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Is 'Dancing'

In the Stars?

11/7/2006 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The answer to who will win this season's "Dancing with the Stars" may just be in the stars.

Dancing with the Stars
AOL Horoscopes Astrologer Jeff Jawer peers into the constellations to see which of the "Dancing" finalists, Joey Lawrence, Mario Lopez or former NFL star Emmitt Smith, will waltz off with the finale's top prize.

"Taureans are known for their consistency, which should come in handy for Joey, but with Mars in Cancer on the day he was born," Jawer says, "it could bring emotion to his dancing that might make him more nervous heading into the finals." Whoa!

Being a Libra makes Mario "a man of surprises, one who excites audiences with smoothly spectacular moves." His killer bod and dimples don't hurt either. Jawer adds, "he's got enough style and grace to win the big prize."

Emmitt, like Joey, is a Taurus, but because Venus and Aries were aligned when he was born, Jawer thinks he has "both the power and grace" to take home the booty-shaking crown.

On the night of the finale, Venus and Jupiter will be joined. Jawer believes this means that Emmitt will "eke out a close victory over Mario." Touchdown.

To see whose win is in the stars, tune into the "Dancing with the Stars" finale on November 15.


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Tina Nixon    

I believe his name is Jeff Jawer, not Jawker. He is an extremely talented astrologer.

2915 days ago

U Know Who    

Has Joey Lawrence been diagnosed with something? He looks seriously sick, just wondering...


2915 days ago


You never know, Emmitt Smith has been shaking his moneymaker. I would kinda enjoy seeing him win--esp. since Jerry Rice was SO close!

2915 days ago

nobody special    

I have a feeling Emmit will win - but not because he is the better dancer- because of his huge fan base. I believe Mario is a far better dancer but won't be wearing the crown next week.

2914 days ago


Have to agree with #4 Blonde1- Mario is the better dancer even though Emmit has surprised me with how well he has danced. This is a popularity contest and the proof is how long Jerry Springer lasted & he was the worst. That being said, Emmit has the bigger fan base. Every Monday night he has a huge audience on NFL asking for votes.Then he gets to rally at the Texas NASCAR races which is a much bigger venue than Mario's high school and Joey's trip to Disney World.

2914 days ago


Big D is correct; although Joey is excellent, I think he'll go home. Emmitt has the fans, but like Jerry Rice, he's the comeback kid. I hope he takes it; he's extremely deserving.

It's almost as if we know Mario can dance, improvement was very little because he already had such an edge over everyone else. But Emmitt entered not knowing a thing about ballroom dancing and is now in the Semi-Finals; you have to want to see him win!

2914 days ago


In the beginning, Mario & Joey, appeared to be the most talented. Then I heard Mario had dance lessons early in his career so that's an unfair advantage so Emmit's coming on so strong with each passing week is great! He is definitely most improved and he must be 20 years older than both Mario & Joey. The advantage Emmit has is he is used to 'pressure' from live & TV audiences bigger than those this show provides AND he has the fan base. He appears to be the most relaxed and having fun at this. He also comes from a most competitive background. What I like best about all 3 is they are so family orientated. All very likable!

2914 days ago


I think Mario and Joey are the best, although Emmit has improved the most. Joey seems to just be a very nice guy. He is always up and takes the comments of the judges very well. I read the earlier comments about something being wrong with Joey and I sure hope whoever wrote this is wrong. He really seems like the type person that is just really nice. The other two do too, but there is just something about his kindness that really shows.

2914 days ago


I think either Emmit or Joey will win it. I'm such a big fan of Emmit, He's such a great dancer and he looks so relaxed. And Joey has everything down to teh bone.

As for Mario, he just began began to really dance for my part. He was just doing his own free style thing..But his looks might pull him out. Who knows

2914 days ago


I think it is boring and whats Jerry Springer crying about? Losing a dance contest? It s obvious he is a lousy dancer. I can think of alot worse things to cry about. Like his boring show, which will hopefully be cancelled. How many times can you see low lifes fighting? And what does he do on the show? Not much except go around to the audience for comments. Enough already!

2914 days ago


I had never watched DWS but I would see Mario on different shows and clips from the show. He seemed like such a shoe in from what I'd seen. I could see they (he and his partner) thought so too.I was bored with the hype. The morning after the show I found out that Emmit had won and I was sooo happy! Mario and his partner were taken down a thousand pegs! The look on their faces was priceless!

2905 days ago

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