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George Michael

Rocks Paris

10/10/2006 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No matter how many parked cars he allegedly hits, George Michael's fan base continues to show up.

Recently in Paris the openly gay singer gave an energized performance to a giant crowd of adoring fans - some of whom had come from other countries.

As his show opened, Michael was alone on stage with his backing musicians stacked on shelves behind him like unsold groceries. That left a huge empty stage for the notorious cop magnet to prance around, which is exactly what his fans were looking for.


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LOS ANGELES ????????????????????????????????????

2937 days ago


Have no idea! WAY TO GO, GEORGE!!!!

2937 days ago


Yay for George! Hope he comes to the US next.

2937 days ago

Johnny B    

He won't be making it to the States!! He's been too busy shaking the bushes late at night sucking off old, strange men... or he's going to end up serving time for taking out a bunch of people on a London street corner due to his excessive drug use and driving.

2937 days ago

Christina Bhatti    

This to Johnny B if your not a George Michael fan, why do you check out this site.I don't understand your comment, or people like you.look at your own like.Why do people believe the worst, do you think that a man who uses protection, is going to give someone head, Grow up Dick Head.I'm in the US, and i can't believe the stuff i've been reading.He's the greatest and can't be touched, get a life. C.B.

2937 days ago


I agree with Johnny B. I'm a HUGE George fan since the very beginning in 1982, but I've lost a lot of personal respect for him due to his recent shenanigans. He's still the greatest singer/songwriter of all time, but in "real life" he's nothing but a drugged-out man-slut. His outrage at the media and his cries of foul play and lawsuits when he's caught red-handed aren't going to work much longer. And it's sad to say, but anyone who continually passes out behind the wheel definitely should be worrying about the possiblity of causing a horrific, fatal accident. Is it going to take a charge of manslaughter to wake George up? Either get some help, George, or get a chauffeur. And stop criticizing Bush and the USA. You've lost any moral credibility to do that. Yet, despite all this, I hope he does tour the USA, and I will still go see him when he does, and enjoy every minute of it.

2937 days ago

Be MALIK    

I am de biggest Pakistani GM fan since 1996 :)
I thought he will never gonna dance again after 'Shoot the dog' controversy , BUT Then :) his last :( commercial album PATIENCE came and NOW this 25 LIVE TOUR , un beleivable , AFTER all this found sleeping in the car and other scandals its Just AMAZING , I wish I was there to see him LIVE.
There was some news that GM might do a duet with SADE n Mariah Carey but there are no duets with the two divas :(( I dunno why.
Lets see how this single goes , I just hope it has a very good Video to support the single :)
I have written a book of frestyle poetry AND in the preface I wrote that my songwriting inspiratyion is GEORGE MICHAEL :) , you can chk my BOOK's home page. bye bye

2937 days ago

charlotte lepot    

yes i saw the show in paris it was great!!! i can't believe this guy is supposely having a big problem with drugs as he sangs for 2 hours NO PLAY BACK, and his voice was perfect: he got to sing some old wham and classic GM...
a great moment

2936 days ago


Has Been!!! Still trying to hang on though.

2936 days ago


I'm a George Micheal fan. I love him. But I hope he gets his personal life together. I would hate to see him fall.

2936 days ago


I'm American but I was at the Paris show for both dates and it was, out of the two dozen or so concerts I've been to in my life, the best concert I have ever attended (and that's competing with the likes of Elvis Costello and The Rolling Stones). Sure, he may have problems but I don't love his music and singing because he gets in the papers now and then. I love his music and singing because 1) he's an incredible songwriter with an incredible back catalog and 2) his voice is amazing and so distinctly unique. So if someone occasionally has a brush with the law or does recreational drugs, I'm hardly going to judge him for it as long as he/she continues doing what they do best. And giving us a tour like this after 15 or so long years is like a dream come true. I really, really hope he comes to the States, but I had my doubts so I flew to Paris to see him as I have a feeling this could be his last tour ever. And if not, I didn't want to wait another 15 years! To all of you who judge him, well, that's too bad. A musician/songwriter should be judged for their product and talent, unless they're a pedophile or murderer or something -- and he is definitely Neither!

2929 days ago

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