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Brangelina's Bodyguard on the Attack

10/9/2006 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brangelina's bodyguard attacks: Click to watchToday's lesson: Don't mess with Brad and Angelina.

A security guard for the couple attacked a member of the paparazzi waiting outside their hotel on Saturday in Pune, India-- and it was all caught on tape.

After yelling at the photog, who says he was a guest of the hotel and was being considerate, the bodyguard lunged forward and grabbing him by the throat, choking him.

The photographer, Sam Ralph, says he's considering taking further action, "I haven't decided yet, I'm considering it. But yes, I'm a guest at this hotel, I have every right to be here and it would be disrespectful to take pictures inside the hotel I know they wouldn't like that, but I was outside anyway doing my job along with everyone else."

Pitt and Jolie are in India preparing for Angelina's new film, "A Mighty Heart," which begins shooting next week.


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to post #9, Oh Please grow up! She is not a vampire, it isnt anything more than how some might think when you go to commuinion, and you drink the "blood " of the lord? Hmmmm? And you at his flesh to be cleansed? That was just her way back then of showing how thye were coonected, everyone is entitled to their own religion, own beliefs, if you are a christian, they why are you JUDGING people then? hmmm

2895 days ago


oh all of you need to stop your whining, you are just jealous of both of them, you Jenn wanna bes

2895 days ago


They are so crazy...just dissapear into oblivion if you don't want the attention.

2939 days ago


Good for the security guard! There have been way too many threats to the BAMZS family and they need to be careful. No one deserves to be mobbed...NO ONE!

2939 days ago


That old fart is a body guard?

2939 days ago


It goes with the territory. You can't drag two babies and a five year old to a foreign country when you're a celebrity and not expect the photographers. They're totally irresponsible for putting their children in this kind of volatile situation. They want the media hype for their careers and don’t give a hang about the safety of the kids. I admire those celebrities who keep their children secure from the limelight. These two are a piece of work.

2939 days ago


Why is it that celebrities think they are above the law? If someone was physcially after them or the children I can understand what happened with the bodyguard. However, if a mere mortal had grabbed Brad like that around the neck that person would have been arrested and charged with assault. I am sick of celebrities thinking they can get away with whatever they want. This bodyguard has issues but obviously Brad and Angie approve because he would never continue to abuse people if he had not been given permission. As long as no one touches these people...taking a picture should not be such a big deal. It is just a frickin picture on a public street....not on their property or other private area. They need to get over themselves and quit acting like they are more important than anyone else on the planet. They are actors and that is it. There are plenty of people who do good things in the world and make a tremendous impact but don't publicize it like these two do. These two are not that special. They are just good at lying to people. That is what actors do...they pretend and lie to us as a character. Not such a big deal.

2939 days ago

duh...totally !    

must be a bad@ss!

good for him!!!!

freaking Stalkers!

2939 days ago


It's just a f***in' picture and it's part of the reason these people get paid so much. Every rose has it's thorns and as long as these to have been in the business they should be use to it by now and I love them but both they should fire the this body guard cause this was way over the line this time.

2939 days ago


I agree you can never be too careful with young kids in tow. I think he may have over re-acted a bit but I have not seen the rest of what happened either so no one can say for sure. I think these photogs should suck it up. They want to be in-your-face all the time, then get ready for the consequences.

2939 days ago

John Marinelli    

Brad and Angelina are nothing but a couple of low-life skunks. Angelina would certainly be a stalker herself if she weren't so stalked by photogs. (Wasn't it Angie who wore BB Thornton's blood in a vial around her neck?) In the best-selling self-help book entitled: "So You Want to be a Stalker' chapter one is entirely devoted to toting around your loved one's bodily fluids.
One day while Brad was shooting Mr and Mrs Jones he looked over at Angelina and thought: "What a fine piece of ass. I think it would be wise to dump my soulmate, hop into bed with a vampiress-loonie, and travel the world screwing in thatched huts in 3rd world countries. Then, once I realize that my dick's judgement was faulty, I will make overtures to Jen who will surely take me back because (after all) I'm Brad Pitt!

2939 days ago


I totally agree with you #6. The both of them are totally insane and stupid. "Hello, my name is Angelina and I want to suck your blood so I can keep it in a vial around my neck". Then we have the other idiot Brad "Yeah, I didnt even graduate from eight grade but this chick is to cool". Come on! Who wants them for parents?

2939 days ago


what if that was a fan attempting to take a pic and not a professional photog? would people still defend brangelina's right to assault through bodyguard an ordinary everyday fan? one of these days one of these bodyguards is gonna assault a photog who not only carries a camera but a gun as well and the rest as they say is "front page news."

2939 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

He must have thought that guys head was a pimple....

2939 days ago


I find these two offensive and I agree with other statements that they believe they are above everyone else. I also think it is insane to be bringing children into that environment. What happened to taking time off to be with the Chia-family they have created??

2939 days ago
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