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Mel Gibson Breaks His Silence

10/10/2006 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson talks to Diane SawyerMel Gibson says his anti-Semitic rant the night of his DUI arrest was the "stupid rambling of a drunkard."

Gibson told ABC's Diane Sawyer, "What I need to do (is) to heal myself and to be assuring and allay the fears of others and to heal them if they had any heart wounds from something I may have said."

TMZ broke the story detailing Gibson's tirade after his July 28th arrest in Malibu. He has since pleaded no contest to drunk driving and was sentenced to three years probation. The actor has also entered an Alcoholics Anonymous program.

The Sawyer interview will air this Thursday and Friday on "Good Morning America." Thursday's segment will feature Gibson's comments about alcoholism and drunk driving, and Friday's installment will deal with Gibson's anti-Semitic comments.


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Alyn Brodsky    

I don't believe this bastard's crap for a minute. I do believe, though, that he speaks for a lot of hateful people, many of whom spew their filth on this web style. It has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. It has to do with a chronically drunk celebrity who, if he were NOT a celebrity, would have had to pay the piper for his driving DUI and behaving like the hateful gross slob that lies behind that allegedly charming exterior of his. He did it before, he'll do it again, and all you idiots who love and admire this piece of moral sh*t--in particular, you hurtful, hateful bigots who look to him as yor spokesman--will-- perhaps--see how he has you bamboozled.

2932 days ago


The only thing that Mel can learn from this is: The next time I get caught drinking and driving, just keep my mouth shut the whole time. Absolutely no taking..about anything.

2932 days ago


I was outraged like a lot of people when the news of Mel's anti-semitic tirade broke and I may have even commented negatively at that time along with a lot of others. Now, I think Mel has had a lot of time to reflect and that he is truly sorry for what he said. He has apologised many times and gone through rehab so, it's up to other people now to just get over it and move on. Mel has done all he can to be forgiven - you either do or you don't.

2932 days ago


The difference between Mel Gibson and Bill Clinton is two-fold. First, Mel is just a celebrity and Bill was the "leader of the free world." More importantly, Mel got drunk, drove drunk, and spouted off to the cops. Bill was stone-cold sober getting hummers under the desk in the OVAL OFFICE!!!!!!! And not once, but multiple times. Then he lied about it, multiple times. And he never made an apology.

We should expect, and get, better behavior from our elected officials. And stop caring quite so much about what celebrities have to say!

2932 days ago


Who cares what he said? He was driving while drunk!! What if he would have ran head-on into your mother, brother, sister, daughter, and/or wife/husband. Would him saying "sorry" bring your love one back from the dead? People who have never lost someone to a drunken driver have no clue how horrible it is. How huge the fall out is, having to tell your mother her baby is dead for no good reason. And all because some idiot had to get behind the wheel and drive. You see I feel it's not about his asinine remarks, it's more about reckless endangerment of other human beings.

2932 days ago

Mary Kallaur    

Why don't you do a story on Andrew Young and the anti-semetic comments he made?

2932 days ago



Sorry for your loss. I agree the posters here have no clue what this is really about. Too bad because this is why, as a society we allow it to continue without creating and enforcing stronger laws against it.


2932 days ago


Yes, Maven, I do agree with the issue of DUI...correct me if I am mistaken, but wasn't he arrested? You do seem to be especially vindictive towards Mel. Methinks it's a bit much.

Paris was arrested for DUI, I do NOT remember all of this hate. Lohan, Jason Priestly wrecked his Porsche, Michael J Fox, and the list goes on...

Let's face it, what you are upset about are the comments, I've read your comments on his being a Nazi.

DRIVING WHILE DRUNK IS HORRIBLE. WRITE YOUR SENATORS TO ENFORCE STRICTER POLICIES. If this were truly your beef, then you should write your senators, who are themselves often guilty of the same crime....SAD AS IT IS, IT IS UBIQUITOUS.

Do something positive, and instead of cursing out Mel, go picket. Make an appt to see your senator re this issue, b/c hate to break it to you but Mel ain't alone. Wrong, but not alone.

So, we shall see, but I for one hope he gets treated for alcohism.

