotch -- they're of TomKat's love child.

The long-awaited pics of Suri Cruise in Vanity Fair hit New York and Los Angeles newsstands last Wednesday. While the issue comes out nationally this Tuesday, restless fans in the rest of the country have been swarming to get a glimpse of the TomKat love child.

Suri's first pics, and the mystery leading up to them, helped the site reach 4.3 million page views on Wednesday. This more than tripled the site's last record when the Hollywood issue debuted back in February. By comparison, on the average Suri-free day, receives just 60,000 page views.

Another benefit of the much-anticipated pictures was that 4,000 people subscribed to Vanity Fair -- the magazine's largest one-day total.

Now that we know she really does exist, it looks like Suri is giving Cindy Margolis a run for her 'most downloaded' money!


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2933 days ago


the insides pictures of the baby are very cute, but as a person who does photoshoping, that front cover is extremly photoshoped. HMMM, come to think of it, that is the only picture that looks like Tom Cruise!!! Makes one wonder, doesn't it??

2933 days ago


This is what the wait was for? An ordinary looking kid...seen better looking kids from people who are not famous.......Shiloh has nothing to worry about. Shiloh is way prettier as are Brooke Shields' Girls. All this hoopla over a plain child....

2933 days ago

Red Sox Fan    

She is really cute. Of course my kids are cuter, but c'mon she is cute!

2933 days ago


Suri and Grier (Shields) are supposedly the same age. Yet Suri looks WAY older in pics that were taken 2 mos ago compared to pics of Grier that were taken just 2 days ago.

2933 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Is this ugly little child going to be the next Paris Hilton, which is to say, is the media going to be flooded with crap about her and her miserable parents (presupposing the faggot really her father--in itself a rather heady presupposition)?

2933 days ago

Danni Resendez    

you guys are a bunch of ass holes you need to leave that child alone.....she is gorgeous!!!! If you don't like it keep it to yourself....

2933 days ago

sue smith    


2933 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Just as I predicted. Tom is halving a Seserian birth in this pic..
Suri Scientologist is like the little monster in the movie Alien
When it pops out of the dudes stomach..

HAHA Remember, it comes out of his stomach, that is what this pic looks like..

Sasquatch Kate is a Giant. She is like a Frankenstien.. haha LOL

2933 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Hey, #7--that's no child. It''s a teen-age Scientological dwarf. And you'd think that with all his millions, her alleged father would've spent more than 35 cents for a decent looking wig. Looks like a dead raccoon (dyed black of course) he shot while it was rummaging through the Cruise garbage. If the American public "buys" this whole Cruise media onslaught crap, our country is REALLY in trouble!

2933 days ago


its so cute!!!

2933 days ago


The name Suri - possibly derived from Surrey, England, home of the late L. Ron Hubbard and now the U.K. headquarters of Scientology, which Hubbard founded.

2933 days ago


what an absolute doll she is!!! and i don't think she'll turn out like paris, i have a feeling katie will be a bit more hands on of a mom than good ole paris's mom. looking at those pics just made me long for the days when TC used to be hot and sexy.....i.e. top gun, MI1, jerry mcguire..........i hope he makes a comeback that brings that guy back!

2933 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

lol You mean, some of you people ACTUALLY think "baby" "Suri" exists? Um... well, okay there... but I could imagine Tom looking at the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son recently and having him plan their "daughter's" "death". Oh, and not by S.I.D.S. or something like that. Nothing genetic, because that would make Tom look NOT perfect in his own god-like eyes and he'd NEVER have that! So... plan for Tom and Katie to take some private yacht outing in the Carribean and the announcement of "baby" "Suri" accidently falling overboard while under the watch of some hired help who'll end up taking the fall and assumed "dead". Um... yeah, or something.

2933 days ago


Either that, or they're waiting for the fact that Katie got knocked up by her idiotic ex, Chris, and are waiting to see if any his mutant genes are visible to outsiders and if so, Put Up For Adoption the baby goes, and Tom and Katie secretly adopt a more "perfect" Tom Cruise-looking baby girl and THAT'S when all of a sudden Tom will be showing her off in front of (((any))) camera that will capture images of that poor suffering human being. lol

Yeah... yeah, it's like this: She accidentally got knocked up by her ex (that fu|cking moron from the American Pie movies). She hid her pregnancy w/ Tom's Iron Fist Rule and announced the pregnancy of his child with her at HIS most convenience. She gave birth early, wore padding until the "Tom 9 months" were up and bide their time until the Vanity Fairy photo shoot. That's why Suri looks too old-- she was born earlier in the year!

C'mon, people, we can't accept Tom's phony word as gospel. Why? Because he's TOM CRUISE??!! Pfft... NOT!

2933 days ago
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