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Who's That With Paris?

11/3/2006 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ's cameras and our ubiquitous Josh Levine hit our two favorite clubs in Hollywood -- Area and Hyde -- on Thursday night for another exciting edition of Star Catcher.

The night started out with quite a bang; we eyeballed our favorite heiress (and who hasn't?) sneaking in the back door of Hyde with a mystery guest. Paris and this mystery woman were seen alighting from Miss Hilton's car, but while Paris enjoyed the usual explosion of flashbulbs, Woman X was covered in a black sheet.

This was not an Iraqi refugee in a burqa, but it could have been party girl and Paris antagonist Lindsay Lohan. We couldn't make a positive ID, since we spotted Lindsay in three other places driving her own car and wearing a white beanie. But wait -- could it have been a supposedly-rehabbing Nicole Richie hiding underneath that black shroud, not wanting her handlers to know she's fled the reservation? Hmm ... you watch and decide.

Also out flaunting the fact that their lives are simply more fabulous than everyone else's; record producer Scott Storch, the Simpson sisters (Jessica and Ashlee), "Entourage" eye candy Emmanuelle Chriqui, Dylan McDermott, Mike Einziger from Incubus, Matt Dallas, Hayley Duff, Brody Jenner, and Donald Trump's beautiful daughter Ivanka.


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Who cares?!

2909 days ago


definately NOT la lohan, as she is no longer a red head (she has been seen sporting the goth black hair look again) - my vote is that was the out-of-rehab NICOLE RICHIE!

2909 days ago

Florence Jorgenson    

The person under the burka is Nicole Richie.

2909 days ago


that's Nicole. x17online has it.

2909 days ago


If you don't want people to see you, stay the f*** home.

2909 days ago

Puh der Baer    

I wouldn't want to be seen with her, either.

2909 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Not wanting to be seen with that pile of human feces; point in their favor.
Hanging out with her anyway....

2909 days ago


Hey Famous Guy, shouldn't you be delivering tin cans?

2909 days ago


that's nicole richie

2909 days ago


they should have put that burqa on Parisites head.

2909 days ago

no pervs allowed    


Have you seen this clone: She is a D-lister, looks like Skeletor, will do anything to have her photo taken for doing nothing, and will be sporting a watch that only counts down 15-minutes of fame.

News Release:
There has been a breach of security at the Niki Hilton Clone Rehabilition and Substance Asbuse Center property once again. A blonde clone bimbo was seen snail trailing onto the property and breaking out one of the in-patient guest. Thinking it was Halloween still, Niclone was convinced she was going to Micky D's for a Happy Meal befiore going out trick-or-treating. Dressed in an Al-Quada burka, she was tethered down and flown into an awaiting escape vehicle. Witnesses state that the blond clone bimbo was no other than Parasite, who was looking for a BFF du jour, since losing the last one due to curfew laws. The dynamic clone duo were last seen trying to sneak into the back door of an "underage drinking is okay" establishment in LaLa Land. itching their noses, the two were hoping the the slopes were iced and open for skiing, but realized, the place was for water-down drinking sports only. Parasite was later overheard, saying, that the pair's next stop would be the Bulimic Boutique on the chic Cloneo Drive, where they would do some shopping instead.

2909 days ago



2909 days ago


Who are half of those people? Tons of pictures are taken of them but I never see them published anywhere. There famous because they go to clubs?
I guess if your trying to be famous or get back in the spotlight you go to the one place where anyone with a camera will take your picture. PATHETIC, So SAD

2909 days ago


You know you've hit a new low when your friends don't even want to be seen with you!!

2909 days ago

Mad Balls    

Several persons this could be ....
1. Body double for the "Crabless" crotch scene
2. Her new Agent
3. Thefamousguy ...I knew he was a girl !!
4. Freddy jr..... He's a girl too , I knew it !!
5. Tom Cruise .... Can't be seen without the Kate/girl
6. Rush Limbauhd " GOT ANY VICs' "
7. ANS -- Trimspa Baby !! Anyone seen my Methadone ?!?
8. Iraq translator .."How do you say Ho in Bagdadian ?"
9. Her sister , she finally realized the toll of being seen in public with Paris
10 . Paris's new driver-- they can't recognize me so it makes it harder on the insurance claims

2909 days ago
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