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Calls Sen. Kerry

'Mel Without The Booze'

11/1/2006 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in a fit of right-wing pique, called Sen. John Kerry "Mel Gibson without the booze" over his remarks on troops in Iraq on "The View" this morning -- and Joy Behar didn't like it one bit.

Elisabeth and Joy began their sparring when Joy criticized President Bush and his lieutentants for "making hay" out of Sen. Kerry's remarks on Monday when he suggested to group of students that a poor education would lead to their being "stuck in Iraq," offending troops and politicians everywhere (Kerry said yesterday that he mishandled a joke, and meant to criticize the Bush administration.)

That persistently doctrinaire right-wing political thinker Elisabeth jumped all over Kerry (and Joy), equating the Senator to "Mel Gibson without the booze," slamming his flip-flops, and then defended President Bush for his "higher IQ" and "better grades" than Kerry while the two were at Yale. Joy was having none of it, and the two exchanged a flurry of invectives.

But -- surprise! -- it was Rosie defusing the situation with a few bars of her favorite Barbra. And it all made that other Barbara -- Walters -- put her head down in (perhaps not-so-mock) exasperation.


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#23 Lindsey -- maybe poster #20 is intelligent enough to realize Kerry's comment was directed at President Bush, the one who got us into this ill-conceived war under false pretenses.

2911 days ago


To Eli who said this " Jhon Kerry is 100% right! I have a couple of friends in the navy and all they talk about is getting their school paid and the government buying them a house!

That is if they die they dont get sh*t and neither does their family of course, I do respect them for having the balls to go out and fight for this country but they are dying and killing people just to have a better life!

Now go ahead and talk sh*t if you want you Bush ass kissers!"

They are fighting for a better life for YOU and the rest of America you a**hole. And please note that I wanted Kerry to win (thank God he didn't), will forever hate Bush, this amisnistration and the whole freaking war, but I can't help but cheer for our brave men and women out there. Kerry and Elizabeth must come from the same line of botched DNA. And to think that I adored her when she was on Style!. Yuck!!!!!!!

2911 days ago


It seems that these women are always fighting amongst themselves, either for more vocal time, or too get their opinions across and to make people think their way. Elisabeth is a weak person and mayber should not be on the show...She seems to want to cry too much...Joy Beher is just a plain silly bitch, with a mouth as lous as Rosies, so she should not throw stones at glass houses.....This show has become "A CAT FIGHT AMONG PEERS" its fun to watch these bitches try to out bitch each other...that is why I watch the show to see a BITCH FIGHT EVERYDAY!!!!!

2911 days ago


It's funny to see these hens ruffle each other's feathers! Elisabeth is not educated and her lack of it shows! To compare the Senator to Mel is absurd.

2911 days ago

lady mcbeth    

Boy, it's just toooooooo damn bad that Kerry botched that comment cos it's so true. Bush has spent his life slipping and sliding through responsibility and all of a sudden, his daddy buys him the presidency and now he can't make a decent judgment call to save his soul. I'm sure he thought this little presidency gig was going to be a piece of texas toast for him - if it wasn't so damn tragic for all those lost, it would be laughable - but then again, that's all we can do now is laugh at him till he's gone. Sometimes it doesn't hurt so bad when you laugh.

2911 days ago


We went to war to protect Bush's oil. I feel sorry for all the innocent lives lost. If there is a hell Bush will be there right next to Hilter and Charles Manson.

2911 days ago


wow #13 (k) you are such and idiot, i am still laughing.....before commenting on how someone is educated maybe you should educate yourself. you asked where did joy graduate from, well first i'll start off with the fact that she use to be a english teacher, second she earned her M.A. in English education from SUNY-Stony Brook, oh and it doens't stop there she also has her bachlor's in sociology. so "k" does that answer your question.

2911 days ago


Look you ass Sarah,

I never said I dont support our troops since you so kindly quoted my comment if you knew how to read


Dont tell me what their fighting for when my best friend is one of them, but Kerry is right because the government promises them things for them to go, and I completely agree with #35!

So stupid ass Sarah before you criticize me read my comment right!

2911 days ago


john kerry and joy behar are some of the ugliest liberals out there, not taking into consideration barbara streisand, al franken, allen colmes, hilary clinton, nancy pelosi, sean penn, tim robbins, natlie maines, michael moore - come to think of it, they are all ugly.

2911 days ago


she went to queens college- thats impressive!!! she sure talks like thats where she went to school. #36, i bet that would be an accomplishment to you.

2911 days ago


To the person that asked about where Joy got her degree, it was from SUNY. It was a degree in English. Elizabeth Hasselbeck graduated with a degree in the arts, and then went on to be on Survivor and marry a football player. Who is more educated? Clearly Joy is, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an idiot who got lucky by being on Survivor. She's no more politicaly educated than my f***ing cat is, she runs off at the mouth spouting whatever the current party line is, and can't back up anything she says. I wish they would remove her from The View, perhaps if she keeps running her idiot mouth, they will.

2911 days ago

U Know Who    

Well the FACTS are this:

95% of people in the United States Armed Forces


75% Of the General population - HAS A HIGHSCHOOL Diploma.

So either way what Kerry said was lame at best.

And Molly - OH PUH-LEASE - Democratic Senators and Congress persons equate the GOP to Terrorists daily.

Drama queen often?


2911 days ago


I'm (kind of) glad he said it.I doubt he'll ever get elected for President.!

2911 days ago


"K" YOU F***ING IDIOT MA STANDS FOR MASTER'S DEGREE!!!!! Oh and Boston College is such a high profile academic school, i forgot it ranks right up there with Standford and Yale, my bad!!!! Oh and since you obviously can't read SUNY-Stony Brook is not queens college, although i'll give you credit for looking that little tid bit of info. up to try to correct me, she went to both you ignorant peace of sh*t!!! High Five For K!!!!!

2911 days ago


As a woman in the military who knows first hand about the war, I need you all to know that what you are saying is so offensive to those of us who don our uniform everyday...not because we grew up poor and uneducated, but because there is deep seeded love for our country in our hearts. It is who we are; you cannot be a troop, airman, seaman or soldier unless it runs through your blood.

John Kerry is a P.O.S. He was dubbed 'Hanoi John' back in his day...even proudly displayed the nickname on a t-shirt. John Kerry-Vietnam War-Purple Heart...blah, blah, blah...he got one of those Purple Hearts for glass flying into his a$$, the other one...he didn't even miss a day or work. His policy on POW's and going back for them...and I quote "they will be dead soon anyway, leave them".

Do your research, before you back him up. Oh...and while you are at it...look up his wife...Teresa Heinz (yes, it is the ketchup)...and look where 45% of the profits from her company (yes...the ketchup) go to...terrorists group...the key phrase and word to look for would be T.I.D.E.

I support my Commander in Chief. And I know that the time I have served, that my husband has served, as well as my brothers and sisters in arms have and continue to serve overseas is not about oil like you idiots say...we are rebuilding countries and lives that were dictated by evil; we are showing them democracy and freedom. We are giving them food, shelter, medical aid...remember...first hand experience.

Kerry is an idiot...and an enemy of the military and America. And once again, like most people, I joined the military because I love my country...I educated myself before I joined the military...not because 'mommy and daddy' helped me...because I was determined to live a better life than I did growing up. And thanks to the military, I am able to continue my education until some dumba$$, like Kerry says we don't deserve a free education.

2911 days ago
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