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Simon to Clay -- Give Me a Break!

9/27/2006 7:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell: Click to watchLeave it to Simon Cowell to put down a guy on Paxil.

When commenting on Clay Aiken's recent admittance that he takes the anti-depressant to deal with the fame that came with "American Idol," Cowell definitely didn't hold back.

"Oh give me a break. Let me have a choice, I'm going to work in a coal mine for 14 hours a day or I'm going to be a runner-up on 'American Idol.' Give me a break, idiot."

And while judge Paula Abdul and celebrity guest judge Olivia Newton-John both stuck up for the season two runner-up, Cowell kept the insults rolling.

"They're not working for a living, they're becoming famous ... no one's put a gun to their head ... Clay, whatever he may have said, would not swap what he's got now for what he had three years ago."

Way to be sympathetic Simon!


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Simon's right. Gay, or Straight, Clay needs to get a F@#cking life and look around him. There's people that would kill to have his life. If it weren't for American Idol, he would be a nobody and he'd probably be even more depressed than he is right now. How many middle/lower class people get passed by everyday, and this fool is complaining that he actually got somewhere in life. Give me a break. I've heard people in church that sing better than most of those American Idol contestants, what about those people? No money, no fame, nothing but hard-working Americans with a dream of one day being in Clay's shoes. He's not depressed because of American idol, he's depressed because he's scared to come out of the closet with the public eye watching him. (I mean seriously, what straight guy sings show tunes like he really wants to be the lead singer of Annie.) He seriously needs to shut the hell up and be grateful for what he's got!!!

2950 days ago


I totally agree with Simon. I have no sympathy for celebrities who cry about the price of fame. Have you ever seen any of them walk away and go back to their former life? No!! Life isn't always easy. You have to take the good with bad.
My cousin underwent 8 weeks of chemo. And guess what ? The mortgage still had to be paid. If these stars want to cry, cry about tcancer victims like her who have to try to get well and still pay the bills!!! Appreciate what you have, because there is someone out there whose burden is a lot heavier than yours!!!

2950 days ago


Love him, or hate him, you can always count on Simon to lay it out there! Way to keep it real, Simon! Count me in the "love him" category!

2950 days ago


So what if Clay Aiken takes a anti depressant, if it helps him deal with the fame then good. He isn't complaining about no privacy or to leave him alone. It is something he needs right now to help him adjust to this new life.

AND why does everyone want to know about his sex life? Don't you all have one of your own? NO? Well, get your own and leave his alone.

So what if he's gay? Keeping quiet about his sex life does NOT make him a liar.

The quiet ones are usually the BEST ones in bed!!!!

2950 days ago

Lana Weber    

It seems to me that the real discussion is not about Chay Aiken at all. I mean I enjoy hearing him sing. He is obiously very gifted. I think the real discussion should be the way the media is abusing people in public life. I mean we can't even get anyone decent to run for political office because of the much feared media exposure. It seeems to me that it is way more than "expossure" it's 24/7 vivisection.

I really think we love our entertainers in this country. Shouldn't we also show them the basic respect that is due any human being? Don't we all have a right for a separation betweeen our professional and private lives? It stands to reason that some cannot withstand the 24/7 tsunami of attention. Could any of you reading this post stand it?

I challenge all of you to start thinking about how you would feel if you were forced to live the life a fox hunted down by a pack of salivating dogs 24 hours a day. If nothing in your life could be sacred just for you and your family anymore. If your children were endangered by wierdos and stalkers through unwanted media exposure.

Shouldn't these people be accorded a little respect? A little consideration? Shouldn't we value them instead of tossing them to the papparazzi dogs 24 hours a day? Is a person who is talented enough and lucky enough to actually make it in the entertainment business, who works hard to give us all a break from reality once in a while through entertainment, simply getting the punishment they deserve? Punishment for what, our envy? Should we not instead be thanking them for bringing us the entertainment to begin with?

I say we need to rethink this whole media approach and how we treat people in the entertainment industry. I say photogs at industry or charity relate events or by invitation of the celebrity themselves, but the rest should be off limits. Everyone deserved to have a life!

All we are breeding is a bunch of no talent media posing manipulative losers who are famous for nothing at all except media manipulation.

Are we as a society going to drive the real talent among us underground because the unreasonable demanding media deconstuction of their personal lives and desecration of their family lives is becoming so harsh that no one with any degree of sensitivity, which they need for their art to begin with, is destroyed by the unrelenting glare?

This is in the hands of the public. If we care about these people at all, we should enact legislation to protect our talented performers like we do in the protection of out other resources and treasures. It's about time we developed a conscience.

Yes, Clay Aiken knew what he was getting into. He is a sensitive person. He just was not prepared for how it made him feel.

I was ashamed of Dianne Sawyer. Who the hell cares about his mating habits? He's a singer and he does that very very well. I pay to hear him sing not watch him f***.

Wake up people. Just wake the heck up! It's time for things to change. It's up to all of us to demand a change. We are all going to pay for this behavior in the end.

2950 days ago


Oprah ............Poprah she may be rich and famous, but she is still ugly under all that pasty makeup.Oprah will have to leave all her wealth behind when she "checks out", just like the poorest of us.She needs an attitude ajustment

2950 days ago


Simon is right! Idiot Clay CHOSE to become famous! Lets get out the violins!

2950 days ago


Clay is a little bitch. Good for Simon for calling him out! What about all our troops overseas? They have more of a right to be depressed then poor little whimpy Clay who makes millions!

2950 days ago


I hate to say it, but...Simon is right. Clay is a wussy. Nobody forced him to be on American Idol, and he should be thankful for what he has. If he can't deal with the pressure, then quit showbusiness, you fag!

2950 days ago


Clay should thank his lucky stars he made it on AI. This fool is depressed when millions of wanna be's who can probably sing better then him sit at home waiting for their big break. Kick this clown to the curb America!

2950 days ago


Quit your whining Clay you no talent ugly loser!

2950 days ago


You tell him Simon! Clay is an ungrateful bastard! If it weren't for American Idol he would still be scrubbing toilets!

2950 days ago


Clay is just trying to get his name back in the press. Hope the sales on his new album tank. He shouldn't rag on American Idol they gave him his "career" and I use the term loosley because I think he can't sing worth sh*t.

2950 days ago


What a stupid little prick Clay is! Boo-hoo did the big bad American Idol depress him? Stupid jerk-off.

2950 days ago


Clay is self centered shallow douch bag. Think of all the people in the world that don't even have a place to sleep for the night and he's depressed over a tv show? Why doesn't this fag quit bitching and stay out of the spotlight if he's so depressed? He is a disgrace to the human race!

2950 days ago
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