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Dog to Federales: My Bad!

9/22/2006 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane Dog ChapmanDuane Dog Chapman- bounty hunter, reality star and all 'round bad ass- says he will apologize to Mexico in hopes of avoiding being sent back to face illegal detention charges.

The star of the A&E reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter," his son Leland and Tim Chapman (say it with us- no relation) were arrested last week on charges stemming from their apprehension of convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico. The Mexican government wants to have the three returned to the country to face charges which could carry a prison term of up to four years.

Brook Hart, Chapman's attorney, has said a resolution might include an apology to Mexico, a fine, forfeiture of the bail he posted in the country and a charitable contribution. While all three are currently out on bond, we can only hope that Mexico will know a good deal when they see it.

So you know Dog, if it were us, you'd have us at hello!


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ken carpenter    

Yeah mine too Brandi.C Bet I know what the C stands for C***SUCKING FAT ASS BITCH WHORE

2954 days ago


I know what tired represents--------------------tired of sitting home whacking off so you decided to surf the net and find some looser peeps that I can relate too. You are on the right site here buddy. This link is for a bunch of low life bottom dwellers – don’t waste your time Brandi, come on home – but WASH REAL WELL – their filth might wear off on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2954 days ago



Also I see you are still at it, checking peoples grammer and spelling yet you use that nasty mouth.. shame girl
You are an embarrassment to women everywhere..

All of you on this site with the exception of few have nasty mouths, are racial and are obvioulsy not here to support Dog.. so those of you who know where the REAL DOG SUPPORTER SITE IS, GO THERE. AND THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO POST IT, I DO NOT, AS WELL AS OTHERS THERE WANT ANY TRASH OVER THERE...

So BrandiC and Kikoke, come on over were your thoughts will be appreciated and you will not be personally attacked...

2954 days ago


Well hello ignoranus' Kristi, glad to see you found an outlet that you
can relate to and vice a versa
Blackmetal, you are so far
gone it is not worth replying to.. You are not knowledgable about the
arrest of Dog himself or the Daly City arrest..
Crook Hater,
and tired you have extremely nasty mouths and should eat some soap..
Daly City.. the law in California and other states insist
that bounty hunters have a local PO or bondsperson with them at the
time of arrest. In this particular case.. they had over 50 PO's and a
Swat team.. how far they traveld I am not positive, but they were
there.Crookhater, are you some gorgeous, rich, well dressed
person who can knock on someone else? If so, prove it..
Alissa, for a girl, if in fact you are, your language is
apalling, awful and pathetic
Now Brandi C, come home, this is
not a site for supporters or even of intelligence...

2954 days ago


Sondra, Brandi,.........
I, see that you have found the clowns in their glory............nice job girls.........hold the fort....
Dog Rules.........

2954 days ago

valerie sprague    

i love you and beth(love the show when you bought your wedding shoes at a stripper store) classy,,,,good for you ,,big women are hot,,all the best...

2954 days ago

valerie sprague    

it is a sad testimonial. when this country cant support its own.
mr chapmen did what the rest of us werent able to do. we should bow down to him,,andrew luster could have hurt our sisters,mothers and daughters,thank god ...the chapmen family were there for us. where is the support. where is the thanks...well i thank you ...and if there is anything i can do,whether it be financial or otherwise, please feel free to contact me @ god bless.

