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Danny Bonaduce:

Trick or Treat?

10/30/2006 4:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

danny_bonaduce_wi_240-1We're not sure what he was supposed to be, but a shirtless Danny Bonaduce channeled his inner cheeseball at Dave Navarro's Halloween party on Saturday.

Perhaps not wanting to let his long hours at the gym go unnoticed, Bonaduce ripped his t-shirt off, which nearly revealed his 'red carpet,' upon arriving to the costume ball.

No matter how ripped your body may be, that's still no excuse for coming up with such a lame non-outfit. Boo!


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Yes Danny I know you walked in on those kids doing the nasty Susan and Keith wasn't it and that was difficult for you. I remember you showed me years ago. Good luck

2916 days ago


#58 -- DeeDee -- Yes, Gretchen DOES have some serious psychological issues. I do not say that cavalierly or to be catty. She DOES have some serious problems. What kind of normal person marries the way she married him to begin with? Someone else wrote earlier about a co-dependent relationship and that's what it is.

2916 days ago


No matter how ripped your body may be, your face is stil ugly.

2916 days ago


I can't believe VH-1 kept his show on the air.

2916 days ago


He doesn't look bad for a 50 yr. old freaked out, washed up, has been, drugged up, narcisistic, loser. This "Partridge" needs to be cooked in a nice wine sauce. Wait! I do think he's been stewed in wine on more occassions than he'd care to admit already. Long live the "ripped" Bona-doofy.

2916 days ago

Britney Spears    

If he was REALLY serious about getting help, he'd do it off camera.
But I think he is so ADDICTED to fame and drama (among other things), that he won't take this seriously.

I think the first year's show was helpful to other addicts, so kudos for that.
BUT now it's like he's expoliting his illness for fame and fortune.
He needs to do this in private or he'll never heal.

His wife needs help too.

Those poor children.

2916 days ago


all i can say is ihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE U SERIOUS????? D Partridge and Paris should hook up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2916 days ago


I only watched one episode of his VH1 show and was sickened. Gretchen has become a professional victim. She should have left him long ago. She is not thinking of the best interest of her children. I worry that their daughter will end up in a relationship that mirrors her parents. Then Gretchen will sit and wonder "Why is my daughter subjecting herself to this"

The fact that this so called "therapist" that they have on the show didn't see them at all during the "off-season" of the show just goes to show that they aren't serious about getting help or making it better. If they were they would have continued therapy off air.

2916 days ago

Cheddar america    

He has to pay the have to feel sorry for him,he is going no where fast.
Hum wonder if he bopped Susan Day ?

2916 days ago


he looks like a barrel monkey..his arms don't fall straight down! Yuck...and he's red too ewwwwwww.....blahhhhhhhh

2915 days ago


damn danny was sup sh*t i didn't know it was like that your wife is one happy bitch ill tell you that lol and just so everyone nows haters are motivaters lol

2915 days ago


Why can't anyone posting here spell???
Are there any educated people out there in cyberspace?
Oh wait, I'm on TMZ... never mind....

2915 days ago


Danny's no more of a freak than Dave Navarro and the rest of hollywood and musicians.

2915 days ago


Gretchen claims to be a Christian so she shouldn't have had strippers in the hotel room. Even though it wasn't her idea and her girl friends had them over in "fun", she should have said, "Thanks but no, thanks." Even though Danny over-reacted, he was right to say how he felt about it. She needs to learn to respect his feelings even if he did over-react. He needs to STOP the drinking once and for all. Only then can he start all the other work that needs to get done. Maybe she should start taking him to church with her and not to some phony baloney liberal type church that doesn't believe in the bible and Jesus as Lord. I feel sorry for them and their kids and you people on this blog can sure get nasty.

2911 days ago


Wow there is a lot of Hate on this board. Doesn't anybody even feel a little sympathy for the devil????

2906 days ago
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