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Not Ready to "Shut Up and Sing"

9/13/2006 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dixie Chicks: Click to watchNatalie Maines obviously isn't out to make friends with President Bush anytime soon -- expressing her embarrassment towards #43 and calling him a "dumb f**k" in a new documentary.

Though the Dixie Chicks initially set out to make a rockumentary, "Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing" quickly became more politically charged after the group's frontwoman told a London audience, "We're embarrassed that the President is from Texas," at a 2003 concert.
"We felt like it was time to have cameras follow us around for a little while and just show the next cycle of touring," says Emily Robison about the filming, "and then when Natalie said what she said it turned into a totally different animal. It was one of those things where we knew it was important to continue filming."

The documentary, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, depicts the backlash towards the Chicks and their new album, "Taking the Long Way," which had difficulty getting airplay on country radio stations. The film will open this month in limited release.


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Yeah, dumbblondesabound, I hear what you're saying about Livewire. I found a spot here on TMZ that has news about the Brady Bunch - has a crowd of one poster so far and I was sort of hoping that Livewire would go there and "work the crowd" as he calls what he does. I appreciate your post, but I guess when the choice comes down to "working the crowd" and posting an honest serious answer - well, we both now know that working the crowd is all Livewire knows how to do - that and repeating his posts when he thinks he's being unappreciated. Have you ever noticed that he really hates to be ignored? Bet his mom had a bitch of a time potty training him! (Lord, I sure do hope he is housebroke! Who knows?!) Controversy just for the sake of controversy really is pretty sad but it does seem to work for him - and I guess he has lots of spare time with his dating when you consider his attitude about women. I'm sure he's got lots of fine young women beating down his door! I talked in an earlier post about my late son - by God, I couldn't have been prouder of the man that he turned in to. I guess I sort of wonder if Livewire's father would be saying the same thing if he reads some of his son's posts. On the other hand, in this case perhaps the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'm still glad I gave him a chance to respond to a very sincere post, but I do regret he didn't take the hint and show an honest human emotion answer. Anyway, dumbblondesabound, I say thanks again for your post - I appreciate it.

2925 days ago


Worst. President. Ever.

She's right. You right-wing yahoos are wrong.

I don't know how you sleep at night, except that you're anesthetized by the blah-blah-blah platitudes of Bush, Chaney, Condi and the whole gaggle of crooks.

By the way, check out the website and see how much the Prez looks like a chimp, even in his "thoughtful" moments.

We have a stupid ape running this country. Now we have visual proof.

Cheers, knuckleheads. You have nothing to lose but your civil liberties.

2925 days ago


You are on fire today LIVEWIRE! You might want to give Louie a break, you might make him cry.

2925 days ago


Well do you really want to live in a democracy or not? Those of you out there who can't bear to hear opinions you don't like and can only say Shut Up (and OH MY GOD there are a lot of you) might think about moving to a country where diversity of opinion is not tolerated. You'll be happy, at least until the US troops come to liberate the government from, ahem, people like you. HA HA! But seriously, "Shut up" is not an opinion or an argument, it's bullying.

2925 days ago


WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! GOOEY LOUIE IS A FAG SAP! LIVEWIRE has had enough of toying with this gay groupie!!!

Hopefully your son didn't take your advice on woman and politics!

GOOEY LOUIE- Another LIVEWIRE casualty!!!

GOOEY LOUIE- I am so hurt; i need to hug my inner child and work my issues out...

DR LIVEWIRE- ya fag! shut up and get lost! Whine, whine, whine, you have bored the TMZ SUPERSTAR! Go play on the freeway!

"When I need help, I go to Dr LIVEWIRE!" Dr Phil

LIVEWIRE- The Dr. Phil of TMZ (without the stupid moustache, stupid advice, and redneck accent)

2925 days ago


Naw, kathryn, don't worry about me. I only cry for important things like my son's funeral. Liewire doesn't shake my emotions enough to even draw a tear - guess he's just going to have to try harder!

2925 days ago


I LOVE the Dixie Chicks and they have the right to speak what they want, (thank you Democracy!) and I WILL continue to buy any music they continue to make! They Rock!! and my 9 yr old daughter agrees! BUSH sucks, he put the troops over there where their asses are on the line. SO WRONG. I support the troops whole heartedly (my hubby is a 1st Gulf War Veteran) but the REASON they are there is where I am disgusted with Bush. First the man gives Osama money to buy all their damm weapons, now he starts a war to find the 'weapons of mass destruction'. Sure, you caught Saddam, only because your Daddy couldn't in the first place and told you to get him, but Osama will not be caught (or shot) while you are in office, you 2 are buddies going way back! (check out the history for yourselves people!)
Hooray for the Dixie Chicks, Freedom of Speech, our Troops & Democracy! God Bless America!

2924 days ago


I love the irony of people reminding Natalie Maines that the troops are "fighting for her right to free speech" yet get all pissy because she exercises that right. Get a freaking clue, people! This war is a LIE and you know it.

I have never been a Dixie Chicks fan as I'm not a country music fan, but I am very tempted to buy their cd just to support them.

