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K-Fed: Haters Are Motivators

10/31/2006 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-FedThe day we have all waited for is finally here. K-Fed's highly anticipated album "Playing With Fire" has finally arrived at a record store near you. To celebrate, TMZ will enlighten your day with genuine pearl of wisdom from the Federleezy himself.

"I won't ever be a back-up dancer for anybody again. I think we all have established that. But I'll do it for myself."

Brilliant. Be on the lookout for K-Fed backup dancing for himself on his current tour of venues that can miraculously sell enough tickets to cover their power bill. Sorry Cleveland.

All kidding aside, the album has generated significant interest around the country, but Kevin is still constantly taking shots from music critics and haters alike. Shocking, we know. But K-Fed says he uses the criticism to motivate himself into being the best Federline he can be. "You can't really get anywhere without someone gawking at you or nitpicking at what you do."

Well in that case, K-Fed, the world is your oyster.


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Kevin Johnson/The Famous Guy    

K-Fed is simply doing his best to provide for his family!
People should leave him alone.

2912 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Idiot douchebag. And talentless, I may add.
I think he spent too much time in the Dutch Oven

2912 days ago


This is definitely a case of serious self-delusion and *not* self-esteem. K-Fed (Up) is just as pathetic as equally trashy wife.

As for their being "considerable interest" in his CD: Come on! Who is TMZ trying to fool? Dude got ripped plenty of new a**holes on this website alone and now, all of a sudden, people want to hear this douchebag "rap?" I don't buy it for one second!

Britney Spears deserves this loser and they both need to crawl back under their rocks where they belong. Their 15 minutes expired a LONG time ago.

2912 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

K-thug has no talent,he is living off britts skirt,you couldnt pay me to go to his show,HE SUCKS

2912 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Providing for his family?!?!?! Looks like his family doing nothing but providing for HIM!!! Useless piece of s**t that he is.

2912 days ago


Britney must have invested alot of money on this idiot, because he hasn't disapeared yet.

They need to pack up the family and move back to Tennessee!

Kev, if you leave the weed and jack daniels alone long enough, you, yourself will realize what a fool you have made of youreslf. When will you get it?

2912 days ago


As far as Kevin crawling back under that rock...have you been to Malibu? It's gorgeous. And Miss Honey...I'll have some of that Jack and MJane. Please.and.Thank.You.very.much. Hell yes I will.

2912 days ago

Puh der Baer    

I'd pay (with the wife's money) to have somebody put a spin on my sh**y life too, if I were nothing but a talentless, ignorant, spineless, creepy, slothful, delusional douchebag like K-Mart. Maybe he can get Idiot, I mean, Eliot Mintz to ghost it.

2912 days ago


If Haters are Motivators then this FOOL must be on overdrive!!!! Hey K-Fed, you still givin free BJ's?

2912 days ago


Uh huh. He backup dances for himself. And he never really meant to fall in love with Britney while another woman was having his child (out of wedlock, of course). Nah, it "just happened." And he wants to go to Africa. Or he thinks of raising his kids on a know...with "the wife" (I think he forgets her name). And he likes being a dad of four at a young age, though I"m still trying to figure out when he spends any time raising his posse, er, family.

Please...someone make him go away. For the good of the universe, just make him go away.

2912 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Another reason to question whether or not there is a God, and that he is fair.
More power to you Mr. Kfed, ride that funwagon 'till the wheels fall off.
Spend that bitches money, keep knocking her up...and would you once for all the horny loser guys, like me, slide the love salami between her ample bosoms and glaze her face with man mambo sauce, please?

2912 days ago


#13...that is just too nasty.

2912 days ago

no pervs allowed    

K-Fag just asked the school board of Dumb Blonde Middle School to rent out the short yellow bus for his American Tour. Unfortunately, due to the lack of ticket sales and cancelled concerts and a CD that is only being purchased by his Sugar Momma and then given away to the clones, it does not look like he will be able to afford the gas to keep the bus running. The only ride he will ge getting on the short yellow bus is a free pass back to the trailer park, where he moved into after the carnies fired him for not being white enough. Guess that's what happens when you want to move up from the trailer park to the ghetto and become a rapper. In the mean time, there is an effort to boost CD sales to the clones, Sugar Momma is offering a free ride on her coat tails and a position as a back-up dancer on her next tour to anyone who has enough recycleables saved up to actually buy the CD.

Staff Reports
White Bread rapper K-Fag has announced due to zero sales of his new CD and the prediction none will be sold by the end of the week, he will be giving them away. Though it is unconfirmed that if Sugar Momma buys all the current CDs that are collecting dust on store shelves and gives them away, that it will count towards earning a Gold Album for sales. An accountant close to the rapper and his benefactor predicts, Sugar Momma will run out of money and have to mortgage the trailer before Platinum sales will be reached.

2912 days ago


i with you #2!

2912 days ago


Post #11 Michele..........AMEN

Famous GUY/DWEEB............shut the F up. Tired of reading your ramblins and seeing your dumba** posts on other sites.

Take K-DUD with ya.

2912 days ago
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