2954 days ago

ken carpenter    

sunshine the point isnt if I'm gorgeous rich or well dressed the point is stupid lonely women buying in to this murderers bullsh*t he's been arrested over 30 times for murder assault extortion you guys say he's changed if so why is in trouble again BECAUSE HE'S A CRIMINAL he he broke the law again he knew the right way to get the guy but chose to break the law then chose to break again and jump bail he didnt break the law in ca. he took the police because you say its against the law not to but I THINK IT WAS BECAUSE HE'S A BITCH CRIMANAL either way he was breaking the law 20yrs ago and hes breaking the laws still to this day he's a criminal and should have to pay his debt not cry to everybody when he knew that he was breaking the law P.S. DONT YOU THINK HE OWES THE FAMILY OF THE MAN HE MURDERED THE LAW SAYS HES A MURDERER I SAY HES A MURDERER THAT SHOULD STILL BE IN JAIL OR PAYING THE FAMILY OF HIS MURDERED VICTIM 1/2 OF EVERYTHING HE MAKES AND OWNS BUT WHAT LONELY WOMEN OUT THERE NEED TO REMEMBER HE'S A CON MAN IF YOU HELP HIM PAY LEGAL FEES YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED HE'S RICH AND HASNT PAYED THE FAMILY OF HIS MURDERED VICTIM A DIME

2954 days ago


this is for the post sunshine,,, good morning bitch, f*** you! i dont give a sh*t what you think of me and my potty mouth. if it wasnt for a few of us trash talking posters you woulnt have sh*t to complain about now would you? im off to work now feel free to respond. i love it! dog will be so proud of you lol!!

2953 days ago


Dog did not murder anyone, where have you gotten such information?? I can send you his rap sheet if you would like. He was outside of a home when a buddy of his went into the house, next thnig Dog heard a gunshot and because of the law in Texas at the time, he was convicted of Conspiracy of Murder, but was released only 18 months in '79 after his imprisonment in 77.
I am sorry but your misinformed.. yes, he has several other sharges on his rap sheet, mostly stemming from the fact that fugitives brought charges against him which were eventually dropped and /or dismissed..
I am a supporter and would be not matter what 3 American's would be in such a situation..

2953 days ago


THERE IS ALLOT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IN THIS WORLD. The travesty of Justive against Dog and Crew is just one of them. People who continue to PESONALLY ATTACK others is another and you are a component to that..

I am not complaining, but you could represent your self just the same without the use of such language and personal attacks on people, which gets nothing done.. Ad you nkow nothing about who I am or what I am , you personally attack all those who support Dog and that is not the issue at hand.. Freedom of Speech is great and respected, but can be done without such nasty language...

I will pray for the Chapmans and all those who will be able to finder their kinder side to express themselves intelligently..

2953 days ago


Alissa -

Good morniningTo you, how nice, yet not surprising, after a good nigh sleep and a cup of coffee, your pathetic little mind is limited to only vulgar ranting, and you are not yet able to produce one sensible word out of your white trash mouth. Your off to work????? I did not know the corner of Main and Elm Street is allowed to “worked” during the day

Sticks and Stones "Ho", sticks and stones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2953 days ago


Hey Crook Hater

If you had one ounce of truth in your post, someone might actually care what you have to say. He did NOT murder anyone, he hs NOT been convicted of 30 crimes. He is not a murder. When was the last a murder served 18 months in jail.? Do society a favor, teach yourself how to read, do some research, enlighten yourself with some facts that are REALITY, then maybe someone will listen to you. Right now, you only have these trash bag loosers to call your “friends” and that is not saying much.

2953 days ago


Sandi & Sunshine.
Are you the same person? You talk about people and their dirty language? Did you not just say Alissa was a WHORE? Hooker on the corner. YOU sound like a scorned bitter C**T who hasnt had a good stiff C**K in quite a while if ever.
YOU dream about what your going to say to people to people who are not listening to you in the first place. Go back to bed you PLAIN JANE.

2953 days ago

ken carpenter    

murder is murder if you drive your friend to a house he goes in kills your a killer too if it happend today the same way he would go to jail for 25 to life or possibly the death sentence 1979 laws let alot of killers off easy i dont need his arrest record i already have it 30 prior contacts with the law MURDER ASSAULT EXTORTION he should still be in jail and when he crosses the line in the usa again i assure you he'll do the max and he will convicts always do im going to run dogs murdered victims name and contact his family about why they havnt filed a lawsuit against dog just isnt right for him to be doing so well and only spent so little time in jail

2953 days ago
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