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Jeremy Piven Stole My Car!

9/22/2006 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy Piven: Click to watchJeremy Piven almost drove off in the wrong Range Rover after a night of partying at Hyde.

After posing for pictures with a security guard, the valet pulled up with a black Range Rover, which Piven and his lady friend proceeded to get into. The only problem -- Piven's Range Rover is silver!

After tipping the valet, the "Entourage" star quickly realizes he's in the wrong vehicle, shaking his head and saying to himself, "This is not my car." The owner of the Black SUV then ran over to Piven, jokingly saying, "You trying to steal my car? You guys, get in the back seat."

When Piven's Range Rover finally pulls up, driven by a different valet, he understandably refuses to tip, having already tipped one valet $20 for the wrong vehicle.

Before driving off, an onlooker yells to Piven, "We'll see you on TMZ!!" Looks like they were right!


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2844 days ago


How cheap can one star be...he should of tipped that other valet! That was just rude! Typical Hollywood moron!

2932 days ago


I'm always jumping into the wrong Range Rover at valet stands. A little odd though considering I drive a Honda Civic.

2932 days ago


Wow, he was with a woman?

2932 days ago

yea right    

After a night of partying, he can't tell black from silver? Perhaps he should have Mel drive him home.

2932 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Argh, matey his was with your mother, argh! She was distracting the valets by giving 'em GUM jobs, argh!!

2932 days ago


WHat do you mean "Cheap???" He already tipped $20!!! On a mistake!!! What would you do in that situation? I would make the guy that brought out the first car give the guy that brought out the right car the $20, not shell out more cash. Piven shouldnt get grief for this.

2932 days ago


what a cheap ass! the guy makes millions and he only tips 20 bucks!!

2932 days ago


"Jeremy Piven Stole My Car!"

"Jeremy Piven ALMOST drove off in the wrong Range Rover"

Guess headlines don't need to be true, huh?

2932 days ago


who cares about this tool bag.

2932 days ago


Hmmm.. he hands something to the valet at about 1:04 in... could be a tip. Beofre we charge JP with being a cheapsk8, shouldn't maybe we oughta be extra special sure?

2931 days ago


Yo that valet guy is my uncle.

2930 days ago

Chatsworth Chick    

Why should he have to double tip for poor service? The first valet should have given the second valet the $20. I would have done the same thing.

2930 days ago


Toolbag? Piven is f*ing awesome! And who are you losers talking about tipping again and only $20? That's a pretty damn good tip for driving a car two blocks. So what, if you make more money you should spend more for the same service than everyone else?

2926 days ago


I met Piven a few months ago, and he tipped me very well... and was very nice, all this without Cameras flashing around!!

If I had taken the table from another guy just to bring him the plate then I should not get the tip, so why does the other guy not just give the tip (or half if he's that much of a cheapsk8 that he ran off after giving the wrong guy a RANGE ROVER that wasn't his?)

The lights flashing and everything second in your eyes, that will blur some colors and can make you mistakes some colors, yes even black and Silver!...

I would not bash a guy that gave out 20$ to get a car, but I would like to say that the second valet was a total ass, saying "nope!" to the "he drove off without giving you a tip?" Hey a**hole, go back to where ever you came from if you can't understand that ONE star did not give you a tip for the mistake of an idiot.. I'll bet next time PIven see's that Valet he's not going to tip because of his little comments! he should've said "No, but he did tip the other guy 20$, so next time, I don't mind, he's a god guy anyway!"...

Him just making Piven look like a cheapsk8 makes the whole staff at the club like a bunch of celebrity whores...

Piven was nice to me and people around him in the restaurant, and there was no press or Paprazzis around. He didn't look on any drugs, or whatever else they like to report here, but that will never be said on this site and he tipped way more than the respectable amount and that says it all.

TMZ likes to show off their Paparazzi shoots that portray most of them like jerks, we all have our bad days, and having them being hounded by rats all the time will make them freak out once in a while. And we all would crack under that kind of pressure. The live in the spotlight and they asked for it, but the Photgs also have to start being more respectfull towards personal lives and children of these stars.

When you hear a paparazzi jumps over a fence to get a pic of Pitt and Joly's kids on a school plpayground that just make my skin crawl, these guys should be beaten to a pulp by some oversize maniac, or should the stars start employing people to go and harrast these paprazzis family to the point that their own children get in situations where their lives are in danger, then they will understand where the line is!

They have no right invading privacy, and unfortunatly "freedon of the press" gives them privileges, when these guys aren't even journalists!

2921 days ago
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