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The Dog and Family Speak Out

9/18/2006 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Following the release of bounty hunters Duane Dog Chapman, his son Leland, and business partner Tim Chapman, A&E will air a one-hour special, "DOG: THE FAMILY SPEAKS" Tuesday, September 19 at 10:00 ET/PT. The special will include exclusive interview footage of Dog and his wife Beth shot just after his release.

The show will feature a first-hand look at Dog's arrest by U.S. Marshals, and chronicle the events leading up to the arrest, starting with the hunt for convicted rapist Andrew Luster. Dog, Leland, and Tim were taken into custody Thursday morning in connection with their 2003 capture of the Max Factor heir who fled the country to live in Mexico. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, so Mexican authorities arrested Dog and his team and charged him with kidnapping. Those charges are still pending in Mexico.

In the special, the family expresses their thoughts and emotions about the recent events, and gives an exclusive look at the family's reunion, particularly the emotional scene outside of the federal detention center in Honolulu, Hawaii when Dog and crew are released.

Following the reunion of Dog and his family, MSNBC's Rita Cosby interviewed the famed bounty hunter and his wife. Dog told Rita "You know, no one knows the real story, OK? When I was let go in Mexico they said, the judge looked in my face, and said eye-to-eye, Dog this a very minor crime. The next time you come down here, you can even ask me to go with you. I know that once the Mexican government hears the real story and the American government hears the real story, I'm not going anywhere except for back in the car on A&E and hunting down the next bad guy."

Rita also asked Beth, Dog's wife, about the ordeal and her family's reaction "I have no words for it," she said,"other than that my little Gary boy, five years-old, stood there with his hands over his ears crying as hard as I've ever seen him cry, that his hero is being taken away in handcuffs."

Dog and his crew are currently awaiting an extradition hearing that will determine whether they will be sent to Mexico to face trial.

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Tracey Anthony    

Im from canada and watch your show every chance i get.Whan i heard of your arrest i couldnt believe it.Everything you do is to help others even the people you arrest.Your heart is so big im surprised your chest can carry it.Your so amazing and i know everything will work out in your favor.God bless you and your family,my prayers are with all of you.

2919 days ago

Tracey Anthony    

I just want to say canada is on your side dog and we believe in you.You are a hero for putting that trash where it belongs.Keep up the great work.God bless you all.

2919 days ago


What is this world coming to? When a serial rapist can run to another country to hide from the law and that is ok? SO what the law is saying is that it is ok to rape defenseless women ( as many as you want) then just go to Mexico and it will all be ok. BULL!!! Luster needs to pay for what he did and Dog and teh crew should be proud of what they accomplished. Buy why waid 3 years before you decide to act upon Dog's actions? Who is behind this and what do they stand to gain? Keep up the GREAT work DaKine Bail Bonds

2919 days ago

ken carpenter    

he ran and jumped bail he wasnt going back because coward deserves to go to jail they should charge them with flight to avoid prosucution too chicken hit ran just like any other convicted murdering sissy would cant do the time dont do the crime he cant even live by his own motto what a fake

2919 days ago

Debbie Cartelli    

In Lighten Me.... How come the Mexico Authority's can write a diplomatic note to the US about a US Citizen that jumped bail on a kidnapping charge in their country, but the US Authority's can't write a note to Mexico about them harboring a US Fugitive? I feel if the US can honor Mexico, then Mexico should honor the US. Bounty Hunter's represents the US Authority’s. Did the US Authority's give Dog this case? If so, then why wasn't the US Authority's contacted when Dog found Andrew Luster's location and backed up their Bounty Hunter on this capture, knowing that Bounty Hunter's can't expedite in Mexico? I'm all for Dog and all the good that he does, I don't feel that there is any commucation between him and his clients when he's on a case and that could save every Bounty Hunter out there that cares like he does from, what he's going through. Yes, everybody's loving that fact that he got Luster to where he could never walk any streets again, but he took international laws in his own hands and by this, allowed Luster to bring him down with him and mostly likely has Luster feeling good too, which I'm not likeing very much.

2919 days ago


I don't get it. I just don't understand:

1) How an ambush was required to bring the Dog into custody. Was there REALLY the belief that he would not have co-operated with the authorities?
2) Why was he placed in the harshest section of the federal prison? SERIOUSLY! What kind of statement are the authorities trying to make?
3) Since when does anyone CARE if the Mexican government is bent out of shape if the US takes out one of the most sick, most evil men? Mexico wants to make a statement about foreigners coming in and acting like vigilantes (I understand that), but if evil isn't being handled by the local authorities then someone has to act! How many young mexican women have been saved from being drugged and abused if Dog hadn't swooped in?

