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Dog to Federales: My Bad!

9/22/2006 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane Dog ChapmanDuane Dog Chapman- bounty hunter, reality star and all 'round bad ass- says he will apologize to Mexico in hopes of avoiding being sent back to face illegal detention charges.

The star of the A&E reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter," his son Leland and Tim Chapman (say it with us- no relation) were arrested last week on charges stemming from their apprehension of convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico. The Mexican government wants to have the three returned to the country to face charges which could carry a prison term of up to four years.

Brook Hart, Chapman's attorney, has said a resolution might include an apology to Mexico, a fine, forfeiture of the bail he posted in the country and a charitable contribution. While all three are currently out on bond, we can only hope that Mexico will know a good deal when they see it.

So you know Dog, if it were us, you'd have us at hello!


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We, are not amused.    

Mrs. dog is one fine ass bitch! Theres is nothing better then getting yer freak on with a BIG OL' WHITE GIRL, and then afterwards have her make you a sammich.

2916 days ago

white lorelei    

Those points must be really important to you, blackmetal ... you seem to keep making them on various threads.

And, God bless America, you're completely entitled to make them ... but I don't agree with you regarding his sincerity or his success.

Coming to God and having a conversion is life-changing. That some people parade it out only when it's convenient, or use it to score brownie points, doesn't discount a true conversion and a setting out on a new path.

Everything I've seen of the Chapman's philosophy about the work they do seems to be right on. After watching the "Family Speaks" special and seeing Beth's raw emotions, I don't have any reason to doubt their good intentions, their strong moral compass, or their belief in what they did to get that scum off the streets and behind bars.

The fact that he works on a set of islands doesn't seem that much different to me than losing a fugitive within a neighborhood, a city, or a state. Finding people is only easy on 1-hour TV shows ... in real life, I think it's a lot harder to do.

Anyway, it just seems wierd to me to slam this guy. I'm not sure what you think would have been a better deal ... letting this guy go free?

2916 days ago


i like watching the bounty hunter when its not a re run. but the one thing i cannot figure out is why on earth does dog act like he has a split personality, when hes busting a fugitive he kicks the door in and says something like lay down mother f@#$er you piece of sh*t da da dahh, then he starts preaching about god to the same dude3 lol? one minutes hes a hard ass and two minutes later hes a god abiding worshiper. now if any one cares to respond to my post feel free. but please dont get your mullits and and size triple f's in an uproar.

2916 days ago


#15, I'm still cracking up! "Make you a sammich" it!

2916 days ago

The Gotti Boys are trash    

Please see definition of blood brother.

Blood brother refers to two or more men, not related by birth parents, who swear loyalty to one another. This is usually done in a ceremony where the blood of each man is mingled together .

2916 days ago


It's sad when people are judged by the way they "used" to be. There is nothing more admirable than when someone turns their life around in a positive way. It certainly takes a strong person to have that ability to do so.

Bottom line: Dog took a guy who drugged and raped women off the streets. He should get a pass at that one.

2916 days ago


Hey Black Metal! Dog the bounty hunter was convicted as an accessory to murder and was in a motorcycle gang back in the 70's. People can change and prison makes people change, he found God and turned his life around. Dog was responsible for capturing Andrew Luster a convicted rapist, you should kiss is ass the streets of America and Mexico are safe because of him. If you hate him so much why do you spend so much time thinking about him? Maybe you should find God and think about your life.

2916 days ago

U Know Who    

DOG has been areested OVER 20 TIMES FOR F*CKS SAKE. He's a BOUNTY HUNTER ON AN ISLAND..not so f*cking tough . You people EVER SEEN AN ISLAND? Do you UNDERSTAND?

The MAN WAS FOUND GUILTY OF ACCESSORY TO MURDER he did a damn site more tha "hear some shots and not report them" The shooter was a FELLOW GANG MEMBER are you THAT F*CKING NAIVE? OF COURSE HE DIDN'T PLEAD F*CKING GUILTY and say oh yeah my buddy and I went uptown to murder a BLACK DRUG DEALING PIMP!

Naive-lemmings, one after the other right off the cliff.


2916 days ago


Black metal, you sure are getting bent out of shape, please Shut Up or move to another psot that you can handle. I love the Dog and just because he got into trouble in the past does not mean he is a dirtbag for life unlike the Luster person who raped 86 people that we know of, and probably alot more in Mexico.

If anyone is interested you can send a letter to

2916 days ago


thats right #21 scold the lame brain dog lapperzzzzzzzzz

2916 days ago

Pip Helix    

Whatever self-aggrandizement is listed in Dog's bio, it seems evident to me that Dog (and his bounty-hunting family) are working on the side of good - returning criminals to justice, and showing mercy to them in the process - and Andrew Luster was clearly working on the side of evil.

Did they break Mexico's laws by bounty hunting in order to get Luster? It seems so. But is Mexico being hardassed in deciding that this instance is the one that they want to use as an example of sticking to the letter of the law, regardless of the favorable outcome to all (but Luster)? It seems that they are being unreasonably punitive towards Dog & associates, and I smell some kind of political games being played. Why go after them after all this time, for a lower level crime? It doesn't make sense, unless Mexico is after bigger game, or if the political honchos are playing macho games. Let them pay the fine, say they are sorry, and everyone move along.

As for Blackmetal and those who agree with him, I would normally agree with your assessment of cons being full of it for playing the "born again" card. However, in this case, it seems that these are men who have TRULY turned their lives around. Is there no room in your worldview for second chances? No possibility that someone can change their lives and encourage others to do the same? If that is really what you think, I am sorry for you, because I'm sure that if you make mistakes, and change your ways, that you would hope for forgiveness and mercy. And I would hope that you would find it.

2916 days ago

yea right    

Wow! Talk about trying to buy your way out of trouble.

"Brook Hart, Chapman's attorney, has said a resolution might include an apology to Mexico, a fine, forfeiture of the bail he posted in the country and a charitable contribution"

2916 days ago


I personaly have lost respect for dog and beth after watching the story the other night I see little garyboy {dogs son} has a f*cking mullit too. cute kid but hes gonna go through hell in school.Enough about dog For dogs sake some of you over emotional barkers go back to the f*cking trailors and snap open a can of beer or eat a f*cking dog bone.10-4 good buddy @#%&**&^%$##

2916 days ago


Jessica....It is because DAWG is a hypocrite! Blackmetal you are right on....What a freak'n joke! I hope they all go to a Mexican prison.....Bottom line, the DAWG isn't above the law......He shouldn't get to make any special deal.....Go face the music brah.....Do a little mexican hat dance for your new cell mates.

2916 days ago



It would be nice if should get lucky enough to get raped by a crazy lune. Dog helped all of us but getting this nut case put behind bars.

2916 days ago
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