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The Game: 50 Cent Doesn't Scare Me

10/24/2006 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Game: Click to watchThe war rages on between rappers The Game and 50 Cent, fighting like members of the Sharks and the Jets -- through music.

With the release of his new album, The Game wants everyone to know he's not afraid of Fiddy - "I've been shot five times man, once in the heart so I don't think I'm afraid of any rap stars and their words. I've been on the street with real gang members, so stars don't scare me."

Though The Game's five shots certainty quality him as "gangsta," they're a far cry from 50's alleged nine.

The Game: Click to watchIn the song, 'Not Rich, Still Lyin', Fiddy even takes aim at The Game, questioning his street cred and claiming his shootings were fabrications, but Game's not fazed - "May God bless them in whatever they do but in hip-hop the throne belongs to me and anybody throwing rocks at it or challenging it you'll see me dismantle their whole existence."

While we're not looking to get our existence dismantled, The Game definitely loses some "gangsta" points for appearing on the dating show "Change of Heart" -- and losing.


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Ricky Ticky Tock    

That new Game album is dope. I didn't know what to think of him before, but I can say this album made me a fan. Good old fashioned west coast hip-hop thats listenable. I suggest you cop if if you like rap.

2879 days ago


The Game is playin' himself with his "bite thehand that fed him" tactics. I'm hearing alot of propaganda concerning Game's self proclaimed best rapper out here. Well Game... you haven't taken not just the nation, but the international as well by storm like Fiddy has and with him giving you cred in the "Game", truly displays your long imitated tactic of "Talkin sh*t when you finally get somewhere", instead of extending the blessing that you've been given to someone else and not surrounding yourself with tokens whom allege themselves with you so that their ignorance too can shine. If I were Fiddy, I'd say my peace with you and let you hang ya damn self.... I made my bones in the streets and I am not scared of you either, so what does that mean because I can say that? Huh Get some Wisdom and really earn the moniker of "The Game" for real.

2876 days ago


To some, this is a silly, childish ploy to make more money and increase record sales. Others will see it as two people who simply don't like each other and express that disliking in their music. Whatever the case may be......when it all boils down, my pockets (or yours) aren't getting any bigger concentrating on 50 Cent or The Game. I mean, I guess to some extent it's news (or at least what passes for news) when a celebrity doesn't like another celebrity...but wow, reading about it and typing comments on websites makes it news. In the end...who really cares.(?) When it's said and done they are still going to be millionaires and rap icons....we will still be the people just talking about them.
Ellis.........your comment contained a long laundrylist of disdain regarding the hip hop genre and inner city youth. You include yourself as a member of "civilized America" and in the same statement you express your willingness to kill people and be hailed as a "public hero". Maybe you've spent a lot of time in the inner city and you're qualified to parallel the differences city youth and "civilized america". If me out because, I can't. Is "civilized"america where so-called snipers (who aren't fighting any wars) shoot people at random? Is it where highschool kids go on shooting sprees killing teachers and peers, simply because they were picked on? Is it where serial killers eat their victims and store the remains in freezers? Or maybe this "civilized" america you speak so fondly of is where mothers drown their two young children and blame faceless strangers. If you can point me in the direction of this civilized america Ellis....feel free to contact me @

2875 days ago


50 will eat Game ass up!

2875 days ago


man fuck the game he a p***y a** fake a** mothaf***a 50 cent would break that niggas back.

2870 days ago


I agree that all this rap beef is a bit much. I been a fan of hip hop for 2 decades and I must say that hip hop has reached its all time low, but for some of you who insist that Game and 50 shoot each other up is udderly ridiculous. If you're not into hip hop, that's you're thing. Keep on truckin, but dont suggest that because you dont like a certain genre of music, those artist should be dead. I think that you're all jealous because you have to work and 9-5 and dont have any recognizeable talent besides hating on someone makin more $$$ than you. In fact, instead of talkin ish, why dont you show us how it should be done. Oh that's right, you cant!


2869 days ago


I think that The Game is going for his and is lashing at 50 Cent and Dr. Dre for not pushing his first album from 2005 enough. That's why he's going after those two on his second one. Almost every song on his new album goes after either Dre or 50, especially on the first 7 songs. And why don't they stop rapping about how many times they were shot? Find some other things to rap about on your future albums! It gets old and distracting after a while!

2854 days ago


I know the girl from change of heart fells real sh*tty!!!! And as for 50 cent he got ran out of his grandmother's neighborhood how is that gangsta?? GAME if you see this message CHI-TOWN will hold you down STONES make the world go round!!!!!! ABPSN MOE From TERROR TOWN ANONAMOUS

2852 days ago


The Game is awesome he can rap better than 50 any day so watch out 50 cause hell out number your sales anytime anyday!

2919 days ago

celeb exposed    

But i am scared

2919 days ago


LOL....This shit reminds me of the ole "meet you at there !!....OMFG GROW UP !!!! . And it's prolly over a girl too !.. I CAN'T !!!!!! LOL .

2919 days ago

The Truth    

Shoot em both and don't forget to vote the greedy pigs out of congress...

2919 days ago


all this punk talking will lead to some shooting we can only hope. If enough of you Gs or DAs shot each other we can finally raise our shovels to this crap called rap. so c'mon bada sses shoot to kill & take time to aim.the more tupaks the better...just memories......

2919 days ago


P.S. I did not look at the clip so, the "girl" thang might e wrong. Sorry ! :)

2919 days ago

Danny the drunken dwarf    

two ignorant fucks, they both need one more bullet!

2919 days ago
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