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Has Flav Really Found Love?

10/26/2006 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deelishis may have won Flava Flav's clock, er, heart on the season finale of "Flavor of Love," but is their relationship in the cards?

Flava Flav
Professional numerologist Hans Decoz has taken the numerology behind the duo's names and broken down their personality traits to AOL Horoscopes.

Decoz says Flav's real name William Jonathan Drayton is "dominated by the number 8, a number which reflects money and power." Something the Flavorettes are well aware of. The general rhythms and tones of his name resonate with the number 1, "representing a true original." Do you know anyone else who wears a giant clock around his neck?

As far as Deelishis is concerned, Decoz says her real name, Chandra Davis, is "dominated by the number 5, a number associated with risks and rewards." Anyone willing to compete for Flav's affection against New York is definitely a risk-taker.

Based on his research, Hans says Flav and Deelishis "have qualities that would make them compatible, or at the very least help us understand what attracted them to one another."

That may be true, but considering the fact that the "Flavor of Love" finale was one of the highest rated shows in VH1's history Deelishis' days may be numbered, no matter what Flav says.


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Let me queenbicth1 tell you something!!!! THIS I'AM serious about this f***ing guy flavor of SPOOKER POOPER' hey i hate a pervert that is what he is he so discusing just to write this i'am getting sick wait....(throw up).. he sucks .these girls are more then stupit if they have to let this ass touch and taste the goods before hand . well they only doing what they do best sell ass on t.v rigth all you hoe's .......wat hoes do bronx in the house by . pooper of love

2859 days ago


it is obvious to me that when flav first appeared on VH1's "The Surreal Life", people were attracted to his role along with Brigitt Neilson that they got their own show and when it became apparent Flav was the real ratings booster they gave him his own show. it is a funny show to watch but to take any of what he or these women are saying serious is utterly rediculous... this was all part of the master plan..... "Putting Flav back in the Spotlight". VH1 gets massive rating with this guy and he is getting a check so of course soon enough you will hear about The Flavor of Love 3!!

2858 days ago

don't worry bout it    

all I gotta say is for all yall dats hatin yall need to stop. Yall sayin he needs to grow up but look at yaselfs, yall talkin junk cuz yall ain't got sh*t. He he could care less what yall think he's getting his and I'm happy for him. So flava and deelisious, do da damn thing, and I wish the best for yall, peace.

2835 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

this one stupid mf,I dont know how this guy has a show,but I dont know how Pestacite had a show ,but she did,

2886 days ago


I'm sorry...You could not pay me enough money to even go on his show or even try to act like I like him...Everyone keeps saying he has money...Well, I'm one of those females who doesn't care about money!!!!!!!!! espcially not his!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2885 days ago


her real name is london charles. this article is bs. she has her own website

2885 days ago


She's NO Bridgette Neilson!

2885 days ago

kill bill    

well if this guy is getting laid, i'm going out tommorow depending on the price of the clock and gold teeth. this guy is dumber than well dumber than anything i can think of this is over the top. when that chick that married stallone was doing him i thought no freeking way. what was it. pookie. mookie. i think i'm going to get hammered wake up and see if this is for real. if i wake up next to rosie from the view i'm taking a header off the roof

2885 days ago

What the hell happened to Eddie!    

her real name is Chandra Davis and her stage name is london charles--how many strippers or soft porn chicks you know that go by their real names ?

2885 days ago


He's nothing more than a egotistical freak!!! Who cares about this C-lister?!?!?!

2885 days ago


Flav was on the Tom Joyner (African-American radio host) Show earlier this week and revealed he had a seventh baby on the way - apparently between seasons one and two he impregnated some other skank. He also said he was still dating (sub)Delicious but had no intention of ever marrying.

2885 days ago


he is so nasty,how can anyone take him seriously. he needs to grow up.

2885 days ago


As soon as Flav bitch slaps that ho deelishes a few times her big ass will be heading for the door. I don't think Flav has used up all that ass yet and that's why there is no word of a break up! makes you think if bootz would have givin it up to Flav would he have picked Chandra Davis.... Though right on boots i wouldn't have wanted to f*** him either so you did the right thing bootz! I mean at least you don't have to worry about catching anything from Flav!!!!!!!!!!!

2885 days ago

Mike C.    

It's just a show and he's playing the camera.

2885 days ago


Flav oh, gosh ...........He is so BRUSTED ugleeeeeeeeeeee just to dark and eeeeeeee,All these girls kissing him. Close your eyes and picture someone else.
The show was to funny, I wished they showed more.

2885 days ago
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