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Madge Buys Baby Clothes -- For a Girl!

10/20/2006 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna has just adopted her Malawian 1-year-old son David, but could there be a new material baby girl in her future too?

TMZ has learned that an assistant from Madge's camp called the high end baby boutique Petit Tresor in Los Angeles on Friday and ordered over $7200 worth of clothes for a boy and a girl.

The order included cute onesies, pajamas and cashmere cardigans for a 12-month-old boy, as well as girly sweater sets, pink shoes with cherries on them, and a pink linen dress.

A source tells us the items were all shipped to Madge's London home and should arrive by Monday.

While it's safe to say the boy's clothes were for her new son, unless Madonna intends to teach baby David the joys of cross-dressing, the recipient of the girl's outfits remains a mystery.


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No doubt Madonna's "girl" clothes will go to Stella McCartney's new daughter Bailey. Madge and Mac are close.

2874 days ago


Madonna doesn’t deserve the global condemnation that has been hurled at her for seeking out a needy child to adopt and for possessing the means to make this happen with alacrity, as has been asserted, and which she denies. Indeed, she might be more properly cheered for disentangling a baby from the bureaucratic tethers of human rights groups that appear not to be acting in that child’s best interests but out of misplaced proprietary instincts.

If they genuinely care about this little boy — rather than what he might symbolize — the logic of their legal challenge to the adoption escapes me. All that money and effort so that a child might be disallowed a shortcut to a fine life, in a good home where he’s wanted, the kind of future that millions of forlorn children from destitute countries can only dream about.

Madge may have a Lady Bountiful complex going, but she might just as genuinely be pining for another child. There’s no evidence that she’s playing around with a precious human life here. Nor is there any evidence that she’s ever been other than a nurturing and conscientious parent to her own two children, or that her home — with writer/director husband Guy Ritchie — is an unfit place to put a child.

Angelina Jolie — who carries at least as much baggage as a self-absorbed star — goes around plucking adoptive babies from Asia and Africa and she gets appointed a UN goodwill ambassador for the expansiveness of her maternal heart. Bully for her. Meg Ryan takes delivery of a little girl from China, changes the child’s name twice in fretful indecision, and nobody accuses her of diva fiat or mere ego fulfillment. But Madonna, who’s done at least one thing right in her life — raising two lovely, palpably well-adjusted kids — gets slagged because, at age 48 , and apparently unable to conceive again (she’s often said she and her husband wanted more children) she found an answered prayer in a foreign orphanage.

2928 days ago


Did she screw up her teeth so she looks like she's from England? Fake accent bad teeth, a real trooper this one. If she wants to let her adopt a bushel of kids, let her. She can afford them..

2928 days ago

My two cents    

Well said #2. Could not have said it any better.

2928 days ago


Dressing the kid in drag already I see. J/K I like her and think she's trying to do something positive in Africa even if it is for Kaballah or whatever... It doesn't really matter. At least she's trying.

Btw, People are always accusing Angelina of buying or plucking kids out of orphanages just like they do with Madonna. They say she's doing all the good she does for publicity. It's because they are not Americas sweethearts. If Julia or Reese did the same things that Madge and Angelina are doing everyone would love it and cheer them on.

Reese and Julia and all those other american sweethearts are probably the real heartless bitches in reality.

2928 days ago


Well, well.....ol' Vadge is at it again. I'm just glad she's adopting rather than procreating once again. A talentless tw*t indeed!

2927 days ago


What is wrong with these people adopting children from third world countries? Do these not know about children that the United State has.

There are also babies and children starving to death in the United States. It is people like Madonna, Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie who should read about the starving children in our own country.

Do they think it is trendy to adopt outside the United States.

2927 days ago

White Girl    

Here's a f***ing great idea:
How's about all you guilty RICH NO TALENT HACKS adopt some poor kids from one of those sh*thole countries that use to be a part of the Soviet Union? When you adopt children of color its like your adopting to draw attention to yourself's. "Hey, look at us we're filthy rich and we have a RAINBOW of happy little children. AREN'T WE GREAT!!!"
Cultural Genocide, that's what it is!

2927 days ago

White Girl    

STAR, you ignorant slut!
WTF have you been smoking sweetheart? Okay, put the frigging dictionary down, and step away from the Hash pipe!

2927 days ago

Zimbabwe Bob    

How many tickets does she have to get before she becomes a pedestrian?
but there are other...more important questions:
Did she need to dip the baby in Kabbalah water before letting him into the house?
If she's going to make the baby wear girl's clothes, why doesn't she just dress him up in some English Roses ensembles? What's the matter with her??
Is she going to stop channeling God while she's under scrutiny by social services?
Will she Africanize herself for cultural reasons by getting a grass skirt and a clitorectomy?
If she has to send the baby back, will there be a practising child psychiatrist, pediatrician, and exorcist on tap in the village to see to his needs?
enquiring minds want to know.

2927 days ago


Like Coco said.

There's plenty of London kids could use good homes, too.

They're not cute, cuddly babies so I doubt they'll suit.

2927 days ago


maybe she friends with Melissa and Tammy Etheridge.

2927 days ago


Star, I have the sneaking suspicion that you're on Esther's payroll. So you're argument for this "adoption" is that everyone else has done it, why can't Madonna? Sweetheart, it doesn't matter how many of these self absorbed, self righteous, narcissistic stars purchase babies, its still wrong. Ethically, morally wrong. Madge is catching heat because she was so flagrant with her acquisition. Advocacy groups have quetions? F*ck them. Against the law? Change the law. Don't they know who I am. And by the way, just because the Ritchies are wealthy, that doesn't make them fit parents. As I see, it their children spend more time with nannies than they do with their parents.

2927 days ago


I%u2019m with ya all the way %u2018david's advocate%u2019!!!

F*ck her and that baby. Give that little snot nose brat back to the dilapidated orphanage where he belongs!!! The father now says 'leave Madonna alone, at least she was here to help where were her critics?' Well I say f*** him too right "david's advocate" ? We agree this kid should not benefit one bit from this "self absorbed, self righteous, narcissistic" celebrity trying to give this kid her same highfalutin life style. Why that bitch.

2927 days ago


This is my sincerest advice to Madonna...Your efforts have been wonderful here...But as they say... no good deed goes unpunished!!! These so called human rights groups are attempting to cloud the issue of your adoption of little David in order to gain publicity and thus raise their profiles in the press...hoping that this will translate into them making more money via donations. They couldn't care less about poor David!!! Now with them intentionally interfering with this adoption matter in terms of David's family...and his father making conflicting statements just about every few that he has been told by the media that you are rich and famous...I would say that it is time now for you to back out of the adoption process here. Tell the media, that although it breaks your heart to do so...the tampering in the adoption process by these so called human rights groups and the press...having nothing to do with David's best interest and welfare...has convinced you that these people would rather see David's life destroyed than to see him afforded the best opportunities in life as he is growing up...opportunities he could use to his advantage as an adult when he would most certainly have returned to Africa to help his village. Now, because of the human rights groups (non profits for profit) and the media's willful interuption in the adoption is apparent that their misguided and horribly intrusive acts have placed the adoption in irreversible the ultimate detriment of the innocent and impoverished child!!! You did your best Madonna...and God is smiling on you at this moment. Although I'm not a fan of your music anymore...I am a fan of your loving actions where David is concerned...You've fought a valiant battle...but I suspect that you will win the war for David and others when the media and these protest groups are stung with mass critism for causing the the adoption's collaspse!!! Here's wishing you the best Madonna and keeping you and yours in my prayers!!!

2926 days ago
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