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Dog to Federales: My Bad!

9/22/2006 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane Dog ChapmanDuane Dog Chapman- bounty hunter, reality star and all 'round bad ass- says he will apologize to Mexico in hopes of avoiding being sent back to face illegal detention charges.

The star of the A&E reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter," his son Leland and Tim Chapman (say it with us- no relation) were arrested last week on charges stemming from their apprehension of convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico. The Mexican government wants to have the three returned to the country to face charges which could carry a prison term of up to four years.

Brook Hart, Chapman's attorney, has said a resolution might include an apology to Mexico, a fine, forfeiture of the bail he posted in the country and a charitable contribution. While all three are currently out on bond, we can only hope that Mexico will know a good deal when they see it.

So you know Dog, if it were us, you'd have us at hello!


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Dog got lucky in getting so much publicity that led to his T.V. show. Yes, it is good that he's trying to take down some of the criminal element. However, he still remains a low-life and didn't seem to be able to help his own family veer away from the criminal side. Few know that his own daughter was killed in a high speed chase by police in Alaska just a few months ago, related to credit card theft. He is considered a "white-trash" element in Hawaii Kai and is not as popular in Hawaii as people think. While the BlackMetal contributor may not be appreciated by many, his comments are fairly right on.

The amount of profanity used, simplistic thinking and deplorable lack of spelling and grammer displayed on these commentary sites is a pretty sad commentary of what America's become.

2949 days ago


lets move on from this subject

2949 days ago


Sunshine, your updates brighten my day...Keep up with them! sorry I have been gone for so long.. been extremely busy. I hope you have a good turnout Wednesday. I really do wish I could be there. Can not find a flight out and back the same day! Sorry! Let me know how it goes.
PRAY FOR THE CHAPMAN FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2948 days ago


Sunshine......Any new updates from Hawaii today? Any news about how negotations are going?

2948 days ago


Sunshine.........will you post more of the threads? So that other supporters may join in?

2948 days ago

homegirl101 missy.......
They only refer to each other as brothers..or he calls Tim ...Bra'..they came from different families.........2 moms 2 can read it on their website....Tim's childhood is a very sad story.........but they are not brothers....that's why we keep posting it...oddly enough they have the same last name

2948 days ago


Tim's moved in with his mother after running away from his terrible relationship with his father. TIM'S mother was into Bailsbonds, in Denver (and I guess that is where ALLOT of the confusion comes in, as the entire grous are from Denver or surrounding cities originally and with the same last name.. I can understand) so Tim got involved immediatley. Years later, as I beleive Tim started at 18 years old..he met Dog
Dog and Tim have known and worked together for many years and Tim has is OWN Bails business, I beleive Island Bail Bonds, not related to Da Kine, which is on 3 Islands, as Leland runs the one on the Big Island.. and the show is mainly shot out of one of or both of the offices in Honolulu..


Anymore questions.. ?

2948 days ago


Thank you post #106, Oahu Resident! You are right on!

2947 days ago


TO POST..However, he still remains a low-life and didn't seem to be able to help his own family veer away from the criminal side. Few know that his own daughter was killed in a high speed chase by police in Alaska just a few months ago,He is considered a "white-trash" element
So white trash....low-life....people are not entitled to justice? That's what this blog is about nothing else..
A. Luster's.. family could not veer him away from the criminal side of the law, either.....

Has Dog affected your life in a negative pass judgement, because of his social standards, and looks?
Sorry that you feel negative towards an individual that does a job, that he wants to do.....and is quite good at it...

2947 days ago

Dave Metabrain    

Dog was an accessory to murder, and has robbed at least 18 people. His ugly wife Beth was charged with extortion and forgery. Are these people better than a rapist? Does God forgive a murderer and a rapist in the same way? I say send the mullet headed goofball back to mexico and let God sort them out.

Good riddence to bad trash.

2947 days ago


for petes sake, i hope dogs paying you people for this lol, ahemmm!!

2947 days ago

Mike Brown Chinatown    

Dog the blow hard Bounty Hunter is a joke. He makes money putting scum back on the street. If they jump, he's gotta catch em or lose money. The idiot blew the Luster deal. Smooth move ex-lax. What ticks me off is hearing these tough guys whine and whimper for getting caught. What's worse is if they get off, we'll have to listen to em say God was on their side and saved them.
You make me wanna puke.

2945 days ago


right on emmet,, but i have a feeling a some people are going to get their mullits and triple d's in an uproar lol, welllllllllllll sooo bee ittt lol

2945 days ago


is the dog the example to all american?
do you guys are trying to imitate his life style?
should he run for governor?
would you like him to be the head of the fbi?
what rewards should he get for what he did?
do you want him to be the sherrif of your town?
do you want him to be your son in law?
is he just like all americans and thats why you guys get offended because he broke the law and needs to pay?
can a mexican make a payout and be set free to work for pennys in usa?

hell do you guys/gals want him as the next president?
no wonder why usa is the way it is and the mess is in it

2938 days ago


Blackmetal, you Mahu ass fakaa come down to da islands and see how hard it is to catch a "Bad Guy" I gaurentee that your haole ass would get eatin alive out here. Leave dog alone wat da f*ck he do to you huh? Just cuz you to much of a scrub to do da sh*t he does dont mean you can down talk him. And if you dont like how I talkin to you, then Scrap.

2936 days ago
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