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Did Snoop

Sneak A Weapon

Into O.C. Airport?

10/23/2006 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop D-O-(double)GTMZ has learned that rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg (aka Calvin Broadus) was busted for attempting to carry a weapon through an airport security checkpoint.

According to law enforcement officials, Snoop attempted to walk through an X-ray machine at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif. late last month with a 21" collapsible baton packed in his laptop computer case. Orange County Sheriffs' deputies were called to the scene where they detained the rapper and confiscated the weapon.

Snoop was not arrested, however, and we're told the Sheriffs Department file was sent to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

The D.A. may decide as early as today whether to file criminal charges against the rapper.


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Mike V.    

I'm surprised they didn't find any of his "smoke" in that computer.

2889 days ago


This is a non-event not worthy of the time of the police or prosecutors. Those collapsible batons are less destructive of dangerous than a common pipe wrench. I know Snoop is a convicted felon and that make no difference either.

2889 days ago


ID-10-T error.

2889 days ago


See how rumors spread. It wasn't a gun, it was a collapseable baton commonly nicknamed an "asp" that cops carry.

2889 days ago


and this is shocking because???? you expect this ghetto thug to be an upstanding citizen...ummmmmmmm NO!!!! he is such a waste, and a talentless criminal...cut your nasty fingernails too......YUCK

2889 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

hey stup dog ,you cant carry weapons to the airport,you cant smoke blunts on the airplane, i am not playing the race card but he is one dumb mf

2889 days ago

Throat slitter    

Haters - so what he had a judgement lapse. If you can't stand him move on to the next celeb - bunch of ignorant asses!!

2889 days ago


#21 Megabite we got it -- a collapseable baton. Was he going somewhere to lead a marching band in a parade? Come on, cops carry them to wack people -- they can be used as weapons. He purposely "hid" it in his computer case. Maybe he was just being a smartass to see if he could pull one over on airport security, but in these times, he made a very poor choice.

2889 days ago


Hey, Snoopy Dumb Dog are you crazy? You just make yourself look bad. It's time for you to grow up. You Old Stupid Dog

2888 days ago


Guns should be taken away from those kind of people. Just another wana-be.

2888 days ago

get a life people    

Another rapper with a gun LOL I am shocked...What another jerk with no talent...He is taking up air..

2888 days ago


ya'll some haters...leave SNOOP to his business. you swear like ya'll haven't done something dumb...trying to bend the rules and sh*t. His "blackness" has nothing to do with this and the "you people" comment was just ignorant. He did what he did, he got caught, and he might be punished. Get over it..

2888 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Dear Puh der Baer:

Yes, Snoop the individual did a silly thing but beyond his misstep...isn't it a silly and bizarreAmerican dream and right to have the right to bear arms? isn't the NRA primarily supported by light skinned red necked morons from the red states? and isn't the Republican party, headed by WWW one of the biggest supporters of all that nonsense...I think so buddy.

2888 days ago


It's a sad thing that the Homeland Security folks did not drag him off to a deserted spot at the airport and blow his friggin' head off with a murderous barage of machine gun fire. He could then join those other slimeball rappas/hippitty hoppas in that big sewer in the sky. Piece of ghetto filth.

2888 days ago

Puh der Baer    

White Girl, I can't say you're wrong, 'cuz you ARE right. But you miss my point. The right to bear arms is a freedom we enjoy as a freedom-loving country, but like all our other rights, it's hoped/assumed it will be used judiciously. As we have the right to freedom of speech, common sense dictates things we can't say or do, and with the weapons (I know, it wasn't a gun...), ESPECIALLY these days, we have to have control. But my main point, and check me if you think Snoop was really carrying that for a hunting expedition of some kind, or other legal main point is that (and I don't think I'm stereotyping here...) rappers have to live the life for cred...and it's really a shame that so many rappers, and yes, black athletes that are bleedin' millionaires, for christ's sake, still feel the need to live the life that society would deem foolish for somebody that doesn't have to, somebody's who's MADE IT. The American dream is to achive success so you DON'T have to live in a crappy neighborhood, associate with thugs who'll shoot you for blinking the wrong way, to live without the problems people struggle with every day. And yes, I can't tell somebody how they should live; agreed. But when did it become shameful for a black person to make a fortune, and better himself? And why is doing something other than throwing your money at jewelery and wheels "selling out the black folk", or "being white" ???
It's just amazing that people who have such an incredible opportunity to live a great life (and again....I KNOW people live their own lives, and it's NOT UP TO ME to tell them how to live...) want to still run around with guns and stay in places and situations where trouble is CERTAIN to find them, and all for (usually) the stupidest, most petty bulls*&t stuff.. Why is it so awful to climb out of the hole blacks talk about not being able to get out of???

2888 days ago
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