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Paul McCartney Speaks Out About Allegations

10/18/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul and HeatherSir Paul McCartney says he's going to fight his estranged wife tooth and nail, but not in the press.

The ex-Beatle issued a statement through his reps, and Paul has made it clear he will "vigorously" defend himself in divorce court. In court documents leaked to several London newspapers, Heather Mills alleges Paul brutalized her and was often drunk or high on drugs.

In the statement, McCartney's reps say "Our client would very much like to respond in public and in detail to the allegations made recently against him by his wife and published in the press but he recognizes, on advice, that the only correct forum for his response to the allegations made against him is in the current divorce proceedings."

The statement makes it clear, Paul will not take Heather's allegations lying down: "Our client will be defending these allegations vigorously and appropriately."

The reps say Paul has responded with "dignity," and is "saddened by the breakdown of his marriage..."


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jose greco    

In the 1990's on PBS I watched Sidney Poitier's Lifetime Achievement Ceremony, Paul Newman during his testimonial looked up at the Poitier's Family Box and jibed, "Smile Sidney, so I can see your face...Gottcha!", then the camera panned to President Bill and Hillary Clinton who was chuckling at the comment.
Tin Allen on SNL, " I only use american tools, none of them Jap jobs."
Heather Locklear (Sp) on Saturady Night Live, during her monologue with no appearent context " How about them Japs?"

2852 days ago


I don't think she'll do well in court--she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

2840 days ago

Confused on the Photo    

I bet the charges are true and this is his way of saying "NO COMMENT". What is it they say about a woman scorned..........(Locked out of this house in this case)....
Very Interesting.

2892 days ago


Good for him, keeping his mouth shut and not responding to Heather's smear campaign. It will all come out in the end and I predict Sir Paul will be vindicated.

2892 days ago


Heather Mills is a NUT! Paul responds how a typical, sane, person would respond to these type of allegations; with class and respect. He's already won the battle of public opinion, and he'll win the battle in court. Heather Mills has a sketchy past and rumors were flying around about her before there was word of a divorce. If Paul had a tendency for this type of behavior, don't you think we would have known about it, I don't know, like 30 years ago! He's one of the most forgiving, peaceful guys on the planet. This is the guy who wrote, "Let it Be" afterall.

2892 days ago


OK sooo, Heather is a COMPLETE bitch. She is a liar and so full of it, its pathetic. She should get ZERO support from anyone, as far as I am concerned she has ruinted herself in the public eye. So much for your 15 minutes Heather. I am glad Paul is taking it to the courts, she deserves nothing, its just like Stella, his daughter said, she was a gold digger. Hope Beatrice comes out ok with flipping crazy Heather, I doubt it. Paul will be her sanity. Heather should be tarred and feathered but she would probably like it.

2892 days ago


Take the high road Paul because no one believes this crazy skank anyway!!

2892 days ago


#3 Vader, agree with your comments. Paul also wrote "Get Back" .. to where you once belonged ..... which is where Heather will be going .... although after getting a chunk of Paul's money she won't have to go back to prostitution, as reported. The Brits hate her and are completely on Paul's side.

2892 days ago


this guy has class...............something that is missing from most people in the media today...because he was not "worldly" with women and had been in a loving marriage for 30yrs, he was not "schooled" on whore women gold diggers like his soon to be ex wife....women like that with a hooker past never change, he should have spent more time in los angeles. he would have been taught how to deal with all the gold digging bitches that live in this town. or maybe he should have hung around donald trump. the guy has no class but sure knows how to draw up a prenup....$2,000,000 to marla maples...ha, you go donald......its time women stopped stealing guys money. and go make their own not with their P$#%YS

2892 days ago


Linda McCartney had more class and good character in her little toe than Heather Mills could ever hope to have!

2892 days ago

Tazz Devil    


I agree with you, except that Linda McCartney had more class in her little toe than Heather Mills has in her wooden toe (hahahahaha!). What a piece of work Heather Mills is. Paul should have stayed a widower now he has to be dragged through the mug by a money grubbing english doxy!!!

2892 days ago


It is really sad that she felt the need to trash his name like this. How small minded and vindictive!

2892 days ago


a pre-nup would have saved all this trouble. sometimes, it pays to listen to one's kid whent they say one is marrying a gold digger. well, what's done is done. mccartney is doing the right thing in issuing a counter on mill's allegations. it seems, mills is out to get a huge amount of the former beatles' fortune. if she weren't after the money, this whole thing has been settled already.

2892 days ago


My question is, if he displayed this behavior, why in the world would she have a child with him? That makes her just a reckless as she supposedly claims he is......

I saw this Paul and Heather on Larry King crusading for Seal Pups in Canada months ago and she refused to let him talk. Everytime he would try to say something she would cut him off in the middle of his speech. I think Paul was so devastated by the loss of his wife that he rushed into this relationship.

2892 days ago


Timing is everything... the judge/jury will see that these sudden revelations are simply to serve her purpose: to get custody of the child so she can collect millions in child support. I predict court will go something like this: So you have police reports? Oh, you don't, Well, you told at least one person? No, you didn't? Well , you have pictures of the bruises? No, you don't have that either? And you are only revealing the abuse now, why? Well, I guess Mr. McCartney is the guy we have all thought him to be for the last 40 years, now get the hell out of my courtroom!

2891 days ago
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