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Babs -- "Shut the F**K Up!" and Dance

10/26/2006 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two weeks after unleashing the F-bomb at her concert in New York, Barbra Streisand's raw expletives have been remixed into a dance song.

Barbra Streisand
Earlier this month, Babs performed a humorous skit on her tour that featured a George Bush impersonator. After eliciting a few jeers from the crowd, Streisand asked her fans to "be polite." When that tactic failed, Barbra retorted, "Shut the f**k up! Shut up if you can't take a joke!"

Now, Lucian Piane aka RevoLucian, a New York songwriter/producer, has turned Babs' four-letter-word diatribe into a thumping club track entitled, appropriately enough, "STFU." (We think you can probably discern what that stands for.) "STFU" is making the rounds on the Internet and, considering Streisand's loyal following, is sure to be a huge hit in (gay) clubs across the country in no time.

Although Lucian has not heard from the Streisand camp, he tells TMZ, "It portrays her in a positive light, making her into a champion." And if she doesn't like the track, Lucian jokingly adds he'd tell her, "Shut up if you can't take a joke!"

No word from the Streisand camp if Babs plans to add "STFU" to her tour set list.

To listen to the uncensored version of "STFU" go to


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That's hilarious. If you're going to continue to degenerate TMZ by posting non-news, at least it should be something funny like this and not vid promoting repulsive thief PerezH. Is Harvey Levin paying attention to what's happening to this site? All the promise for it being an actual news resource is GONE!

2886 days ago


Awesome tune. This is going to be a huge Dance Hit...too bad they didn't mix it with her recent dance hit Night of Your Life, which was another Dance would be a huge hit

2886 days ago


When is she going to Shut The F*** Up. She can't sing anymore.

People are paying to be entertained, not listen to his liberal views.

She already had one farewell tour, how many times to we have to say good-bye to a washed up liberal bitch.

2886 days ago


Don't know what people see in that dried up, ugly bitch, wish I had her money tho.

2886 days ago


Wow, she's always been a tw*t. Now she's a world-class tw*t!

2886 days ago


Come on TMZ is this dried up old bag really news?????

2886 days ago


SHUT THE FUCK UP may have had an alright voice...but you have always been one of the UGLIEST FACES ON THE PLANET. Keep your political views where they belong...shoved up your big fat white ass. Bitch.

2886 days ago


I met her for the first time through a friend of mine named Johnny Desmond. They were playing the leads in "Funny Girl" on Broadway. We could often hear her backstage. She had the filthiest vocabulary I have ever heard. It has always been F--- this and F--- that. She was disgusting and embarassing then and has only gotten worse. Her voice is gone....long gone. Someone should tell her to just shut up. She is a disgusting woman.

2886 days ago


you need to SHUT THE HELL UP may have had an alright voice, but I gotta tell you...your face is one of the UGLIEST on this PLANET...shove your political views where the sun don't shine...nobody wants to pay that kind of money to listen to you
..blah blah bitch

2886 days ago


I love it! Right on Babs!

2886 days ago

Craven Moorehead    

Cease & cesist letter arriving at Chez Piane in 10....9....8....7....6

2886 days ago


ROFLMAO @ this song. It's great! It's actually really well produced. Just wait 'til some kid obliviously strolls into their classroom with their I-Pod and headphones on singing along with the song, "Shut the f**k up!" LOL

AAhhhh..*sigh*...we're such degenerates. LOL

2886 days ago


Barbra is a national treasure in the USA and is admired by the rest of the world too. Too bad those right wing republicans cannot accept her for who she is, with her beautiful voice, attractive face, sexy body. Barbra you are the 8th Wonder of the World.


2886 days ago


Monica, call the doctor and get you a perscription of lexapro. Your dilusional.

2886 days ago


Barbra definitely has a sexy body. Piane is also the musical genius behind the hot new teen musical "In Your Dreams," which agent John Buzetti may be looking to agent, that is aiming to take out DIsney's insipid "High School Musical." (And ahem, did "HIgh School Musical" really steal one of its songs from the Broadway musical "Hairspray?" Inquiring minds want to know.) "In Your Dreams" recently debuted in New York City with Diana DeGarmo of "Hairspray" playing the heroine Helen, the girl with multiple personalities who is running for prom queen at her local high school. The "Dream Girls" producers are hot and heavy on the track of signing on to this as a film, as is Hugh Jackman's production company.

2886 days ago
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