I feel the outcry over the Dog's treatment is too small. Government officials should be taking a stand. Law enforcement should be taking a stand. Everyday citizens should be taking a stand.

And MEDIA SHOULD BE ASKING HARD QUESTIONS!!!!! Nail someone to the wall and embarass the crap out of them until they act responsibly!

The treatment DOG has received is unwarrented and pathetic. SHAME!

(Sorry, but I am so ANGRY about this!)

2919 days ago


A Petition is currently online to give voice to the American public's support for Dog Chapman and express their disgust at the lack of support for Dog Chapman by American Authorities and the American Legislature.

2919 days ago


I support Dog & co. 100%. (However, I do believe that he should have been responsible enough to check laws in another country before he went in and to abide by those laws.) I cannot understand the US gov't not taking a stand on this. We allow millions, (check the census), of Mexicans safe haven in this country, who knows what certain ones have done down there, but we can't help one guy out for doing something good. Maybe Mexico doesn't care about its citizens, especially women, but Dog did them a huge favor, and this is how he gets repaid?

and since when has Me-hi-co had any laws anyway?? I'm smellin' $$$$$. That's what they need to look at down there, the corruption in gov't is staggering. and before anyone says anything, am mexican-american myself, family from the old country......i know how it is down there. For #...if forgot your number, but if you only go for vacations, even if you go 10 times a month!, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW THE INFRASTRUCTURE WORKS, unless you live in it on a daily basis. I bet this wouldn't be happening if this was Mr. Walsh.........yeah, yeah, I know, i'm just making a comment.

2919 days ago



2919 days ago


You got to be crazy ppl.This goverment and stuff is so messed up its not even funny.Dog and his family did what no other man had the nerve to do and that was to bring a waste of space on the earth back to face the ppl of the united states of america where he committed his crimes.All we are doing is showing the trash how to get away with anything.Its a shame that the wrong people got in trouble.Maybe Dog and his family should go to another country too I mean heck maybe all the US should move and leave shit crap hole for the goverment to live.After all this is the land of the free right... LAUGHS yeah right free to get jerked around by the Goverment.What has the Goverment ever done for anyone?? thats easy .. VERY little they only do what they have to do to make themselfs look like they are here for us.They are here alright to rob us all blind of everything we have ever stood for.You think our ppl are over sea's fighting for us?? NO they are over there fighting for the GOVERMENT that has to put us into other things and the cost is our friends and family's lives.Same is happening here with Dog and his family.If the Gov. was for US then Dog would not be in the stuff he is in now.

2919 days ago

Dave Metabrain    

Get a bumper sticker and T-shirt to show your support for Dog.

2916 days ago

Dave Metabrain    

I was talking with a friend over dinner and he brought up a good point. There may very well be people in Mexico who will be involved in the trial or extradition process reading these boards. I know I came on hard yesterday, but I heard some things being said that weren't "the whole truth". Last night and today has been a lot better, everyone being able to have their say and opinions heard in a constructive way. (and having a bit of fun at times too. ..wink wink.. )

The bottom line is, that peoples lives are on the line here, and no matter if we like them or not, we do owe them the respect of being able to get a fair trial/fight/hearing or whatever they may face in the coming weeks or months.

I'd also like to add that it was Tim Chapman's story that hit home with me the hardest, and I wish Tim, Dog, Leland, and Duane Lee much luck and aloha.

With that being said I'm going to fade away back into my life, boring as it may be, I like it. This has been too much excitment. I enjoy living simply with the ocean lapping at my feet and my friends at my side.

Aloha to all, goodnight.

2916 days ago


He better than anyone should know What happens when you dont follow the law.
He is an exfelon and must pay for this crime,Yes HIS CRIME.

2916 days ago

Kay Blanchard    

I just want to know why they all get in a circle and Dog says a prayer and then he lets out a barrage of swear words.I don't understand.

2916 days ago

charity gillenwater    

I can't believe this is happening to such a wonderful family!!
I pray that all will work out for them,and quickly! As for people bad mouthing Beth as well,she's a VERY strong willed woman who loves her family,and just try's to help;yes she has a mouth on her,but that's what makes her who she is;to Beth we love you all and GOD BLESS! Your family inspires mine to be closer and to trust in God.Were sorry to hear so much bad has happened to you all,and only wish the best for your whole family,and I hope all goes well and thing's will get better,you'll see,just keep the faith!! WE LOVE YOU ALL(BETH TOO,UR MY IDOL)LOVE,Charity Gillenwater,PATRIOT,OHIO

2915 days ago
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