2932 days ago


1. Mel made a mistake. Forgive and be forgiven. We all have done something in our pass that we are sorry for. ALL OF US! Because he is a celebrity and it was news everyone has judged. Haven't you called someone in a drunken rage out of their name. YES!. For kirk that said he hates rappers, Paris hilton, some gays etc. HATE is such a strong word. There are people that we do not like the way they live or speak or act but to say we hate someone is so terribly wrong. We should try to not hate one another but maybe try to understand the way that person or persons action are. Mel maybe have some inter feelings he has to work on. It takes something like this for someone to get help. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIEOUS WAYS!!

2932 days ago


brea, I'm guessing you're from the south correct? No need to answer it obvious. The racist remarks and the violent tone gives you away. If we must throw treats around let's have some ground rules.

Learn to spell. It's hard to take terrorists treats seriously when your laughing at the misspelled word and poor grammar in the treating note.

Don't put your treats regarding "dirty nuke" on a site that knows your real email address. You see some of these sites feel obligated to report terrorist treats to the proper authorities.

And last. Everyone knows China owns America not the Jews.

2932 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Trenches at #36: I don't see you directing any of your outrage at the outrageous poison being submitted to this web site by so many vicious anti-Semites. I also hope he gets help for alcoholism, as do I hope for all the celebrities who DUI--but first I want to see them--ALL of them--do jail time, instead of, as seems to be the case, being interviewed on TV or being blithely ignored by the media, which seems to find them so utterly lovable.

2932 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

#39--Ghostly--You're right, that brea @ #38 is real trash. (By the way, I wonder if he/she realizes that "brea" is the Spanish word for "tar"--as in Los Angeles's famed La Brea Tar Pits. May we assumed he/she crawled out of some Southern tar pit?) From his/her vicious, idiotic, near-unreadable diatribe, I get the suspicion that, unlike so many uneducated Southerners whose parents are first cousins, this creature's parents were siblings. I doubt this one was graduated from high school. Indeed, I wonder if it was even graduated from kindergarten. Its comments have to be the most illiterate ever to have appeared on this web site, and that's going some!. If they did not reflect such irremediable ignorance, they would be laughable.

2932 days ago


Here we are again talking about Mel Gibson. Here we go again, saying horrible things about the Jews. Even one person commented on this site, to hate all Jews in Hollywood, to expect a bomb to fall on Israel and kill all the Jews. I hope the investigators see your comment. If you%u2019re stupid enough to post statement like that, with TMZ having all your personal info, you are declared a terrorist, and a threat. What are you people thinking? If what you say, can help you sleep better at night, great. But last I heard, Christian based religions preaches love for all, including the Jews. The Jews are the trunk of the tree, Christians are the branches. I'd like to call it a partnership. Christianity was born from Jesus Christ, a Jew. He preached love, and harmony, not all your dame racist remarks. How can anyone wish harm on any human being, and say you%u2019re religious on any account. For those who want to get rid of ALL those great Hollywood persons that are Jewish, I hate to tell you this, but we are Hollywood. I am even nice enough to send you racist people the link, to see all Jews you hate. What have we done to you? For those who challenge. Try reading the bible. You say your religious, and your little comments, try reading your own bible, if you%u2019re going to bring religion into the discussion. Hating Jews, is not apart of religion, nor committing blasphemy. Everyone has problems, all races, colors, and beliefs, but hatred, is a problem from the inside. It%u2019s not a drug. Alcohol, doesn%u2019t make you racist, it just lets your guard down, to open your mouth truthfully.
Again if it helps you sleep better at night, great. BUT know if you believe in G-d as a Christian, and that he will judge you. Be prepared, to get on your knees, and say I%u2019m sorry Jesus for hating all the Jews, I forgot you are one. If that's the case, better think about converting. I couldn%u2019t image living my life with such hatred, and I am a Jew. Do I forgive Mel Gibson, I don%u2019t have to, G-d will judge him.

2932 days ago


Right on person 42 you tell it like it is.

2932 days ago


Hmmm..the only people that can forgive Mel are the Jews he offended. Forgiveness is not anyone's to give but the people he insulted. I wonder if folks would be so forgiving of Spike Lee if he went on a anti-white rant or Spielberg if he went on a anti-Black rant. That probably depends on who was offended. People who are not members of the group the comments directed at really don't hold much water in this conversation and their "I forgive him" crap can shove it.

2932 days ago
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