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Madonna and Guy: Back to Normal

10/18/2006 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that the saga of the Malawian adoption winds down, Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are returning to their daily life in England.

Madonna was seen coming out of a pilates session, just like any other day, but with a few more cameras than usual. One camera was held by a parking officer, who was snapping shots of Madonna's license plate and the ticket he'd just placed on her windshield.

Guy Ritchie wasn't home changing diapers all day either- the film director was photographed taking a bike ride on the streets of merry old England.

So both parents are getting their exercise. Good thing, because just like any ordinary parents, when little David Banda learns to walk they'll need to be pretty fit to chase him around the house.


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Madonna is using this child for self-promotion

It is disgusting.

Why not give money to his dad so the child can live with his father?

2927 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Now why isn't she at home taking care of her new child? Some loving mother. I agree she's just using this poor baby for publicity, I swear that's sick & very sad. I'm happy he'll have a better life but a child needs the love & care of his mother, they just got this child & she's out screwing around. Not a big fan of Angelina Jolie but at least she spends time with her kids.

2927 days ago


Hello, Just because you have kids doesn't mean you now have no life. Obviously you people do not have children so enough with this judgmental crap. She needs to stay healthy for her work and her children.

2927 days ago


Helping the little lad settle in, how nice.

Yes, I've got kids. One is sitting on my lap as I type. There's no nanny in this house to do it all for me, I do it myself. I'll take a wild guess and say that's the same for Mrs. Scott.

2927 days ago


Well, good for you "IrritatingBrit" that you have no nannies and you're doing it all by yourself, but not everyone does everything the same as you do. Just because she's spending an hour or two away from her new child does not mean she is a bad mother and I am sure guy was with the kids as it seems its dark as he rides his bike. You people just make me sick. You come on her throwing your rude opinions out there on these celebrities like you're anybody to be judging someone. When you live within Madonna's life and you know exactly what she does and doesn't do with her kids or without perhaps you should just keep your lips sealed. And to you Mrs. Scott the woman does spend time with her kids and keeps them on her mind which is why when she tours she makes shure to do so around their school schedule. You don't know the woman and you don't know the true purpose of her adopting the baby. Although publicity I am sure is not one of the reasons and even if it were as long as the kid grows up happy, healthy, and well educated and cared for by Madonna and Guy who gives a rats ass if one of the reasons for adopting was for the attention, and also if she did not even want the attention she has no real choice in the matter since she is Madonna and the press are going to dig into the latest going ons of her life which at the same time its great because it brings attention to the sufferings of those poor people within Malawi. So, ither the way its a win, win. Leave your judgements to yourself especially when you don't know whats happening in the womans life.

2927 days ago


Funny, IrritatingBrit your name says it all. I have no nanny, but I manage to find time to work out and stay in shape. You should get a life as well. Better for your child that you're healthy and active.

2927 days ago


What is wrong with all these do-gooders in Hollywood that they have to go to another country to adopt a child. Do they not believe in adopting all the millions of children that are orphans in the United States? Or it is the new craze to adopt out of the United States. Could it be that they cannot pay off anyone in the United States to get a baby through the proper channels.

If you want to help 3rd world countries, fine, help them, but take care of all the American babies who need homes.

There are children starving in the United States not just Africa.

2926 days ago


Oh wonderful, just what we need Madonna raising another child. Is she going to teach her new son how to hang from a crucifix? Will she show her new son her sex book, will she tell her new son she is bi-sexual.

Will any Catholic church even Baptize her new son after her antics from hanging from a crucifix. That's it Madonna, keep up trying to shock everyone. And Madge, when your children get older a spit in your face for the slut you were and are, maybe you can hang them from a crucifix.

2926 days ago


she velcroed the kids head to the ceiling, she's got stuff to do.

2926 days ago


Don't you mean UNEMPLOYABLE ex-director? After 'Swept Away' he's not GO hope at every getting another job.

Other than wiping the new servant's ass.

2926 days ago


I think this whole situation is pathetic, I can figure out why it is even an issue and why people are getting so upset (and yes rude and jealous) SO WHAT! Madonna adopted a child who desperately needed a good home. It is supposed to be good to help those in need and you know what if she gets some publicity out of this (not that she needs it) than so be it. She is now responsible for this child for the rest of his life and I'm sure he will have quite a nice life at that! Yes there are many orphans in america and america is supposed to be a more advanced society, so perhaps the governments should start doing something about that. Too many people in this world have children, who should not! Having a child is a priviledge and not a right. I think it's great that someone who has more money than they know what to do with (doesn't even have to be madonna, could be anyone) has decided to donate $3 million dollars to chairty (for orphinage(s) in africa) and at the same time adopt a child in the hopes of making his life better. Everyone who seems jealous and outraged at the fact that she did adopt a child, should just get a life and mind your own business!!!

2926 days ago


One day you see Madonna ( aka Midge / Madge now that she feels she is Queen of England ) in a buttoned to the neck below the knee dress hawking her kids books on the View pretending that her kids and ALL kids of the world should and would read her book and love it , and she lets her kids read no other books or magazines or newspapers and NO TV because she doesnt want them to find out the world is a real ( and sometimes scary ) place. So,OK,Right? But then she remembered that people are now into JoJo and Cassie, and even Paris Hilton and what does she do she makes the most down in the gutter tour of her life even hanging from a cross ! Now a black child from a terrible place but not one from America and only after Angie and Brad did it first and with class .Way to keep up with the Jones uh Jolie-Pitts Madonna. Relax chile , you are damn near 50!
You could have given the Dad of the little boy a lot of money so he could raise his own child in their own culture, rather than taking him home to be raised by the Nanny.

2926 days ago


By the way #3 I have 2 children that are now young adults that are working , happy and self suffennt , I raised then as a working mom with no real help from their dad. My ex hubby was out their looking for a very young woman who wanted no children as the 2 he had were such a burden ( you know , with child support and such...) I tried to stay healthy for my kids , and by the grace of the good Lord and car pooling for school and summer camps with other working moms who also tried to stay healthy , we made it thru. Madonna has a NANNY ,or two or three, so I doubt she is really raising her own kids. Again why not adopt from America , if I had even 1/3 of her money I would adopt. However I do give to charities with focus on women and children every month , and to this day my kids still give time and money toward charites. I feel that I and the people I associated with when they were growing up helped to shape the people they are, and I'm proud to be their mother.

2926 days ago


Promotion? publicity? do you really think she need that? you are only poor people. poor in money and soul! leave her alone, it is her life!

2909 days ago

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