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Calls Sen. Kerry

'Mel Without The Booze'

11/1/2006 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in a fit of right-wing pique, called Sen. John Kerry "Mel Gibson without the booze" over his remarks on troops in Iraq on "The View" this morning -- and Joy Behar didn't like it one bit.

Elisabeth and Joy began their sparring when Joy criticized President Bush and his lieutentants for "making hay" out of Sen. Kerry's remarks on Monday when he suggested to group of students that a poor education would lead to their being "stuck in Iraq," offending troops and politicians everywhere (Kerry said yesterday that he mishandled a joke, and meant to criticize the Bush administration.)

That persistently doctrinaire right-wing political thinker Elisabeth jumped all over Kerry (and Joy), equating the Senator to "Mel Gibson without the booze," slamming his flip-flops, and then defended President Bush for his "higher IQ" and "better grades" than Kerry while the two were at Yale. Joy was having none of it, and the two exchanged a flurry of invectives.

But -- surprise! -- it was Rosie defusing the situation with a few bars of her favorite Barbra. And it all made that other Barbara -- Walters -- put her head down in (perhaps not-so-mock) exasperation.


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Mean Old Bitch    

#23.....I take it that you are a Bush supporter. #20's daughter would not be in Iraq if it was not for Bush.

Aside from ignorance...........

Is it me or is Elisabeth starting to act like Starr?

2878 days ago


you have got to be kidding
first Joy went over the top against Bush. about weapons of mass destruction which john kerry said were there too. cant stand people who rewrite history. JK is one of the weakest politicians in history with so many mistatements its pathetic. when is the last time his wife apeared with him publicly.

also rosie statements was false when she tried to chime in "saying it was the worst month ofor our tropps since the war started" which is false it is the 4th worst. im in the middle for various reasons but joy is a dumb ass maniac. i have alot more respect for rosie. ps do you really think a first term barak obama should run in the election is 08. god i have more respect for Oprah. at least she has caused change.

2878 days ago

Mr. Maine    


Kerry has apologized for his mistatement

2878 days ago


Why is Star Jones an option? She is pretty and is better off without all those loser broads yaking away about nonsense.........................................

2878 days ago


K-Shut the hell up! Elisabeth isn't voicing her opinion. She couldn't have an opinion of her very own if she tried. She is an IDIOT plain and simple and needs to shut her ELF face up as she has no business talking politics or ANYTHING for that matter! She needs to go back to Survivor. That is what she is known for is it not? Taking her shirt off? Perfect example of why she needs to keep her mouth shut.

2878 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

EL-Phantasmo - A lot of people with MBAs are crooks - a high percentage of them in fact.

Sooo what I am saying is that Bush's degree may lend itself to the fact that he is deceitful liar who supports unethical people. And Elizabeth is one of many who supports all of the above without even thinking about it first.

2878 days ago

U Know Who    

I love how all the super lefty libs. Either want Elisabeth dead (VERY nice) or for her to just STFU (again VERY nice and tolerant I might add).

WOW - Lefty Lib folks don't want to hear ANY opinion that is not theirs. I like that I seem to recall this being called...uh facism?

It's America last time I checked, she can say what she likes HER opinion or not.



2878 days ago


(#29 )How is it ignorance? Post 20 was insinuating that Elizabeth said what John Kerry did.

She said that her daughter has a 4.0 and is fighting in Iraq. My comment, was that she should direct her anger over the education comment at John Kerry.... because it's HIS comment... NOT Elizabeths.

I think post 20 confused the two.

2878 days ago


hey bats, i agree w/you. how ON EARTH can TMZ ask who is the most heinous and have star jones named on there?? that's ancient history. i think a helluva more apt, definitely more qualified for the most heinous vote is good ole, done-nothing-but-my-claim-to-fame-is-i'm-a-reality-tv-"star" liz hasselbeck. PLZ, PLZ, LET SOMEONE FROM THE VIEW GROW SOME BALLS AND GET RID OF HER!!!! she's an idiot. and i'm a conservative republican myself, but that gal just needs some to beeyotch slap her.

2878 days ago

The Truth    

Oh, please... he made a mistake from a scripted joke. Funny who's complaining about patriotism... Tony SnowJob, G W, Darth Cheny. What's their military record... ummmm? They all went to school to avoid service to their country.

Although the statement from Kerry came out wrong it seems like that they all were probably laughing at their local draft board cause they fooled the system. Stay in school ='s not having to go into the service.

Don't forget to vote next Tuesday

2878 days ago


Go Elisabeth! I cannot believe that everyone slams the only conservative on The View. I wish people would realize that half of this country is liberal and the other half is conservative. Yet only 25% of The View is conservative. If The View was proportionate, there would be one more conservative, and one less liberal. Then Elisabeth would not be the only one respecting and defending the president, our troops, etc. I have one question. If this was an ad lib error--why won't Kerry apologize? And for those of you who do not know, or conveniently forgot--he has slammed our troops before. Yes he served in the military--but in politics he says whatever teh crowd wants to hear.

2878 days ago


You all can suck Clinton's crooked tiny d*ck and milk off of John Kerry's tits. Asswipes. You go Elizabeth.

2878 days ago


I served in the Army for five years with time in Egypt and Bosnia. I agree with Kerry because he stated an unspoken truth. I should have listened to my elders and gotten a degree and either became an officer or gotten a career. I tell all of my younger friends and relatives: DO NOT be tempted by the military. GO TO COLLEGE, and if you still feel the need to join, be an officer. Do not be an enlisted grunt (like I was) that will rot in the desert for back to back deployments and be cannon fodder for no reason.

2878 days ago


Number 40, you still have not explained why Joy has more of a right to express her political views over Elisabeth. I have degree in both English and Political Science. I assure you that an Engish degree does not qualify anyone as well versed in politics.
By the way, it sounds like you are a little jealous of Elisabeth's good fortune.

#44 before you go on about having an English degree, you better review your punctuation, or doesn't the "shift" key work on your keyboard? Did you receive your "degree" from the same college Borat went to?

2878 days ago



All of your expensive degrees obviously didn't earn you any class. You'd hope that with all the time you invested in your studies you'd have learned to express yourself without relying on all that filthy language to make your point.

I think the reason John Kerry won't apologize is because he said exactly what he meant to say! While there is some truth in it, it was obviously insensitive when there are so many people dying (uneducated AND educated) in Iraq.

2878 days ago
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