2924 days ago


This just gets me so very angry all this Bush bashing. I do believe in the freedom of speech only when you know all the facts and have some valid view points. Yes freedom of speech is very American right but not when it infringes upon someone else right. I just wonder how long they would last in another country like Iraq. They would be beheaded before the end of there last sentence. Morons. DUMB DUMB people they have no idea what they are saying or why they are even saying it. Brainless bimbos.

2924 days ago


"This just gets me so very angry all this Bush bashing. I do believe in the freedom of speech only when you know all the facts and have some valid view points. Yes freedom of speech is very American right but not when it infringes upon someone else right."- STUPID SKY POSTER #115

Yes folks, sky is another humanoid. If Sky believes her asinine statements, then there would only be about 30 posts because the Bush supporters posting only know the pretend neocon facts and quite frankly, they are humanoids who spout "Support the troops god bless america, love it or leave it blah blah" slogans!

Brain surgeon Sky, how does the Dixie Chick statement infringe on anybodys right? You won't know what LIVEWIRE is referring to, but don't you think the neocons (look it up) are infringing on our God given freedoms as Americans with the Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping?

Sky, you are an incredibly stupid housewife. FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE AND KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT, STUPID SKY!

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" A NEOCON THEME

2924 days ago


AHA, LIEWIRE! You've left us a clue to the real you. You speak in your post to Sky about "our God". You evidently believe in God - amazing since I was starting to think you thought yourself to be god. Just keep those clues coming, LIEWIRE, and we'll discover the real you yet!

2924 days ago


The emergence of George Bush's persona, the decider,
has spurred interest in how he renders judgments with
absolute certainty. The unique Bush decision-making
process is best understood by contrasting it with that
of the Zen masters. For the first time, here are the
secrets of the Bush master:

Establish the proper environment: The Zen master
understands that it's important to surround yourself
with harmonious elements, as everything in your
environment affects your thinking.

On the eve of an important decision the Zen master
takes care to ensure that each sense is protected from
disturbing influences. He retreats to the Zendo and
sits in quiet contemplation, preparing for his
decision. Occasionally the Zen master will step into
the meditation garden, where the artfully arranged
ground cover is designed to remind him of the inner
harmony of the universe. The only sounds that break
the silence are those of the gently flowing stream,
falling leaves, and a songbird.

The Bush master sits alone in the White House TV room.
He tightly clutches the remote control as he switches
back and forth between Fox news and ESPN. All the
while, he's listening to his Ipod, programmed with
patriotic country music. Every few minutes, his pager

Discipline Your Mind: The Zen master prepares for a
decision by letting his mind go blank, attempting to
rid himself of preconceptions and pent-up anger. For
an hour, he sits in the lotus position, focused on his

The Bush master doesn't need to empty his mind. Which
is fortunate, as he can't sit still longer than five
minutes. He disciplines himself by riding his exercise
bicycle and raising his pulse rate to 160.

Assemble Decision Material: The Zen master's
assistants collect relevant background readings. He
carefully studies these, making notes in his
meticulous handwriting. First, he reads all the
material representing one point of view. When he's
finished, he meditates and then writes out his
thoughts. Then he reads all the material on the other
point of view. Again, when he's finished he meditates
on this perspective and then writes out his thoughts.
Only when he's carefully considered all the
alternatives, does the Zen master read the
recommendations from his assistants.

Once the Bush master is warmed up, he goes for a
three-mile jog or swims 80 laps in the White House
pool. After he cools down, he gets a massage. During
this interval, his assistants remind him of the
pending decision.

Visualize the Decision Alternatives: The Zen Master
returns to the Zendo. He sits in silence and ponders
his decision, mulling over the consequences of each
alternative. When he feels clear, he summons his

The Bush master takes a shower. After dressing, he
hurries to the oval office, aware that he has only a
few minutes to spare before he leaves for a political
fundraiser. In the center of his desk is a folder
bearing a large yellow stickie, "Must Decide Today."
The Bush master picks up the folder, noting with
annoyance that it is rather thick. He turns to the
executive summary.

Make a Clear Decision: The Zen Master meets with his
assistants and tells them of the decision he is
inclined to make. Each of his closest associates knows
that the Zen Master expects them to voice any
disagreements or concerns they may have about his
proposed course of action. They feel free to concur or
disagree as the spirit moves them. The Zen Master
listens attentively and finally, when everyone has
spoken, announces his final decision. This may differ
from what he initially stated. Regardless, he takes
complete responsibility for the decision.

The Bush master asks himself, "What would God do?" and
takes a minute to pray. If it's not clear what God
wants, the Bush master calls Karl Rove. Then the Bush
master summons his assistants into the Oval Office and
announces the decision. They unanimously agree that he
made the right choice.

Study the Consequences: The Zen Master understands
that making decisions is like playing baseball: It's
not always possible to hit the ball with the bat and
it's not always the case that decisions work out for
the best. The Zen Master and his assistants carefully
study the results of the decision. If necessary, they
take corrective action, even if this means admitting
that the original decision was flawed.

