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Simon to Clay -- Give Me a Break!

9/27/2006 7:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell: Click to watchLeave it to Simon Cowell to put down a guy on Paxil.

When commenting on Clay Aiken's recent admittance that he takes the anti-depressant to deal with the fame that came with "American Idol," Cowell definitely didn't hold back.

"Oh give me a break. Let me have a choice, I'm going to work in a coal mine for 14 hours a day or I'm going to be a runner-up on 'American Idol.' Give me a break, idiot."

And while judge Paula Abdul and celebrity guest judge Olivia Newton-John both stuck up for the season two runner-up, Cowell kept the insults rolling.

"They're not working for a living, they're becoming famous ... no one's put a gun to their head ... Clay, whatever he may have said, would not swap what he's got now for what he had three years ago."

Way to be sympathetic Simon!


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Simon's right!! Clay wouldn't trade his little runt ass to be anyone else--esp. himself 3 years ago! Clay's only "coming out" on Paxil in an attempt to distract from actually coming out gay--whatever.

2910 days ago

nelly forbush    

I couldn't agree with Simon more. I'm not sure when these celebrities lose their complete sense of reality, but they do lose it. Whether it Lindsey complaining on how hard she has it, or Clay crying about all the pressures of being famous, it is getting annoying. Try working a double waiting tables, only to come home to a bombardment of messages from bill collectors. Sorry Clay, I don't feel your pain.

2910 days ago


FUNNY how most all of the ANTI-CLAY comments are starting with something like, 'Simon's right' and are very similar in message and hateful statements. HMMMM, Could a LOT of them be from the SAME hater, possibly? Notice how they are posted about 3 to 7 minutes apart, like somebody tried to take a little time between them but also had to HUNT and PECK to find the keys, and is an IDIOT him or herself? JEALOUS MUCH as Clay CROONS all the way to the bank? ha ha! OH, and Clay has CHARISMA and LIKEABILITY, things you can't create you just are BORN with them and many VERY good singers are NOT! OH, and you can sit in front of your ugly little computer and make fun of people ALL YOU WANT cuz Clay ain't reading it anyway!

2909 days ago


clay isnt even famous enough to get depressed. haha

2909 days ago


Jeez guys...I do agree that Clay should be grateful for what he has...but is it necessary to call him names and revert to childish antics. Why not grow up!!! I think what you all are making of this is the last thing that Simon meant. Yes I agree if it wasn't for American Idol etc. etc. etc. But his private life or how it is effecting him is no one's business, let alone gives anyone the right to be so damn bias and rude.

2909 days ago


My there are a lot of ugly, nasty comments on here. I imagine that most of you are very unhappy in your own lives and jealous of ANYONE who has a life better than yours. GET OVER IT.
And just for your information, you might want to try a very low dose of Paxil or its Generic equivalent. It is also an anti-anxiety drug and not used only for depression. You all sound like you could use an attitude adjustment just like Clay is probably getting. It might be a (very) healthy drug aid for you all.

2909 days ago

Deborah Herman    

As usual, Simon's just keeping it can it go wrong LOL? Just hope this isn't some sort of carefully orchestrated press release to boost ratings for the upcoming season of American Idol (dance, puppets, dance!).

2909 days ago


I love when people hastily make comments on something they know nothing about. Clay never said he was depressed.He is taking paxil for panic attacks.If you had millions of people scrutinizing your every move and got mobbed every time you walked out the door,you just might develop a little anxiety. More than half of Hollywood is on antidepressants.At least he has the nads to admit it.

2909 days ago


I can't understand why someone would go on a show like American Idol, win and then complain. What did he think was going to happen. If he doesn't like the attention the get the hell out of the biz. That's it. I can't stand Clay. wawawawaw, bitch,bitch,bitch, shut up already. He should send me his check, he can have mine, then we would see some real crying. His bills are paid and then some so stop bitching. People are starving in this world and he complains about the attention he gets? He chose to be an idol and that is it. Whiner.

2909 days ago


That's true- what is that dumb a$$ really complaining ab???

2909 days ago


Shut up Aiken you little pansy! Talk about kicking a gift horse in the mouth! This asswipe was lucky to even make it on the show! He wasn't even voted on the first time, Ruben and Kimberly Locke beat him out. He had to go to the bonus round. If he is SO depressed he should quit and go back to his life before AI.

2909 days ago


#36 Susan if you are So offened by all the comments here why do you bother to stay? You know people are going to keep writing what they want! Clay sucks ass you need to realize it and move on with your sorry self!

2909 days ago


Number #36 and 37# why are you so surprised about all the mean comments here? This is what gossip web sites are all about. If you are really that upset don't come here! People are going to say what they want. Clay sucks. Grab a tissue and get over it! Don't try to pretend like you don't like reading this stuff. POSER!

2909 days ago


Clay looks like an old mop. I think he is just trying to get publicity for his new cd he has coming out. He has some nerve dissing American Idol! He should be kissing their feet. Go Simon, Go Simon.............................

2909 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

American GAY BASH.....(AGB)..............

in this show Clay (ass is ) Akin.. Stands on stage while people throw rotten fruit at him, and pelt him with garbage....

then everone starts laughing at him as he sitts there and CRYS...
The more he cries the higher the "pussometer" goes up....

I wonder what his parents think of all these "Hilarious" comments???
Anyone who likes Clay "takin" Akin is also a loser... But they already knew that....

2909 days ago
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