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Meds or Not, It's All Cool Between Katie & Brooke

10/30/2006 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing mends a celebrity rift like a baby.

Katie Holmes seemed to forget the firestorm of controversy created by her man with regard to Brooke Shields this weekend, when she ran into Tom's former abuse-target at a private party in Los Angeles. Katie's face lit up as she gazed upon Brooke's daughter Grier, and the love-fest (however polite and camera-ready) continued throughout the rest of the conversation.

Looks like any ill-will concerning Tom Cruise's bashing of and subsequent apology to Brooke about her use of medication for her post-partum depression seem to have melted away.

Are playdates with Suri and Grier far behind? Stay tuned.


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the wise old owl    

Post #41 Hippo : Hey are you ? Good blogs from you once again. You are right about the photo shoot that was a BIG JOKE. I too have never heard anyone other than a Scientologist confrim Suri existence. I see you spotted a shill who came on here singing the priases of Scientology. THey do love to surface every now and again.

Post # 44 libraesque : That was an informative editorial. You know how wacko this cult is when you read that. My God ..........those poor kids. It shows you just how sick they are to restrict visits from Grandparents who are not Scientologists.

That explains why Tom keeps them away from Nicole. By the time those kids are raised 24/7 by Scientolgists they are pretty much hopeless. So brain washed and so manipulated that there's no way out. I feel sorry them. A product of Tom's controlling ways ......with absolutey no choice. Suri is next.

2879 days ago


Drink in hand no baby geesh whats up with this chick.

2879 days ago

Susie Bush    

Of course it doesn't look like her, it's a side view

2878 days ago


19. So I was curious about Scientology and motherhood/raising children. Now at least I can assume that connor and isabella are busy doing the chore of raising suri , till she can be idoctrinated wholly into the church. The first article gives an insight as to why their granparents are miissing from the picture..Such Wierdos. Seems Nicole became mature and was able to resist this nonsense ( I wont be suprised if the church was active in getting Midget man to divorce Nicole..maybe he couldnt attaint the highest rang of power till he had a scientologist family...enough to make him want to find the nearest puppet) ............. only to be replaced by a young woman who cannot resist the charm, control , fame and money that comes with Cruise. Mr and Mrs Holmes do something..Are you not normal enough to be concerned about this nonsense. :

A little literature for Katies parents below...WAKE UP

Posted at 2:35PM on Oct 30th 2006 by miapocca

2878 days ago

Susie Bush    

May I ask why you posted that again Mia?

2878 days ago


While I wanted to see what Suri look like it was kind of weird that some people felt like Tom & Katie had to show their child off for all to see.

Brooke has not done that much, so she gets her pic taken and they are happy. But if Katie were to try and do the same with Suri she would have a wolf pack on her heels and why even put her child at risk.

2878 days ago


Miapocca thanks for the links. I agree with you completely.

2878 days ago

Susie Bush    

46. Drink in hand no baby geesh whats up with this chick.

LOL I'm sure if you were married to the biggest jerk in the universe you'd have a drink in BOTH hands

2878 days ago

pissed off at the system    

I can't understand why Katie never has her "baby" with her. They've already sold pics of Suri to Vanity Fair so it's not like we don't know what she looks like. Normal mothers take their children out in public. If Suri really does exsist Katie should keep herself at home instead of out attending fashion events and shopping. I'm so sick of people who don't take responsibility for their children. Raise your own kids, quit paying other people to do it for you! I would give anything to be able to stay at home with my son. I've decided being wealthy also makes you f**king INSANE.

2878 days ago


Are you people stupid or what?

Their obviously aint no baby, DUH cant you see the kid is never with them? Katie wanted a kid so bad then again she never takes her anywhere, come on people this is too much, I mean traveling going to parties theirs not one pic of her kid!

1.So ask yourselves was their even a baby?
2.Was that kid really theirs?
3.Why does TomKat go somuch to see Toms daughter, but their never with a baby that needs attention?

Why? EASY.......THEIR IS NO DAMN BABY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2878 days ago


I agree with #59 I dont ever see the kid, so I assume their isnt a child!

2878 days ago

Susie Bush    

ummm, calling people stupid? is stupid...besides there are tons of us that have SAID that Suri isn't really their kid, try reading the WHOLE POSTS before calling people names o.O

2878 days ago


True i would have the bottle in my hand------Misery loves company so they deserve each other

2877 days ago


You know, one thing for certain is that Katy is being well tutored in scientology at cruises expense so she will nto suffer any financial loss. She also will be gaining a well acomplished sceintologist of the highest order :)))
I guesd if you fail at normal living and lilfe gets too stresful and lonely you can join the non wogs ot up your confidence............
So waht happened with the travolta kiss....did the non wogs kill the story???
seems there are a lot of rumored fags in this institution. Maybe mind control beats the gayness out of them.

The dirt and ugliness cast on the hubbard name cause one to pause. Even though Jesus in not accepted as the prophet in all religions, he still has a whoel lot of good assocaited with his name...........never heard of him beating women and commiting bigamy etc.. Sorry Christians, I didnt meant o draw any equalities between hubbard and the big guys son.I know I know I know its almost blasphemy to write the two names in the same blog...................

2877 days ago


Katie at least looks happy. Why not? She is enjoying being Mrs. Tom Cruise, famous and rich. I guess she thinks she gets everything. What a golddigger!!!!!!! I don't respect Katie at all. By the way, why is she always wearing the black? She's trying to look classic? or what? Katie, wake up! Nobody respect you. Just IMO.

2877 days ago
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