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LeBlanc Divorce

Can They Still Be 'Friends'?

9/20/2006 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt LeBlanc, Melissa McKnightThe marriage between "Joey" star Matt LeBlanc and wife Melissa is officially over. TMZ has obtained documents filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court that outline the details of their divorce settlement.

The couple will share joint physical and legal custody of their two year-old daughter Marina. The documents outline that Matt is also responsible for 100% of the costs that may stem from private school tuition, uninsured medical costs, the services of a nanny and must pay for his daughter's college expenses. The court says Matt is a "high-wage earner," and will pay $15,000 a month in child support.

As far as his former wife is concerned, the couple had entered into a prenuptial agreement before they were married. Melissa waived her right for spousal support based on a cash amount she received from that agreement, the terms of which are confidential. A source directly connected with the couple, however, tells TMZ that the prenup made Melissa "a very rich person."

The couple was married in May of 2003.


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We, are not amused.    

Harry Sez: "With a career that is now going nowhere, no wonder he tried to do his divorce Pro Se."

2920 days ago

al bundy    

is it right for a woman to marry the right made to just later divorce him and get rich. sure she may have to sleep with this person but what's in it for him. he still has to ask for sex, he has to work, bring home the bacon, get a bad rap from the papers for being in a divorce, and then loseing half of what he made. well even if it's not half she must still make a nice dime. this is why some tricky women hold out on sex till marriage right? i think it's best for men not to marry and get traped like this, at least it's easy to filter whom really loves you and whom loves your money. i say date for 10 years then marry....haha someone correct me before i practice what i preach.

2919 days ago


To #2: Matt divorced her. If you recall not long after their marriage he was hanging out with strippers and finally left his wife for his co star. So he should pay. Their daughter has some type of neurological problem. He should be at home with her. What the hell is he doing staying out all night at the titty bar!!!!

2919 days ago

Well at least he still has his sitcom "Joey"...whoops!

2919 days ago


In response to the question CAN THEY STILL BE FRIENDS? I doubt it after his behavior!

2919 days ago


"The court says Matt is a "high-wage earner," and will pay $15,000 a month in child support."

I'd term that WAS a high wage earner.

And fifteen grand a month child support? On top of the payout she would have gotten? Are you serious?

Even if he's a cheating skank, jaysus, that's nuts. $15,000 a month. $180,000 a year. Even with medical bills, clothing, school fees, food that's just excessive. No wonder guys make a run for it to avoid child support - family law is just incorrectly biased.

I doubt Matt will have the money for it in a decade.

2919 days ago


Oh please. The 6 friends made about $80 million by the time the show ended. $15K/ a month is nothing to him as long as he doesn't spend his money on strippers.

2919 days ago

Lisa D    

funny how all these stars get married right away, in the real world no one marries any more, they just shack up,,seems these guys pay dearly to be someones husband,,,and the chicks are laughing all the way to the bank,,sorry for the stupidity of a man,,she new what she was,moneymoney, wish my husband had money i'd divorce his ass in a new york miniute,,would cost me to much to get rid of him,,my mistake,,now i'm paying with my lost life..should have shacked up,,take my own advice

2919 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Thank you #6.

#5 , you missed some of this story. Matt was the one here who changed psycho just as Denise was the one inthe Sheen/Richards mess.

As for , $15,000 a month forhis child and a child with costly health problems I hope are temporary, it is samll amount...considereing her father made $80 miilion a year for a tv show by the time Friend sended.
A child should be living as her father's income and lifestlye ditates. This is not the child of a man making $20, 000 a year.

2919 days ago


That is wrong that he has to pay $15,000.00 in child support. That woman got off having no financial responsibility for THEIR daughter what so ever.I guarantee that his ex-wife will spend almost all, if not all of that money on herself instead of spending it on Marina. All Melissa is doing now is using Marina for her own personal profit. Matt has to pay $180,000.00 a year in child support and anyone would agree with me that that is more than enough to live off of and plenty enough reason to never work again. As it is she probably never worked when they were together. I agree that $15,000 is extremely unreasonable. I believe that his ex-wife should also have to contribute financially because they BOTH are the parents of that little girl, therefore the financial responsibility should be equally split. She is nothing but a gold digger who was in it for the money.

2919 days ago


Fifteen thousand a month is pocket change for Matt LeBlanc. He made a fortune while working on friends. He can definitely afford it.

2919 days ago


$80 mill a year in wages - minus all the big chunks to taxes, agents, manager, bling, publicist, cars, drivers, staff, makeup artists, home entertainment gear, utiltities, mortgage, clothing, holidays, lawyers etc etc etc. And now blowing more on strippers. Probably blew some getting "Joey" on air too.

I think he'll declare bankruptcy in a decade.

2919 days ago

Jimmy Barnes    

The marriage laws in this country are old fashioned and OUT-OF-DATE! Don't get MARRIED! It only works out for the WOMAN! I've been through this too! My Ex cheated on me and left me for the pizza guy and had the GALL to get spousal support on top of child support! Why should I have to pay for this stupid broads expenses when I'm the one who got screwed? Just because I have a penis? B.S!

2919 days ago

Bob in Austin    

I don't believe this marriage was real for a minute. This was obviously a professional bearding arrangement. Those stripper stories are obviously PR plants as well. The guy should just COME OUT and get it over with.

2919 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

His chauffer used to go pick up men for him and would watch him in the rear view mirror in the back of his limo with the guys. Come out of the closet Matt.

2919 days ago
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