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Jessica and Lindsay Wanna Be Mrs. Brightside

10/9/2006 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comJessica Simpson and party princess Lindsay Lohan took a break from their usual scene to attend The Killers show at The Wiltern in Hollywood.

The two were spotted by our cameras as they exited out the back tunnel on Saturday. Jessica, who was a little bit more talkative than Lindsay, was asked how the show was, and she assured us that the boys from Las Vegas always put on a good show.


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They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

jessicia the hoe and lindsay hoehan has no talent,at all;both put out,both would be good in porno ,for about a week, jaessicis and lindsay anal suprise

2937 days ago


you're weird #1- Lohan might be a lil dramatic- cause she's young and famous- Jessica's pretty and really other than the occassional ditz- why the hatred?

2937 days ago

U Know Who    

I was also backstage at this show. I saw Kimmel and Silverman and Bert from the Used as well as a hanful of others. But I didn't see either Lohan or Simpson, either before the show or after at the party?

Sure this was not on Friday night?

2937 days ago


Jessica Simpson said on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last week, "I'm going into doing another movie with Luke Wilson called 'Blonde Ambition'," a source revealed she may be speaking too soon. Wilson's rep told Star, "This project is in talks." And a source added, "Luke Wilson will never do a movie with Jessica Simpson."

2936 days ago


Jessica is such a loser. She's nothing without Nick. I saw him and Vanessa making out at a club (after his Atlantic City concert on Oct 8). He looked so happy and in love while Jess looks fat & depressed.

2936 days ago

fly on the wall    

Lindsey and Paris will one day grow up to be contributing members of our society and not taking from it or polluting it with their idiotic antics and garbage rhetoric. What I want to know is which should we save first from themselves?? Here's your salvation letter ladies, just jump while you have the chance and save the public the trouble of you renting space in their heads again.

2935 days ago

fly on the wall    

# 1

I can't believe that this URL is allowing stupid people to post comments such as yours. Deep rooted issues are dwelling in your soul son. That is why we have couches with therapists velcro'd to them. Get some help.

2935 days ago


I have to say..#1. Lindsay Lohan has alot of talent. More talent than alot of people who are TRYING to act now-a-days(Paris Hilton). She is only 20, who cares if she wants to go out and party? I don't know any 20 year-olds who don't do that, who date around, party, and just have fun. I think everyone just needs to chill out. Shes just living her life. She's still young, and she works all the time, so partying is not all she does obviously.

2933 days ago


Of the two 'ladies'...Lindsay is the one with the talent..Jessica, can't sing or act. Period. I can't imagine what it would be like to never be able to go anyplace with peeps and camera's following. I guess that's just the price you pay for fame.

2917 days ago

john miller    

The people that are interested in what peopledo in there spare time, going get a life and stop sitting around on youre fat asses eating chocolate, who gives shit

2916 days ago

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