The Bush Master views decisions as if they were a
football kickoff: once you kick the ball, it's gone,
and you need to run off the field as fast as you can
to avoid getting hurt. The Bush Master never studies
the consequences of his decisions, as doing so would
indicate that he might have made a mistake. Being

2923 days ago


31 Similarities Between Hitler and President Bush

by Edward Jayne
August 29, 2004
(revised from an earlier version posted March 29, 2003)

When President Bush decided to invade Iraq, his spokesmen began comparing Saddam Hussein to Adolph Hitler, the most monstrous figure in modern history. Everybody was therefore shocked when a high German bureaucrat turned the tables by comparing Bush himself with Hitler. As to be expected, she (the bureaucrat) was forced to resign because of her extreme disrespect for an American president. However, the resemblance sticks--there are too many similarities to be ignored, some of which may be listed here.

1. Like Hitler, President Bush was not elected by a majority, but was forced to engage in political maneuvering in order to gain office.

2. Like Hitler, Bush began to curtail civil liberties in response to a well-publicized disaster, in Hitler’s case the Reichstag fire, in Bush’s case the 9-11 catastrophe.

3. Like Hitler, Bush went on to pursue a reckless foreign policy without the mandate of the electorate and despite the opposition of most foreign nations.

4. Like Hitler, Bush has increased his popularity with conservative voters by mounting an aggressive public relations campaign against foreign enemies. Just as Hitler cited international communism to justify Germany’s military buildup, Bush has used Al Qaeda and the so-called Axis of Evil to justify our current military buildup. Paradoxically none of the nations in this axis--Iraq, Iran and North Korea--have had anything to do with each other.

5. Like Hitler, Bush has promoted militarism in the midst of economic recession (or depression as it was called during the thirties). First he used war preparations to help subsidize defense industries (Halliburton, Bechtel, Carlyle Group, etc.) and presumably the rest of the economy on a trickle-down basis. Now he turns to the very same corporations to rebuild Iraq, again without competitive bidding and at extravagant profit levels.

6. Like Hitler, Bush displays great populist enthusiasm in his patriotic speeches, but primarily serves wealthy investors who subsidize his election campaigns and share with him their comfortable lifestyle. As he himself jokes, he treats these individuals at the pinnacle of our economy as his true political “base.”

7. Like Hitler, Bush envisages our nation’s unique historic destiny almost as a religious cause sanctioned by God. Just as Hitler did for Germany, he takes pride in his “providential” role in spreading his version of Americanism throughout the entire world.

8. Like Hitler, Bush promotes a future world order that guarantees his own nation’s hegemonic supremacy rather than cooperative harmony under the authority of the United Nations (or League of Nations).

9. Like Hitler, Bush quickly makes and breaks diplomatic ties, and he offers generous promises that he soon abandons, as in the cases of Mexico, Russia, Afghanistan, and even New York City. The same goes for U.S. domestic programs. Once Bush was elected, many leaders of these programs learned to dread his making any kind of an appearance to praise their success, since this was almost inevitably followed by severe cuts in their budgets.

10. Like Hitler, Bush scraps international treaties, most notably the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Biological Weapons Convention, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Convention on the Prohibition of Land Mines, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Kyoto Global Warming Accord, and the International Criminal Court.

11. Like Hitler, Bush repeats lies often enough that they come to be accepted as the truth. Bush and his spokesmen argued, for example, that they had taken every measure possible to avoid war, than an invasion of Iraq would diminish (not intensify) the terrorist threat against the U.S., that Iraq was linked with Al Qaeda, and that nothing whatsoever had been achieved by U.N. inspectors to warrant the postponement of U.S. invasion plans. All of this was false. They also insisted that Iraq hid numerous weapons it did not possess since the mid-190s, and they refused to acknowledge the absence of a nuclear weapons program in Iraq since the early nineties. As perhaps to be expected, they indignantly accused others of deception and evasiveness.

12. Like Hitler, Bush incessantly shifted his arguments to justify invading Iraq--from Iraq’s WMD threat to the elimination of Saddam Hussein, to his supposed Al Qaeda connection, to the creation of Iraqi democracy in the Middle East as a model for neighboring states, and back again to the WMD threat. As soon as one excuse for the war was challenged, Bush advanced to another, but only t

2923 days ago


LIVEWIRE poses the question to all TMZ readers- how could a Christian support a president like George Bush? Y'see being a Christian and supporting someone who has invaded the wrong country in Iraq and responsible for the death of THOUSANDS of brave soldiers and innocent Iraqis, LIVEWIRE just doesn't get it! It is hypocrital!

Some TMZ bushies can scream, "oh, they attacked us first!" The bible talks about turning the other cheek.

Learn this about LIVEWIRE, who is a realist- the USA must be smart and go after the right enemy at the right time with the support of the UN and with war as a LAST resort! That is not a christian like belief (war), but LIVEWIRE himself respect the teachings of Jesus in a different way than most of these "GOD BLESS AMERICA" right wing TMZ yahoo Bush supporters.

However, with many of the right wing jesus freaks who support Bush see God as a punishing god- so the question is- God will punish you for making love to someone without marriage but somehow this same God OKs George Bush being responsible for murder, death, and war, a war he touts as "the right thing to do?"

Who would Jesus bomb?

2921 days ago
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