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Man Busted

After Allegedly Threatening to Kill Duff

11/5/2006 9:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

hilary_duff_stalker-1Hilary Duff's alleged 18-year-old stalker has been arrested and sources tell TMZ the bust occurred after the man threatened to kill Duff this weekend.

Manhattan Beach cops arrested Maksim Miakovsky, an 18-year-old Russian emigre, at a Residence Inn last Friday. He was booked on charges of making criminal threats and stalking.

TMZ first reported last month that Duff and her boyfriend, Joel Madden, were terrified that Miakovsky would do harm to them. Duff and Madden asked for a restraining order, alleging that MiakovskyStalker gallery: click to launch "has stated his intention of 'removing' his 'enemies' (i.e., those who prevent him from being with her), has stated his intention of purchasing a weapon, and has threatened to kill himself and to engage in dramatic actions to get her attention."

Sources tell TMZ that last Friday, a private investigator from Sunset Protective Services contacted Miakovsky at the Residence Inn and Miakovsky stated his intention of killing Duff on Sunday at an event she was scheduled to attend.

According to legal papers filed by Duff, Miakovsky came to the U.S. "for the sole purpose of meeting and becoming romantically involved with Ms. Duff."

Miakovsky is currently being held on $200,000 bail at the Manhattan Beach jail. He's scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.


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Wow! I'm glad they got him. He can NEVER get out. Joel Madden and Hilary Duff didn't do anything to bring this on themselves. Gosh, I hope the court protects them and this guy is never allowed to walk the streets again. What a crazy, unsafe,screwed up guy this is. He should not be part of society ever again! I agree with #7. This guy will never be rehabilitated. Too far gone.

2905 days ago

Vanity Anne    

0mg!!! that is s0o terrible!!! yall all haters that say they deserved this........yall need to get 0ver all the gossip ab0ut hilary & j0el n0t needing t0o be t0gether. either they did s0mething t0o y0o or y0o jus need t0o get that stick 0ut 0f y0ur butt.............hee hee p.s. i h0pe this never happens t0o them again

2905 days ago


Man! I'mh8er#1 and I'd never say such horrible sh*t! My hatred goes to that crazy Russian effer and I hope he rots in the pokey! Hilary's alright! That stalker does resemble Greasy Bear.

2905 days ago


Where do these crazy stalkers get the money to do this? And how do they know where to find them? Maybe I don't wanna know!

2905 days ago


I can imagine how frightening this has been for Duff and her boyfriend. Considering what has happened to other famous people in the past. It's too bizarre how psychos obsess on people they don't stand a chance in hell in meeting or getting involved with. Strange how twisted brains think. Sure took the police a long time to react to this one considering the circumstances, I know everyday people that have gotten much quicker responsive help in dealing with stalkers from the police. Seems odd that they didn't hop to dealing with this one right away.
There's plenty of hot Russian women, #10, but they're all over here with their alleycat morals-scr*wing everything in sight for American dollars.

2905 days ago

terry alfred    

no one deserves to be stalked or threatened. she may not be your favorite person, but she is still a human being. THANK GOD that this man was found in time, and iagree that he should be deported and put on a list so he cannot re-enter the U.S. ever again........................

2905 days ago

Robin Jacobson    

NUTS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! However, when possible, DEPORT, ,,,, why waste our $ on the nut going to court , or possibly being released, oh and TRUST ME, IM A NUT MAGNET, and the fewer nuts the better!!!

2905 days ago

Robin Jacobson    

Houston, TX, having a hell of a time with deported Mexicans comin back, and committing rape, a Houston police officer was killed about 2 wks ago by one that came back after deportation!! Perry hasnt done crap, likes to boast alot, but hasnt really done a thing towards better immigration reform!!!

2905 days ago



2905 days ago


Guess that sick b@stard got tired of porking his sister. Her moustache tickled when they made out ....They need to lock his ass away !! Glad she wasn't hurt !!

2905 days ago


Deport him,

2905 days ago


I know that if someone was stalking me to the intent of threating to kill me or my boyfriend & family i would take matters into my own hands and shoot him first then claim self defense. worthless stupid people like that don't need to be breathin anyway. i hope everything works out in the good for her and they send him back where in the hell he came from.

2905 days ago

Don Hulse    

I think some one should check out this guy #12 jdj, he sounds like someone that should be checked out himself !! theres no need for people like this guy. this is how we lost john lennon. deh.

2905 days ago


Good thing they caught this loonybird, People like that are beyond mental help and should be put away for good. Hilary is a sweet girl, I'm glad nothing bad happend. And if it did and the dude was still out there, it would of happend to another person. Good thing they got him before any bad was done.

2905 days ago


people these day have lost since of morals, this guy needs serious counsling,some of people made comments,truely dumb.hilliary an no woman deserves what happened to lizjoe95 keep it real peeps.

2905 days ago
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