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Temper, Temper!

10/22/2006 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hell hath no fury like a celebrity scorned (or snapped). It's hard to be a fabulously rich and famous performer beloved by hordes of adoring fans. So is that what makes celebs snap, or is it those pesky paparazzi?
celebs fight back


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Celebrities have it so bad these days. Not only is the public fickle because there's so much of everything, millions of sites to download whatever, 100's of tv channels(so it's hard to stay glued on one), movies come out on DVD in a few months now.

But the paparazzi is really getting out of hand. Unlike many years before the paparazzi can now sell their pictures to millions of websites like these. Instead of fighting with many other paparazzi to have monthly magazines feature there pictures (who tend to be more discriminating). There so much money to be made because I never remember it being this bad, just walking out your door.

2831 days ago


I still do not understand why the celebrities don't carry pepper spray around to give them photogs something to think about??? It would only take once or twice and you'd have a rep so the rest would back off. Personally I can wait for the posed picture on the red carpet and do not need to see them picking their nose.

2831 days ago


Just more evidence of Sienna Miller's drunk/stoned bizarre behaviour. Now if only we could get someone to pull a few of her hairs, we could have them tested to see how many different illegal drugs she's on.

2831 days ago


You're right! They should carry pepper spray...what kind of life can they have when the photogs today are always in their face?

2831 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Cameron took that little dude down!

I'll bet it is true what they say - big camera, small dick.

2830 days ago


Yeah I think it sucks to be famous now...but I'm gilty for buying the mags! Love to see them in their natural state. All that money is probably not so great now.

2830 days ago


I am so sick of having celebs bitch about the photogs. They yern to be famous, be in mags, be in hit movies, etc. Then they get it and they bitch and complain all the time. Although, having a photog on your home property, stalkers, etc. do suck. But you can't be famous and not expect to have your life chronicled in a rag mag or a rag website. You can't command respect that you don't give, bitches.

2830 days ago


Invariably when an article is printed about celebrities lashing out at the paparazzi there is always someone who hands down says that they are whiney bitches for complaining when they knew going into their careers that their lives would be disrputed. I sort of agree with asked for the fame, you got it. However, on a human level, I think most of them never really realize the impact that a camera in your face everytime you walk out your front door has. I notice usually that when most celebs go off it's in a fit of rage and they usually just LOSE it with a photog and GENERALLY it's not planned and kind of out of character (with the exception of Avril Lavine's recent spitting campaign...I believe she planned that). I think in most instances they get overwhelmed, just like any other person would, whether they chose the fame or not. Yes, they wanted fame and yes it was the career they chose in life, but you really can't expect them to be super-human. EVERYONE snaps once in a while.

2829 days ago


this is funny,
all the celebrities who throw there little tantrums are the ones that no one likes, sienna miller COMEON! its a joke, im sorry i only remember her in one movie that flopped like her "boyfriend" jude law. And since we are on the topic of jude law, get a life man! dont kick someone!! you need that leg for something else man!. to all the celebrities who are in stardom, YOU ARE IN THE SPOTLIGHT DEAL WITH IT !

2829 days ago

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