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Paris Cheated on Me

w/ Chad Michael Murray

10/5/2006 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was bombshell after bombshell when Nick Carter called into Ryan Seacrest's top-rated morning show on KIIS FM in Los Angeles Thursday morning. The former Backstreet Boy shocked both Ryan and listeners by claiming he "hooked up" with Ashlee Simpson, as an act of revenge against his ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton.

According to Carter, Paris forced the situation after she allegedly cheated on him with her "House of Wax" co-star Chad Michael Murray. When asked if Murray was together with his ex-wife Sophia Bush at the time, Nick promptly responded, "Yeah."

After repeated apologies to Ashlee, Nick explained that he never meant to "throw her under the bus in the whole entire situation." He wasn't as kind to Paris. "Paris and her are two different people and Ashlee is a good person from what I know ... and I'm not saying that Paris is a bad person, but I'm saying she's got to work her problems out."

Nick said the initial reason for his call was to apologize, telling Ryan "this was one of those things I wanted to keep under wraps ... and then my brother kind of let the cat out of the bag."


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Alyn Brodsky    

The Maven believes this specimen should consider himself lucky. He probaby avoided a dose of the clap, which is Paris's preferred choice of Gioft of the Week for this week.

2942 days ago


yea they reported this in US weekly last wk.

im not surprised parisite hilton (thank to a member on here) cheated on him....... honestly...ew

2942 days ago

duh...totally !    

I have already heard this, and I believe him.....why else would Sophia Bush divorce Chad after 5 months????....and remember when all this went down??? Paris TRIED to 'act' like she had been beat up?? showing up at a club of course w/ 'bruised arms & a bloody lip'----freaking Classic !

how many more reasons do we the public need to KNOW for a FACT Paris IS a skank !!!!!!!!!!!!!


2942 days ago


Isn't this old news.. perhaps 1 week old cuz it was on the british tabloids? Anyways.. all you Parasite-lovers, here comes another reason to just LOOOOVE miss Parasite -->

"According to Carter, Paris forced the situation after she allegedly cheated on him with her "House of Wax" co-star Chad Michael Murray. When asked if Murray was together with his ex-wife Sophia Bush at the time, Nick promptly responded, "Yeah."

This is fact... Paris knew that Chad Michael Murray was MARRIED to Sophia Busch but she whored herself with Chad Michael anywas... she's a nasty tramp, her sexual frsutration makes her to wanna fuck other girls men and fuck UP other peoples relationship. This is the real Paris...
After the reputations and the fact that her man was hooking up with Parasite, Sophia filed for divorce and annulade the marriage. She also claimed "fraud" in the files.

THIS IS THE REAL PARIS EVERYONE! So all you paris-lovers out there... hope a friend or a girl will fuck up your relationship and that u will see how it feels.. and maybe then u can get to mind and change the view about Parasite.

She's a manstealing whoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

2942 days ago


yeah, what's the bombshell? this is old news...

2942 days ago


Does anyone really give a rats ass about Paris or Nick Carter? She is a ho bag, and he is a greasey, bug eyed fool, that makes himself look like another retarded celebrity with his reality show.

2942 days ago


i think one day something bad is gonna happen to her. it's just a feelin b/c she's always in the news for a negative thing. something is gonna drive her over the edge unfortunately.

2942 days ago


Parisite is a treamp! im so glad people are getting sick of her cum infested vigina!

2942 days ago


Boo hoo--Poor Nick. It seems as though he STILL is not over Paris--And Paris has BEEN with EVERYONE since the good ol' Nick Carter days!

2942 days ago



YEAH, i totally agree and the bruises she showed to the media to get even more publicity suits her in the category media-whore!
There were statement in the media, planted by Parasites people, that Nick had hit her.. but they never filed a police report against him cuz it was BULLSHIT as well. Paris had done a photosession for a magazine just days after "the possible battery " (days after their brake-up) and the photocrew confirmed that when they shoot Paris for the magazine they had not seen any bruises on her. She had been in a fight days after her break-up with Nick and just a day after the photosession... soo the whole blaime Nick for the battery was bullshit from her side, they didn''t even filed a policereport.

2942 days ago

Chris Paxhia    

This is clearly coming out again by Nick Carter in order to promote his new show and rescue his career from life support. Isn't it strange that Aaron Carter had a quickie engagement to a playboy model and Nick Carter decided to begin revealing details of his relationship to Paris Hilton the week before the show's debut?

2942 days ago


House of Carters debuted this past weekend.. This screams - PUBLICITY.
Enough already

2942 days ago


#8 is right on... how much of a loser do you have to be to be in love with someone years later who's been with everyone and their brother???

2942 days ago



Are u sure? ;)
Right after his break-up from Paris he were seen with a blonde. And obviously he have been dated Ashlee while he was with her.. and he have been dated Willa Ford and a girl in Sweden. The girls in Sweden looks great, are the most beautiful women in the world.

Excuse Nick for not being the wannabe STD-Paris... why should he been dating and fucking around like her? That's just nasty and cheap, like Paris, and I think that he understands that he don't have to be fucking around like her to get publicity

2942 days ago

Bankergrl 85    

I saw the house of carters and seriously they all just really need attention. I mean we all have family issues and you don't see everybody making reality shows about it come on now. They just need the money I mean he isn't doing anything with music and thank God for that. It is like a cry for attention we don't need to see your stupid drama we all have our own and stop complaining that yall missed out or had the shity end of the deal in the family department. You have tons of money and there are people out there who have worse problems then you .

2942 days ago
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