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Calls Sen. Kerry

'Mel Without The Booze'

11/1/2006 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in a fit of right-wing pique, called Sen. John Kerry "Mel Gibson without the booze" over his remarks on troops in Iraq on "The View" this morning -- and Joy Behar didn't like it one bit.

Elisabeth and Joy began their sparring when Joy criticized President Bush and his lieutentants for "making hay" out of Sen. Kerry's remarks on Monday when he suggested to group of students that a poor education would lead to their being "stuck in Iraq," offending troops and politicians everywhere (Kerry said yesterday that he mishandled a joke, and meant to criticize the Bush administration.)

That persistently doctrinaire right-wing political thinker Elisabeth jumped all over Kerry (and Joy), equating the Senator to "Mel Gibson without the booze," slamming his flip-flops, and then defended President Bush for his "higher IQ" and "better grades" than Kerry while the two were at Yale. Joy was having none of it, and the two exchanged a flurry of invectives.

But -- surprise! -- it was Rosie defusing the situation with a few bars of her favorite Barbra. And it all made that other Barbara -- Walters -- put her head down in (perhaps not-so-mock) exasperation.


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Alyn Brodsky    

I'd like to see Rosie flush this amn right-wing fundamentalist taliban Elisabeth down the toilet, where ll sh*t belongs.

2880 days ago

lady mcbeth    

Get rid of Hasselmug - looooooooooooooooser!!!!

2880 days ago


Better then debate was Joan Collins saying she hasn't done anything to her tight and frozen face! And also Barry Manilow lip sinking... in which the track started before he did! (TMZ... you should show those two highlites...)

2880 days ago


When Elisabeth got backed into a political corner she equated Democrats with terrorist in her final comments. Please email abc and tell them how dangerous it is to have anyone saying those words. Should she be taken off of the show?

2880 days ago


Jhon Kerry is 100% right! I have a couple of friends in the navy and all they talk about is getting their school paid and the government buying them a house!

That is if they die they dont get sh*t and neither does their family of course, I do respect them for having the balls to go out and fight for this country but they are dying and killing people just to have a better life!

Now go ahead and talk sh*t if you want you Bush ass kissers!

2880 days ago

pissed off at the system    

Would someone please put a gag on that idiot(elisabeth)! Although I don't agree with Kerry word for word he has a point. There are a lot of men and women who join the military right out of high school because they are poor and have nothing else going for them. Joining the military is a way of escaping poverty and bad neighborhoods. Eventually they can become more educated because the military will pay for college. Not everyone has a mommy and daddy who will pay for college and everything else in life. Elisabeth get a clue!!

2880 days ago


Why does Barry Manilow sing at all? He is the worst damn singer in the whole wide world.

2880 days ago

Miss Smith    

Elisabeth is a walking propaganda machine. Does she do any research on her own, or just spew out what the official party line is?!
This has nothing to do with left or right - she is an idiot.

2880 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

now you see why we didnt elect this dumb ass president,bush isnt very good but he would have had us far worst off,democrats suck,they are abunch of cry babies,there isnt a thing he could had done to help the USA,carey is a jerk

2880 days ago


A leading Republican has already admitted that Republicans know full well that Kerry was talking about Bush and not the troops. Such a lying crowd!

2880 days ago


#9 STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2880 days ago


go elisabeth!!!! joy behar is an ignorant wrinkled old comic who happens to not be funny. elisabeth is articulate and actually has a degree from boston college. . . where did joy graduate from?

as always, john kerry is an embarrasment to himself and his state, but at least he has again helped the GOP.

2880 days ago


You people are unbelievable. The whole point of the show is to discuss current events/news from different points of VIEW. Emily, Molly, Eli and "Mother Godfrey, " YOU are the ones who need to get a clue and be more respectful of other people's opinions.

I agree with Lindsey, the whole Joan Collins debate was the best!

2880 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Kerry was trying to be humorous and because he is a stiff, humorous prick who during the 2004 allowed the opposition to define him and his service to our country during Vietnam he responded quickly to the people who said he was "knocking" the troops. He wasn't and I don't think he meant to, you have to see the whole clip and then make up your mind.
The good news in this is that MAYBE Sen. Kerry will decide aganist seeking the Democratic nomination in 2008. Kerry you might recall was a volunter who left college to join the Navy. Bush, Cheney et al did everything, like a lot of my generation, to avoid serving.
Having said that, I know it won't make any difference to those who have allready closed their minds. JUST EVERYBODY PUSH AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD AND MAKE SURE TO VOTE NOVEMBER 7!

2880 days ago


I watched The View this morning. I agree with Rosie's analysis that Republicans will view Kerry's remark as a slam against our troops, and Democrats will say it was a comment directed at our President and not the troops. Rosie read that part of the speech the way it was written, Kerry ad-libbed that part, causing the problems. Why would Kerry insult our troops when he saw combat duty in Vietnam -- a claim Bush cannot make. Sorry, Elizabeth, you're grasping at straws and sinking in your own Republican stink.

2880 days ago
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